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Whether we admit it or not, we all have love, sex, and relationships on the brain.

Whether you’re a CEO superwoman, a stay-at-home dad, or a tree- hugging hippie chick, you likely have an unconscious longing for belonging.

As much as we’d like to think we are invincible, independent lone wolves who

can brave the wilderness of life alone, what we care about most is merging with or relating to our fellow humans.

Our dreams are our secret weapon. If we pay attention to our dreams, we’ll discover that these questions (and more) are being answered by them:

  • How will I attract my soul mate?
  • Will I ever meet the man or woman of my dreams?
  • Once I find the love of my life, how do I keep him or her from leaving?
  • What should I do with my overpowering sexual attraction for my boss/neighbor/best friend’s girlfriend?
  • Why am I so afraid my partner will cheat on me, leave me, or stop loving me?
  • Why am I afraid to make a commitment?
  • How can I reassure my partner that I’ll be faithful when I’m attracted to nearly everyone with a pulse?
  • How can I fully express my true self and still be loved, admired, and held in the embrace of a relationship?

Here’s how it works…

Our dominant daytime thoughts and questions are passed on to our dreams, which, in turn, give us clues to effectively navigate the treacherous yet rewarding terrain of love.

For example, in a TV commercial advertising a new car, a married couple sleeps side by side while Mr. Sandman sprinkles dream dust on them. Through Mr. Sandman’s eyes, we gain a glimpse into their dreams. The woman dreams of being swept away by a romance novel– type long-haired hunk on a white horse, riding through a field of flowers.

Meanwhile, the man dreams of speeding around a racetrack cheered on by a stadium packed with bikini-clad supermodels (including supermodel #AdrianaLima) rocking out to Mötley Crüe. Eventually the man breaks through the racetrack barrier into the field where his wife, the hunk, and the white horse are galloping. Upon seeing her husband, the wife dismounts the horse, leaves the stallion and his horse in the dust, and joins her husband, the hero, in the passenger seat of their new car. This combined dream ends with the sexually charged, happy couple driving into the sunset together. Check out this video—and let me know if you relate to this…if it gives you hope…or gives you dream envy.

For more insight about what your nighttime dreams mean and how they can add rocket fuel to your greatest dreams/desires for your love life…




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Five reasons to pay attention to your dreams and premonitions

Inspired by Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions by Amy Newmark and Kelly Sullivan Walden


Chicken Soup for the Soul

You can use your dreams and premonitions to change your life. They provide insight into what you subconsciously know and they can also be a window into the unknown—maybe even a source of guidance from loved ones who have passed on and from other mysterious sources. In Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, you’ll read 101 stories about how dreams and premonitions have changed lives, relationships, and health. Here are five reasons to pay attention to your dreams and premonitions:

  1. Your dreams can make you a better person. Bullied in middle school, Mariah Reyes became a bully herself. But then in eighth grade she had a dream in which she saw how her bullying had hurt other people. “In my waking life the bully part of me wouldn’t care,” Mariah says, “but in the dream I was compassionate…” When she woke, she knew she had to apologize to every person she hurt, and she did. Mariah turned her life around after that dream, becoming a more considerate and thoughtful person. Now a freshman in college, she’s a youth advocate. “I am passionate about making a difference in the world and using my voice as a tool to empower, uplift and motivate those around me,” Mariah says. “It feels great to have gone from bully to best friend just by paying attention to my dreams.”
  1. Even your nightmares can change your life. “Learning to discern and act upon early warning dreams can even save your life,” says dream expert Robert Moss. It did for him. One night he dreamt that he was driving up a hill near his home when something blocked his path. The next thing he knew, he was propelled out of the car and died. So when the same exact scene repeated itself in his waking life three days later, Robert knew what to do. Instead of passing the obstacle—a parked truck—as he usually would have, he slowed to nearly a stop. Because he paused, Robert avoided a head-on collision with a speeding 18-wheeler! Dreams, he says, “can even give us picture shows of the possible future that can help us survive and thrive.”
  1. Your dreams can reveal what your subconscious already knows. Kristi Woods had no idea why she suffered with abdominal problems—until a dream revealed the underlying cause. In her dream, a police officer pulled her over and gave her a Breathalyzer test, though she hadn’t been drinking. Instead of coming back with an alcohol reading, the officer told her she was lactose intolerant. Then she woke. “Could that dream hold the solution to my abdominal problems?” Kristi writes. “What if I was lactose intolerant?” She searched online and learned the lactose intolerance test is similar to the Breathalyzer. “Afterward, it seemed natural to limit my intake of dairy products,” she says. “The numerous symptoms that I had endured over the years quietly disappeared. I felt good once again.”
  1. You can find closure in your dreams. When Nancy Herold’s father died she felt more angry than sad. She had unresolved issues with her footloose father, and his death had left much unsaid between them. Then, two months after his funeral, he visited her in a dream and explained himself. “I experienced a human ‘download’ of his thoughts, feelings, motivation, fears, and insecurities—all born from an intense love and concern for my well-being,” Nancy says. “He stayed away from us so that he wouldn’t hurt us.” She woke up laughing and crying at the same time, finally understanding her father and his decisions. She was able to forgive him and find closure.
  1. Your dreams can provide answers to your problems. After relocating to the New Mexico desert, Gini Gentry fell in love with a parched but beautiful piece of land. She purchased it with the dream of building a healing center. Over several years, she built a home and a guesthouse. “I used the land to host sweat lodges, fire walks, and meditations,” Gini says, “yet something wasn’t quite right.” Then the land’s seep started to fail, and Gini couldn’t take the pricey risk of digging a well without knowing where water was underground. But in a dream one night she saw where she would find water if she dug a well, and she did. “The miracle dream had led me to water,” Gini says. “With the gift of water I was able to create the Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center so I could share the magic of possibility with others.”


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  1. Hi,I had a dream about a lion that chased me and my daughters into a bathroom and the police had to come and put it down but the thing that keep bothering me is the owner of the lion taught it to be aggressive towards woman of color and it had so much hate towards us and because of it I had so much anger in me towards the owner for teaching the animal hate ,every time I closed my eyes I saw the lion and the look he gave me. Could you please tell me what does this dream means?

    • Jessica!

      Thank you so much for sharing this dream with me.

      If it were my dream I’d wonder where in my life am I processing rage against people who rage?

      I totally agree with you that it is horrible that there are people on this planet that are so ignorant that they feel the need to teach others to hate. However, harbouring hate toward the haters can be just as injurious (to self). Its like they say, “Resentment is like eating poison and expecting someone else to die.”

      This dream, if it were mine, is showing me where I lock myself into a bathroom (a place where we release all that doesn’t serve us) because I’m not willing to let it go.

      The lion, I’d imagine, is my own anger that keeps me trapped.

      There’s so much I could say about this dream…here’s a video where I interpret a similar dream…this might fill in some of the blanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QPMY4JZu4M

  2. Hello Kelly
    last night my mother come to me to tell me that her and my father are happy in heaven . she die on june 9 2016 at 8.30 am I cry alot and still cry someday . the last time talk on the phone I was tell her to go daddy and God and Lord Jesus Christ I feel bad about but she was really hurting bad

    • Debbie,
      Thank you for sharing this dream with me…it is such a powerful gift and blessing when we hear from our beloved loved ones on the other side. I hope that it helps you in your process of coming to peace with their passing. Blessings and prayers to you!

  3. I had a dream that my father was tell me to get my mother ready because the Lord Jesus want my mother with him and are the ArchAngel Azreal will be with her when she die

    • Debbie,

      It sounds from this dream that you may either be going through the death of a loved one in your waking life…and if so, that you are being shown you have incredible angelic support from the other side.

      If on the other hand your family is fine, then this dream could be symbolic of “the mother aspect of you” preparing to make a transition (perhaps going from being hands on to taking time for yourself, etc…).

      In dreams death is symbolic of a radical transition–and because in the ultimate scheme of things this is also true in our waking lives…the soul/spirit live forever and death is a portal of transformation. We should all be so lucky to have a dream like yours reminding us that there are benevolent energies from the other side of the veil helping us during these challenging times.

  4. When I was have that dream about Mother was tell my mom has Colon cancer and liver Cancer it was tell me and family to get ready with the cancer and she will die soon

    • Debbie,

      I’m not sure if this is a dream from the past or if its a recent dream. In any case, my heart goes out to you for having to hold space for such a difficult situation.

      Sometimes we receive the gift of a dream like this before it happens so that we’re slightly more prepared than we might otherwise be.

      Other times we’ll receive a dream like this and it’s purely symbolic. Cancer can be symbolic of aggression, regret, or resentment that’s been held in and is unexpressed. If it were my dream I’d contemplate what communication has been withheld that has something to do with my mother…either my true birth mother, someone (a child) that I mother, or a mother figure. When a mother dies in a dream it can often symbolize a changing of the guard, meaning that the little girl is growing up and must become the matriarch of her own life.

      Either way you slice it, this dream seems to point toward major transformation and changes on the horizon. I invite you to be kind, gentle, and present with yourself moment by moment as you move through this time.

      I hope this helps…blessings, Kelly

  5. I got this web page from my pal who informed me about this web site and at the moment this time I am visiting this site and reading very informative
    posts at this place.

  6. Hello Kelly .
    want does mean when two angles come to me in my dreams tell that my mother is going die soon they did not say when . and it toke at our old house in Colorado . because my mother has been sick and hosptail but she is in a nursing home Nebraska .we want to go pass her 80s my grandmother die at the of 74 yr old and my aunt Marg die at the of 80 yr old I want to know why the come to me in my dreams
    Debbie Sell

    • Debbie,

      My heart goes out to you regarding the stress of having your mother be in the hospital, now in a nursing home. All I can say is that often our dreams are symbolic–and death can symbolize a transition or radical change in a relationship (or with the “mother” aspect of you). Sometimes, though not always, dreams are predictive. Our dreams also help us to work out our feelings about the reality that all of us have an expiration date–as sad and scary as that may be. Although, if it were my dream I might take it as a message to love her so much each day. I love the Native American saying that the best way to live is as though death were right over our shoulder–that way we don’t take anything or anyone for granted. I hope this sheds some light on your dream. Best of luck with everything.

  7. I have been have these dreams about airplane creasing in different places all over the Colorado , Nebraska , Texas , Florida why am I dreaming about these airplanes all the time

    • Debbie,

      My bumper sticker is “There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Dream”– and yet, I’d bet you’d love to disagree with me regarding these dreams you’ve been having. Its always important to do the reality check (meaning, check the news to see if, in fact, there were any airline accidents in those areas.) If you rule out that these are not precognitive, then you might consider the symbolic aspect, meaning (if these were my dreams) I’d ask myself, “where might my dreams have been dashed?” “Have my higher aspirations failed to launch?” “Where do I disbelieve that my hopes/dreams/desires can lift off?” These dreams might be a message to morn a loss of something you thought would take flight–but didn’t. It might be a message to get grounded and make sure you are truly prepared before you get airborne with your goals.

      I hope this helps.

      If you’d like to discuss this in more depth, you can always call my radio show live on Fridays at 10am PST (www.DreamsUnzipped.com)–if you’d like to call in, please do: 888-298-5569.

  8. Good evening, Kelly.

    My wife and I listened to your interview from Coast to Coast on our way home today and it was very intuitive and fun to hear interpretations on dreams. We both have vivid dreams at times and love to try and figure out what they mean (we use ANOTHER dream interpretation app so please don’t be too angry 😉 ) but, with a majority of my dreams, my wife finds that they seem to play out as a movie rather than as a dream and I understand her point of view on this.

    Case in point, my latest dream from a couple of nights ago was that I was viewing a group of superheroes exiting a warehouse type building and gathered outside. They passed a large disc (about 1 metre in diameter) to a person and told them to get away. What happened is that this person used the disc to escape by having the wind whisk them away (much like a sail on a boat). The person flew over a few roads and then got to a shanty type area where they decided to try and land.

    The quandry was that landing on a tin roof may cause it to collapse but, after a few laps, the person landed on what sounded like a chicken coop. This coop was next to a fenced area where there was a jaguar so the person decided to relocate. Upon reaching destination, he noticed that the jaguar was bounding towards him. He wasn’t worried by this and followed the run as it jumped through a hole in the fence. It was followed by a few cubs. There was some form of telepathy from the jaguar (I don’t recall what was said) but I BELIEVE it was something to do with asking the man to marry it to a kangaroo type animal that just came into view.

    What then happened is that the scenario moved forward. The same area was now semi underwater behind the fenceline and a jetski came into view with a couple riding on it. The jaguar then came back but was now, as best I can describe, a well endowed feline human hybrid. It was asking the couple to protect her from something coming. The couple then got off the jetski and went to look for something but another person then got off the jetski. It was Jordan Peele (from Key & Peele fame) and he had a 70’s style afro. Upon seeing the chest of the jaguar, he decided to check what was under the waterline. My dream camera (as I have come to call it) did not follow him down but went to the couple.

    It was around this point that I woke up to my alarm. Am I just some sort of crazy person or have you come across people that dream in the third person where the dream follows more like a movie than a dream?

    • Martin!

      What a rich and multi-dimensional dream! thank you for sharing it! I’ll discuss this–since there’s a celebrity element to it–on my radio show today at 10am PST (www.DreamsUnzipped.com)–if you’d like to call in, please do: 888-298-5569.

      Bottom line, you’re not crazy…you’re brilliant. I’m getting ready for my show…more to come later…

    • Hey Martin–we discussed your dream toward the end of my Dreams Unzipped show last week…take a listen 🙂


  9. Hi Kelly,

    I am wondering if you could help me. I have contacted several people, but no luck. It is kind of confusing and I will try and keep it as short as possible. About 5 years ago I had a stillborn daughter who was born a day before her due date. There was no explanation on her death other than SADS. We had named her Elisabeth and cremated her. A few month later I became pregnant with my now 4 year old son. A few months ago he came running into my bed and told me that he had a good dream. Without prompting or questioning he told me that he had a dream about a little baby who was a little girl and she was his sister. She had brown hair like mommy and looked like mommy. She was happy. I started crying, but didn’t press him because I have never told him about her. I feel like he is too young. Since then he has brought her up several times. He will dream about this little girl once a week, or more. I was talking to a friend and I said the name Alyssa. My son overheard and said “Elisabeth? Elisabeth? That’s my sister’s name!” I know to most people it sounds crazy, or that I have talked to him about her, or….you name it. But none of those things have happened. I legitimately cannot explain it. He has told me that he sees ghosts and they have names, but this could be normal kid stuff. His dreams….I cannot explain. Can you please help me?

    • Katie!

      I’m in tears…of joy…reading your incredible story. It sounds like your son is a brilliant child who has had direct contact with Elizabeth. Dreams like this require no interpretation–just awe, gratitude, and once you feel comfortable…sharing the tale.

      I would highly recommend that you share your story in the upcoming “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Synchronicities”–If you’d like details about how to submit your story, email me at kswalden@gmail.com and I’ll send you all the information.

      In my previous Chicken Soup for the soul book (Dreams & Premonitions) there were many stories very similar to yours that were shared…and several of them made it into the book.

      Yours is the kind of story that brings hope to people who have survived incredible loss–it reaffirms that life is eternal…and our departed loved ones are still very much alive–albeit in a different form–but the love is still there and is undeniable.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me…my heart is touched so deeply.


  10. I have been have them dream about this one wrestler Mark ( undertaker ) that he is teaching me to wrestle and his love me and we both are happy married . I was wondering if we both love each together


    • Hi Debbie!

      Thank you for sharing your dream with me. Most often our dreams speak to us in the language of symbols–so I’d ask you to describe Mark the Undertaker 9n 3 words (i.e. strong, protector, powerful) and consider that you are “wrestling” with the strong, powerful, protector aspect of yourself (your “animus”)–a dream like this shows a powerful sense of integration (marriage) and harmony between the masculine and feminine aspect of yourself.

  11. Dear Kelly, My dad past away in Sept. of 2013 not long after I had a dream of seeing him. I was laying asleep or unconscious on a bed/table, but aware of everything around me, while he was with several “beings” (I guess). He wanted to talk to me and asked if they would wake me up. They said they would but if they did I would be scared and wouldn’t understand seeing him. He felt that I would be okay and again asked them to wake me up. Here’s the problem, they were right, I saw him and began panicking and almost immediately woke up. What bothers me the most is I was aware of everything going on in the dream and don’t understand why I panicked when they woke me up. Since then I haven’t had a dream of him, but on the bright side, I was left with the feeling that he is okay and with beings he belonged with. Thanks.

    • Jason! Thank you for sharing this very powerful dream with me.

      First of all, I’m so glad that you were left with the feeling that your dad is ok and has beautiful beings with him.

      To address your question–Even though it was all happening in your dream I would suggest that you consider that there are many layers of you–as there are with all of us–we have the most enlightened aspect that isn’t phased by anything–and there is the less enlightened aspect that could be freaked out by anything even remotely not of this world.

      I find that our dreams show us what we can handle…and they give us a preview of coming attractions about where we’re headed should we allow our consciousness to evolve…which I have absolute faith you will!

      As I suggested to Katie (above), I would highly recommend that you share your story in the upcoming “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Synchronicities”–If you’d like details about how to submit your story, email me at kswalden@gmail.com and I’ll send you all the information.

  12. Are you for real? I hope so. I need help. I have dreamt all my life. In color and I flew a lot. I would start running in my dreams and run faster and faster until I would lift off. I have looked at my hands in my dreams and been contacted by a dream guide or spirit guide. I would remember my dreams vividly almost every night in detail. One night 7 years ago I was flying and I encountered a strange being. It looked like a baby with an old mans face. I came close to it and I was gathered up by these shadow things and just before I awoke I could see the lid to the coffin I was in being nailed down. I haven’t been able to remember my dreams since. It’s been seven years. Is their any hope for me?

    • Steve, thank you for sharing your dream saga with me.

      It sounds like you are a powerful dreamer–so much so that you were able to stop your dreams when you felt they were too unpleasant (or threatening). There is a way to work with a disturbing dream like yours so that you can emerge empowered and get your dreams back.

      One way is to imagine–in a meditative state–that you are back in your dream–but this time surrounded by (or accompanied by) a powerful force–i.e. an archangel or a spirit guide. Imagine that you can ask this baby/old man what it is trying to show you (or what part of you it is)–often these creatures that seem so demonic can be angels in disguise.

      It’s your dream, so envision yourself redirecting this scenario the way you would if you were lucid. Consider that the dream isn’t over until you are empowered.

      If you need more help with this, go to http://www.DreamLifeCoachTraining.com and sign up for a free 15 min. inquiry session.

  13. Excellent website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?

    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get comments from
    other knowledgeable people that share the same interest.

    If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Kudos!

    • thank you for your question Ron–there are many on-line forums, like Dream Moods or Dreams Cloud. I also recommend that you join the IASD (international association for the study of dreams) http://www.AsDreams.Org.

      I also recommend you check out http://www.DreamLifeCoachTraining.com– if it sounds of interest, go to the website and schedule your free 15-minute inquiry session (a $100 value) to learn more.

      And lastly, if you want to talk with me directly about your dreams–feel free to call in during my radio show “Dreams Unzipped with Kelly Sullivan Walden”—Friday’s from 10-11am PST: 888-298-5569; you can listen live during that time by going to: http://tinyurl.com/1150kknwlive

      In fact…George Noory will be my guest next Friday!

  14. Hello,
    I seen you on the Real and I just have to know about this dream that i’ve been having. I’ve been having these dreams that my husband is cheating on me. And when I wake-up in the morning I feel the need to start searching. Please tell me what the dream could mean.

    • Janelle,

      Thanks for sharing your dream with me.
      From my perspective, dreams of your husband cheating on you, you are processing feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and how you might weather the storm should it actually come to pass in waking reality. Remember, seldom are these dreams literal; they should prompt you to ask yourself, “Where am I cheating on me?” Consider whether or not you are dishonoring yourself in this relationship and ignoring your intuitive guidance, needs, and desires. Have you settled for less than you’re worth, or have you dismissed your own inner guidance? This dream might be a message to face your insecurities and embark on the path of self- discovery and healing. Though this dream is best viewed symbolically, it might reflect your fears about your relationship, so consider whether those fears are founded in reality.

      And last but not least, if none of the above advice seems applicable, then go ahead and snoop!

      Best of luck!

      p.s. this will be the topic of my radio show next Friday (#DreamsUnzipped on http://www.1150KKNW.com) 10-111am PST, so feel free to call in if you’d like to have a more in-depth convo about this (888) 298-5569.

  15. My dad passed away a yr ago this last May. The only dreams I have about him are that I see him and get super excited. But when j approach him, he turns into a stranger. I’m curious why I keep having those types of dreams about him.

    • Leslie,

      Thank you for sharing your dreams about your father with me.

      I can only imagine, if it were my dream, how wonderful it would feel to see my beloved departed father in a dream…followed by disappointment when I approach him he behaves like a stranger. I might take heart in considering that there’s a transitional period of readjustment while souls acclimate to life on the other side, in the non-physical. I imagine, based on my brief “death experience” this radical transition could take a while…yet, it’s a process with a beginning, middle, and end. I think whenever anyone we love breaks through into one of our dreams we should feel so blessed, because it takes a lot of love to enter someone’s dream…even if they’re a bit out of it. Have patience…i’m sure one of these days he’ll be acclimated enough to have the lucidity to truly embrace you as his beloved daughter.

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to respond back to me.

    • YOU are sooo welcome!

  16. So for the past few months I’ve been dreaming of my old school crush. We were close in school but have both moved on and now have children. In the dreams we are just hanging out but we always flirt and give each other ‘that’ look. Please help me interpret these re occurring dreams. Thanks

    • Chante,

      Thank you for your dream question. Because I’ve had so many of these kinds of dreams myself I can’t help but think about how love is the only thing that is real, and it lives forever. On a parallel plane, the love you and your former crush once shared continues, heals, evolves, and is as alive now as it ever was. This dream may be prompting you to take a stroll down memory lane and re-member (put back together) the puzzle pieces of your personality that were alive back in school. When you resurrect these buried aspects of your heart, you resuscitate them into your present life. This energy belongs to you, by the way, not your ex. So reclaim what is rightly yours. As you do this you enhance your ability to love the one you’re with (namely you).

  17. Hi kelly! I saw you on the real and you are such an amazing person! I have dreams that actually happen in real life. For example I had a dream that my mom passed away and maybe a year later it happened and everything that was said in the dream was said at the hospital that night. I was really scared. Another dream I had was this guy I really love and I were at the hospital because I was waiting to have a baby. Can you tell me what’s up with these dreams? Thank you Kelly

    • Ariane,

      What you’re describing is precognitive dreams…and these are incredibly powerful. Your dreams (and dreaming mind) often will give you a “preview of coming attractions” like in the movies, to help us prepare for important and life-changing (and sometimes random, seemingly unimportant events too.) Many of us have these dreams all the time…the issue isn’t whether or not we have them, it’s whether or not we REMEMBER them. It’s a blessing (and I believe a gift) when we do.

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with me…and I encourage you to continue keeping track of your dreams. You seem to be a powerful dreamer!



  18. Greate pieces. Keep posting such kind of info on your blog.
    Im really impressed by it.
    Hello there, You’ve performed an incredible job. I will certainly digg it and for
    my part suggest to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this

  19. I lost my grandmother in 1995 from Kidney failer and I was very close to her and on the day we went to see her
    she was hook up tubes and she was in a coma but I dream about her alot and she told to be good and help mom and not with her that she will watching over me at time . on june 28 I my father from throat cancer and I have been dream and talking to dad he tell me to help and take care my mom all the time I miss my grandma and dad because I love them


  20. Hi Kelly,
    I had the privilege to talk to you and Robert Moss on your radio show a few months back. You two should do more shows together!
    I wanted to share with you and hopefully get your feedback on a dream “event” that I had this morning. I call it an event because the dream spilled into the liminal space between sleep and waking and has been with me all morning. In fact whenever I think about I seem to spontaneously create additional “scenes” related to the dream.
    The dream resembles a plot for a tv show. There are five main characters that are being recruited by a super-secret organization to help people, solve mysteries and help prevent crimes. Four of them are young adults (early twenties) and one is older (maybe 30). They are being recruited because they all have special powers or gifts. One (male) can see the future; one (female) is telekinetic; one (female) is an empath and can read emotions and intentions; and one (female) is a technology savant. The older man is a former police detective that has “Sherlock Holmes” type powers of observation.
    This is one of the strangest dreams I have ever had and like I said I keep coming up with “scenes” related to the dream.
    I would love to get your take on this.

    • Paul!

      This dream sounds like the makings of a very interesting tv series…one that I certainly would be interested in watching.

      Did you know that many of the greatest stories that have made their way to the silver screen (and tv) have come through dreams just as yours has?

      Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Gray’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” gets most of her plot points and show ideas from her dreams.

      Even if you don’t (which I hope you do) turn this into an Emmy Award-winning series, I think there would be great value in looking at this dream from the point of view that “everyone in the dream is me”…and meditate how you have all these aspects within you (working in sync) to help you solve the case (i.e. whatever challenge you happen to be grappling with).

      If it were my dream I’d feel incredibly affirmed and empowered to realize that I have all these special gifts and powers within me…the ability to see the future, be telekinetic, empathetic, techy, with Sherlock Holmes powers of observation. WOW!

      And yes…I agree with you…I should do more shows with Robert Moss…I LOVE that man! A true living legend!

      Thanks for sharing your powerful dream with me!


  21. Hi Kelly…
    Hope you can help figure this dream out. I’m with my sister in her old home and she is ill. But a fresh bright green stalk with leaves start to grow from my tounge and contines to grown in the dream like a small bunch of herbs. I panic in the dream and try to get my sister to got doctor with me. The stall is very strong and very much apart of my tounge. Her dead husband was in the dream but he tends to show up in a lot of my dreams.

    I hope you can help, it’s playimg on my mind a lot
    Kind regards
    Frances x

    • Frances!

      thank you for sharing your amazing dream with me.

      If it were mine, I’d think that my dream is showing me to consider that my my words (that which emerges from my mouth) can be like healing medicine…maybe even the best medicine.

      It’s been said that our “words create worlds”. And in order to speak healing words, we must think healing thoughts.

      I think the dream is showing the contrast and conflict between the traditional impulse to “take someone to the doctor” when they are sick, versus “become the medicine”, “embody the medicine”, and “speak the medicine”.

      I’d also consider giving myself the medicine…and speaking words to myself that enlighten versus words that frighten. If everyone in the dream is a part of the dreamer then I’d consider I’m visiting an old place of wounding (as in the old house) and administering care to the sister aspect of myself, via fresh new words that can roll off my tongue and help to grow a whole new possibility.

      I hope this helps! Let me know how this lands on you 🙂

      Sweet dreams!


  22. Kelly, I heard you on Coast to Coast last night and tried to call in however did not get through. I wanted to ask you about 2 recurring dreams I have had, one is where I am being followed by a woman with no face, I can see her form, however her face has no eyes, nose or mouth, can you help me with this one. The other dream I have is where I am with a woman and I feel intense emotional love when I am with her, the feeling is very intense, whats up with that? Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond if you will.

    • Dale!

      Thanks for sharing your dreams with me.
      Regarding these woman–the one without a face and the one you have the intense feelings of love with…

      If they were my dreams, I’d think that they are feminine aspects of myself trying to be integrated.

      Carl Jung talks about the anima (female soul in a man) that will show up in dreams as a woman that you are either chasing/following/grappling with/or loving, or who is chasing/following/grappling with/or loving you.

      It would seem that perhaps they both are aspects of your feminine soul…one aspect that is more appealing and familiar one that is not. The faceless woman may be a completely unfamiliar (non-human) aspect of your feminine soul seeking to be acknowledged and/or integrated within you. and the one that you feel the intense feelings about may be giving you a key to embracing BIG love within yourself…perhaps to prepare you for BIG love in your life…and or to take the love you have to a higher level.

      Hope this helps!

      Sweeeet dreams!

  23. Alpha, Zeta, Theta, can be utilized without awareness, whereas, Beta is the physical machine busy at work.

    Transportation, if we think about it, involves “distance.” But
    if it is already here, and we are living so called “over there,”
    than we are “already there and here” living in both worlds, all the time.

    Sometimes we are aware of it. For example, suppose we watch Mr. and Mrs. Bored Apathetics dozing like the Coach Potato family. The TELLusVISIONS stream packets of energy, intermingle and Bingo! “Was I thinking that, or did they say it on the TV?”

    The “past” has transported into the “future” so that we get our “present.” It is almost as if the sons and daughters of Big Brother figured out that “who controls the future, controls the past and who controls the present, controls the past.” So when the “insideous” side of the electronic media oscillates to bump into
    Alpha, Zeta or Theta, the inner most thoughts, like
    digital areas (pattern detection) can become part
    of a collective effort.

    How is the “power” used? It depends, the Advertising industry has its own task, to use clinical lab equipment to hook people and check to see how “PRS” (Post Reinforcement Stimuli) would poke them, tingle or point the finger of shame when the product came on to give them a “BURST,” the anticipatory anxiety. So mind control there is only the normal human behaviour.

    But it can be more sinister, or even better, a overlaying
    world, transported that is spread all over and those
    “coincidences” save you time and effort and act as if a Biblical phrase, “Seek ye the kingdom of righteousness and all (here on earth) will be added unto you.”

  24. If one can observe as if mankind is one individual, the

    image of a collective consciousness is easier to

    understand. Physical events become conscious

    “objectifications” that “copy” or “imitate” some

    reflection/reflexion of the unconscious.

    Just like in an individual dream, a bridge extends

    from the cu into the cc and pu back into uc oscillating

    in a State of Sy KOid, the autonous nervous system

    for the PLANiT. Noos is a THINking PLANiT; Earth is

    a thinking planet. Noosnaut wirkende kraft proceed

    Noos to envelope the survol, birds-eye view layers of

    a thinking planet:

    U2 Able Powers
    Uzno 007 SeOUL COREa
    Persia Airbus Mirage
    Brindle Stark Declaration of Independence Will Rogers



    Raisa Mikhail Gorbachev Andropov Stalin KhRUSHchev,
    Theodore Terrible

    Putin Sochi Olympics,





    Freud Jung


    Homs, Idlibs Damsasc

    Hafez Assad Bashar

    Damascus, Syria ….

    Tunis, Tunisia
    Pearl Roundabout Manama, Bahrain

    Vatican Annunciate PUNta.
    Valls Laboa…
    NOreigas(s) PANaMANIA.
    ENDara PANaMANIA. Panama.



    Thatcher Major Blair Brown Cameron
    Putin Medevev
    Hill Will Clinton
    Bush Cheney
    Obama BiDen
    White House
    Speakes Wright Josh Earnest

    Nunn Tower Sununu

    Ensign Spitzer Hart Baker Weiner Vitter
    Moore Freud Bobbit Goodman SWAGgART

    Foster Elders Koop

    Turner Woolsey Codi Gates Webster Tenet Sessions Panetta

    Art Linkletter Bob Hope




    Diosdado Marcos
    Corazonne [A]quino [R[amos [E]strada [A]rroyo Aquino

    ( Without God had given to mark and/or to frame Heart not here in trees and forests, streets and routes, streams,… not here….)


    Sendai Daichi

    Hawaii US

    Menem, Argentina
    Chin Tung Deng Xiaoping
    Linguaglossa, Sicily
    India Godavari Lucknow


  25. Hello I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night. Great show. I decided to check out your web site. I love it! I think I may have finally found my calling. I’m really interested in the Dream life coach training. Love the site Thanks

    • Jeanette!

      I’m just seeing this now! It was great to speak with you a couple weeks ago…hope you are great! Can’t wait for you to join us in Dream-Life Coach Training!’

      Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions 🙂


  26. http://www.amazon.com/Danced-Upon-My-Grave-OhinnyanKiksayapi/dp/1480038377/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411014230&sr=8-1&keywords=i+danced+upon+my+grave

    Dear Kelly, I think you better sit down for this because once you see my blog & book, you might fall over. I have had the gift to astral project, dream of past lives, go from Heaven to Hell & helping the souls out of Hell, in addition to communicating with the Star People, & talking with the Ancestors in my night time dreams for as long as I can remember. The dreams drove my whole spiritual journey, hence my book which was heartbreaking & deeply profound to say the least. And as my family & friends will tell you, it’s all true & effect people around me in a variety of ways. If you’d like to visit & share, my name is Kerrie Clarke & my number is 970-286-3519. Because of the extent of my dreaming abilities a few have insinuated it is made up but I try not to take it personally because I have come to see how truly rare my gifts are, except to those that used to be Shamans in native tribes. For some reason, I have a direct link to many other worlds & dimensions while I sleep. Oh well. Thanks for your work on dreams & dreaming, & I hope we get the chance to visit. Be well & happy. Kerrie

    • Wowow Kerrie!

      I’m honored to “meet” you! I’d love to invite you to call in on my radio show next Monday (“The D-Spot” on http://www.AwakeningZone.com, 1pm CST) and share with me and my listeners about your amazing dream experiences.

      the number to call is: 714-364-4353

      I hope to hear from you!

      Thank you for reaching out!


    • Kerrie,

      I just had a chance to look at your book on Amazon…it looks incredible. I’d love to interview you on my new show when it starts up in the new year…probably in the spring. Please contact my assistant Meagan (Meagan@KellySullivanWalden.com) and tell her I told you to send me info so I can interview you on my new show.

      Blessings to you amazing dreamer!


  27. Dear Kelly

    I have been having this dream that I am at home and I let my pets go outside and then I have someone help me to look for my pets and I hear my pets crying and they are in a giant hole that you can see all the way down and I can not get my pets because the earthquake shake I fall in the giant hole and I have angels take me and pet to heaven and I leave my husband behad I was to know why I am dream this dream please tell me . Debbie Sell
    McCook Nebraska

    • Debbie,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

      If it were mine I’d think that my pets represent my “animal instincts” and the part of me that is authentic (without ego), vulnerable, and close to nature.

      When a pet is hurt, injured, or have fallen in a hole in a dream I wonder “where have I let my animal instincts get buried?”

      And since in the dream you and your animals “leave” your husband, if it were my dream, I’d consider that the dream might be telling me that my life would be more heavenly if I took my (animal) instincts with me and left the masculine (aspect) behind.

      The dark side of masculine energy in our lives (either in the form of a boss, a husband, or our own inner male) can feel controlling, rigid, and dominating.

      The dream might be showing that you are seeking balance and yearning for a more heavenly experience of life that combines your feminine energies with your natural instincts.

      That’s not to say that the masculine energy is bad…in fact, it’s essential for balance.

      From my point of view, balance is the key…and sometimes in order to restore balance, we need an earth quake (something traumatic to happen in our lives) to shake things up so we can create a new way of being.

      I hope this helps.

      Let me know if it does.

      Sweet dreams,


  28. The Earth is an articulate thinking planet. Just like a brain, there are “metaphoric hemispheres.” Please refer
    to the physicist Wolfgang Pauli’s dream illustration, his “countries mandala” found in that wonderful collection, Atom and Archetypes: Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958.

    The “interpretive principle” can describe the invisible. This “unified view” is a bi focal periscope with the cross-hairs staring at existence. This Jung-Pauli schematic can “view” the holistic impossible dream.

    “U-field,” Pauli suggested is a term preferred around physicists than “collective unconscious.” Equivalent terms between physics and psychology can point
    to the “whole,” which turns out to be a Supra non localized stupendous thinking machine with latent “meaning.”

    The methodology of synchronicity means putting dream images thru the ringer. For example, Jung interprets the name Spiegler to get the idea of “REFLECTOR” from the unconscious. We can readily see how Pauli and Jung worked on the synchronicity stuff.

    In an easy basic sense, synchronicity is “meaningful coincidences.” That in itself should be enough to notice these events. In a technical sense, Synchronicity IS: 1) Concept – narrow and broad definition – four categories; 2) interpretive principle – theory – suppositions – hypothesis; 3) methodology.

    With that in mind, Pauli’s Windaugen has windows and his initiation into philo linguistic symbols help point to a holistic system.

    The surprising thing is that even if it is a crude anthropomorphic frame, it is as if a fractalized jump from an individual into a coherent spectral collective ultra man personality emerges.


    Two hemispheres, US and ME appear to be in a “running rapidly theme,” that pops into the collective conscious and objectified as

    IRAN! Persia Irani Iraq Iran …

    The Earth cries. The Ferg in Ferguson when utilizing the comparative between physical geographical locations and persons is part of the methodology. I will leave this to the interested reader to see if there is any “meaningful relationship” to historical activities.

    But the Chinese ch’i meaning marriage and/or equivalence of psyche and matter is found in the
    second syllable of Sochi. This means that
    presentation in a thinking planet,

    Putin Sochi Olympics

    Would loosely translate to So ch’i + Olympics, that is “mental exercises,” “mental gymnastics.” and “mind games.” Kiev in an arm twist way is “listen.”

    Homs are homonym. Compression is part of dream strategy. This goes on since the past and we can compare the holistic “impossible dream” as if we are allowed to think about it and understand how big it really is.

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  31. Unfulfilled Dreamer

    Hi Kelly!
    I saw you on the Bethenny Show & decided to try my luck & write. My sexual dreams have a strange, frustrating pattern. In the dreams, I’m highly aroused, but have to beg people to have sex with me & when they do, they don’t satisfy me for one reason or another. Additionally, the people who oblige are usually very unappealing. On rare occasion, I dream of sex with someone I greatly desire, like a celebrity, but I almost always wake up before things really get started. What gives? Lol

    • Hi Unfulfilled Dreamer,

      Thank you for sharing your dream(s) with me.

      In my experience, one function of our dreams is to show us (via metaphor) a snapshot of what’s happening in our waking lives.

      Sex is a metaphor for joining, intimacy, and deep connection.

      With most of us humans we say we want something, but we secretly fear and push away the very thing we want.

      Hello self-sabotage!

      This isn’t just with you…its with most of us.

      We imagine that the thing we really want, if we had it, might annihilate us…so it’s just easier to want it and complain that we don’t get it.

      If it were my dream, I’d meditate on the feeling of being sexually fulfilled…and what that really means. It’s vulnerable to be totally satiated….after great sex we are soooooooo sensitive… and wide open (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)…that feels good for a second…but if we don’t trust life (or have been hurt before) then as much as we want that depth of connection, we subconsciously push it away because we’d rather not risk it.

      SAFETY is the key word when it comes to true Sexual (and otherwise) Fulfillment (with a capital “SF”).

      Personally, to me the only “safe” place in this world…is in my spiritual connection. Without that, I don’t know how to be vulnerable and open in this world.

      If I were you, I’d explore my spiritual connection (whatever that means to you) and once more deeply rooted and plugged into spirit…I’d imagine that your life (and dreams) will begin to shift…and become more satisfying.

      Keep me posted.

      I hope this helps!

      Sweeeet dreams!

  32. Greetings from dreamy Granite. (That’s my town) Your work is fantastic, thank you so much for what you do. I heard about you via an interview with Robert Moss and I share your love of his work. You’ve mentioned dream themes which I have a list of so I’ll mention one. I often have dreams where I’m walking down a path or driving down a road and it’s winter. There’s snow and trees are bare yet as I go I see trees flowering, pink and white. They’re tall trees but the flowers are like on a cherry tree. Many times the snow will melt off the trees and they’ll be blooming underneath. It’s always beautiful and pleasing to see and I usually just go along looking in awe at these trees. I’ll point it out to any who might be near or with me in the dream. These dreams come at any time but more often in winter as I anticipate spring.

    • Kristin!

      Great to hear from you…don’t you just LOVE Robert Moss??? I’ll address your question on my show today (in a few minutes): (The D-Spot, 1pm CT, http://www.AwakeningZone.com) feel free to call in: 714-364-4353

    • Don’t know as much about dreams as I would like to, so I read and think, for example, if your “scenery” is you.

      It almost sounds, from my take, like a mandala, where you are one and the same as the experience, here your are the winter, where you see, your secret place, like the “secret of the golden flowers.” Your secret land has pink and white phrases and lyrics, memories and a with leaves beyond a leaf, the “cherry” of life’s pure essence.

  33. Hi –
    I use your dream dictionary often. I have not found a defination of a dream that I have had several times and in different modes. It is basically a fear of heights. I am some where up high and am having trouble getting down. I am aware of a physical feeling up the back of my legs.
    It is kind of weird but wondered if you had any thoughts on fear of heights?
    PS: in real life I don’t have a fear of heights.

    Any thoughts are appreciated and thanks


    • JC,

      Thanks for sharing your dream theme with me. There are several dream themes that didn’t make it in my first dream book…hopefully it will make it in the 2nd edition.

      If you listen to my show tomorrow (The D-Spot, 1pm CT, http://www.AwakeningZone.com) I’ll address this dream in more detail.

      But, in a nutshell, I believe a dream where you have the fear of heights (and you don’t have that fear in real life) feels to me like a symbolic way the subconscious mind might be addressing a fear of success. There’s a lot of word play that correlates success and height…and we’ve all heard that the fear of success is far greater than the fear of failure. Making it to the top might be scary if there is a fear of it being lonely at the top…or of “sticking your neck out there”…success, fame, recognition can be “dizzying” and that’s why so many of us sabotage ourselves from really going for it.

      When I bump into similar fears myself I call to mind the following Marianne Wiliamson quote…i hope this resonates:

      “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    • I am not a dream expert, Butt… everyone has one, opinion, so please understand, I see two different takes here,

      One: A Biological condition that is trying to get your legs relieved

      Two: I agree with Kelly

      The first not having been addressed. It may not be necessarily so, that you have a physical condition regarding your the way you walk, or something about your legs that makes you get images of the back of your body. A past injury or event, anyhow you may be able to rule it out.

  34. Did you say in your book that you know of a website that can me physically create my dream world so that I can see it? Places in my dreams are often connected to each other or reoccurring places, showing me more and more of themselves every time I visit, or which planes and dimensions I can get to from each place? I am going back through your book and I can’t find it anywhere…help!:)

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Yes! there is new technology that came out recently in Japan. It’s still pretty clunky…but it’s implications are incredible. They are able to see (based on how your brain lights up during dreaming) with 60% accuracy what you are dreaming about.

      Here are a couple links:

  35. Hello Kelly,
    I usually have scary/frightening dreams but one dream in particular was of two great white sharks fighting and taking flesh tearing bites of each other. It was probably the most graphic dream I had of yet. Do you have any general insight?

    • Hi Marvin,

      If this were my dream, I’d ask, “What am I angry about?”
      “Who is acting like a shark in my life?” “Where have I been sharky lately?”

      Great white sharks attacking one another, in my dreamworld, represent power gone awry.

      I believe every animal is precious and perfect…and yet animals like sharks are archetypes for “predators” who swim around waiting for the right moment to attack. Some people associate lawyers with sharks.

      Often our dreams express something we may have been just a little peeved about in our waking-dream state, and it will play it out bigger, gorier, and more graphic in our dreams…in the attempt to help us vent what may have been stuck…and interestingly, some of the most peaceful people I know have the goriest dreams. It may be the subconscious mind’s attempt to restore balance in the water of our lives…after all, what is suppressed must express.

      I hope this helps, Marvin!

      Sweet dreams…Kelly

  36. I really wish someone could help me with my dream I had that still for lack of better words haunts me. I was taken to a place that the walls and rooms seemed to be organic and alive. and I would walk into a room when entering that room, I would see a symbol made of gold and every time I would see this symbol I would immediately wake up. this occurred multiple times a night for several nights. is there anyone you can suggest I send that image too that could help.

    • William, I LOVE this dream. can you describe the symbol? I’d love to see what this gold symbol looks like (even if it’s a rough proximity.) The first thing that comes to me is that this dream is important (often recurring dreams are), and, if it were my dream, I’d think this symbol is a gift to help me “awaken” in both senses of the word. By working with it you might find it a helpful clue to becoming lucid in your dream.

      Regarding the organic walls…often “walls” can represent our self-definition and our boundaries. This dream seems to suggest (to me) that the walls of perception (boundaries and self-definition) are alive, not fixed or immobile…but willing to move according to my “organic” personal process.

    • Will, I am no dream interpreter, and defer to Kelly. But
      the “gold symbol” is interesting, from my perspective because of its implication of a “gold mind,” parable to
      alchemy (which I also am no expert). I think that you being inside a “whale” (whether your biologic person or
      external non localized you) have inherently a beacon. The “symbol” may or may not be a secondary option, a “standing in front of a trial.” Some “gate” where the
      symbol is the warped information representing the experiences you may be strapped with.

  37. Kelly,

    I have bought your Dream Oracle Cards and I love them. You have mentioned bonuses for buying the cards with a code from Amazon. I bought my cards from a local bookstore (I like to support local businesses when I can) so I don’t have a code. How can I get the bonuses?



  38. I must thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own blog now 😉

  39. ps my ex kevin is the father of my son and daughter…..blessings!

  40. Kelly,

    that is incredible and very inspiring…..I think I confused you a little I gave the watch to my ex Kevin, not to my son….but I believe the number 9 stands for my son who is 9 yrs old and the suite was hearts…..I have always said he is my heart and my daughter my joy…but the watch was a gift to my ex kevin whom is still very close to me and we still share a deep bond….does this change the interpretation any at all?? however I do believe as well there is something unbelievable about my son….unearthly good and I believe he is a crystal child….I ordered your book because I heard you on coast to coast and was so excited because I am an avid dreamer…always have been and have predicted things as well…..I cant wait to read it to hopefully find some more understanding of my personal giftings for this life time….: )

  41. Kelly,
    I had a dream about my ex. we are still friends and have a son together.
    I dreamt I gave him a black watch, the face was very big. It was a nice watch with shiny black leather band. On the watch band were two cards. The one I noticed was the I believe 8 or 9 of hearts (this card on the band was a miniature card that fit on the band). WHen I gave it to him it was a big deal, he sat down and was very appreciate and touched by the gift. He yelled out loud….”I love you more with each year!” I was surprised by his outburst because he is a very laid back guy. Then we were sitting in the same room, it was an old house and we in a style clothes from around 1900….the radio was on and a song came on that had the chorus about loving you more each time….although there were other people in the room…we quietly shot each other looks and we both teared up and knew it was a sign…..it was a very deeply emotional moment…..any ideas?? It seemed so real….

    • Christina!

      I’m so touched by your dream….and struck by a few synchronicities…just before I read your message I’d sent my own father a text and said “I can’t help it…I love you more with every passing year!” (an extension of my father’s day sentiments) and I included hearts in the text…interesting, eh?

      At the very least, if it were my dream, I’d take this dream as an affirmation of the deep bond and phenomenal love you share with your son. Secondly, I’d appreciate the fact that there’s probably been many lives together…most likely one at the turn of the last century.

      A watch to me in a dream is a symbol to “watch out” pay attention…get a reality check…I’d ask you what the numbers 8 and 9 mean to you. To me 8 is a symbol of infinity and abundance (and its my lucky number). 9 symbolizes completion and leadership.

      Thx for sharing your amazing dream!

    • I am no dream expert, But, two of four categories of synchronicity are:
      “2. The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding (more or less simultaneous) external event taking place outside the observer’s field of perception, ..”


      3. The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding not yet existent
      future event that is distant in time
      and can likewise only be
      verified afterward.

      (The Structure and Dynamics of The Psyche par 984).

  42. Dear Dreamy Dreamers,

    Thank you so much for sharing your dreams with me!

    I feel so deeply honored when people share their dreams with me because I hold our nocturnal sojourns as sacred (and very personal) treasures of the soul.

    Due to the volume of dreams that are being sent to me lately —and due to my deep desire to honor each one with a soulful response—and due to the fact that it takes me so long to craft a written response–and due to the fact that I speak more quickly than I write—I’ve decided to address your dreams on my weekly radio show (over the coming weeks).

    My web radio show is called The D-Spot, with Doctor Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden. it airs live on Mondays at 11am PDT (2pm EDT, and 1pm CDT) on http://www.AwakeningZone.com. On the show I interview guests and interpret dreams via live call-ins and our chat room. I’ll be answering dream questions before, during, and after my interview with my guests.

    If you want to call in during the show the number to call is: 714-364-4353
    If you want to join in on the live chat, go to: http://www.AwakeningZone.com

    If you aren’t able to listen live you can listen and/or download the show’s archive for free at http://www.SpotYourDspot.com.

    Again, thank you for sharing your dream with me…I look forward to shining some light on it and meeting up with you again on the D-Spot next Monday!

  43. Hi there, just wanted to say, I loved this article.

    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  44. You talked about influencing another person via telepathy on Coast To Coast AM last Tuesday, April 30. I would like more information from your website. Sounds very interesting. Thank you very much.

    • Diana, I will definitely say more about that on my show, The D-Spot, next Monday!

      In essence, if we have a clear intent to connect with someone…on some level, through the power of our intent, our thought waves absolutely connect with the person.

      Obviously, you could use this in “not the best” kind of way…but you can also use this in a tremendously helpful and beneficial way (which is what I recommend)…remember, what goes around comes around!

  45. I enjoyed your show on Coast to Coast am the other day, but I cannot seem to remember my dreams, I know that my wife who passed away two years ago has been in my dreams, but I cannot remember my dreams,. What can I do ? Thanks lot.

    • Anthony…great question…in fact, that the most important question you can ask.

      I dedicate an entire chapter to dream remembrance in my new book: IT’S ALL IN YOUR DREAM.

      Here’s a tidbit:

      As you begin to awaken after eight hours spent journeying through the multi-dimensions of your dreamscape, DON’T MOVE A MUSCLE! While remaining in the position you were in while dreaming, allow your first thought upon awakening to be, “What was I dreaming?” Deliberately press the rewind button in your mind and replay your dreams at least three times. This portal explores techniques like this and rituals to help you remember your nighttime dreams by learning to transfer them from short-term to long-term memory.

  46. Hi Kelly,

    I always had a weird almost prophetic dream, last year when I was heavily pregnant, I dream of my baby, he was alive and happy and at the background of the dream I saw a sick baby and saw a face of Jesus Christ, then the next day, I took a short afternoon nap and I dreamed of my brother handing me a corpse that was a baby.
    That night I had a contraction and went to the hospital, the baby was pronounced dead at 36 weeks, stillborn. Can you explain this?
    Also, one time I dreamed I was in the airport, in that dreamed,I was supposed to go to Japan with my husband but I missed the flight. My husband had gone before me. I woke up and before I could tell my husband what my dream was, he told me he dreamt that he was in Japan. Can you explain this?


    • Paloma,

      first of all…my heart goes out to you about your baby. I can’t imagine what that must have been like to go through.

      I think sometimes our dreams prepare us –to a certain extent–to be forewarned about traumatic events so that we’ll be a bit more prepared to handle them.

      On a side note, I believe that any form of life (whether it is only in the womb for 36 weeks) is precious and has/had a mission. The fact that you saw Jesus, tells me (if it were my dream) that this baby and it’s soul is connected with love, grace, and a beauty that we in this human realm cannot even fathom.

      you are, as they say, a strong dreamer….i hope you keep up with your dreams…even if they aren’t pleasant, having the gift of foresight, is a blessing.

    • Thanks Kelly,
      Losing my baby was the worst event in my life, thankfully I was able to pick up the pieces and moved on.

      I also want to know what does it mean to have the same dream as my husband.

      Previously, I used to be able to find out what happened in reality through my dreams. I could actually meet up with the woman who was having an affair with my husband back then and I got to see her real face and name!. I had no idea about the affair until I asked my husband about the lady in my dream.

      Where do I go from here with this type of dreams? If I were to have the foresight gift, I might as well make full potential of it.

      How do I go about it?


  47. Hi Kelly,

    Just listened to you on Coast…I’m so excited that I am literally shaking right now. I heard Claire talking about her “dreams”, and Im floored. I have had EXTREMELY similar experiences myself when I was younger. I don’t know what else to say, except Wow. I am so happy to know that there are others. Powerful stuff.

  48. Kelly one other dream that comes to mind now (some I remember strongly, most I forget)..I once had a very vivid dream that I was meeting a man who looked just like Jesus, but no facial hair. He was wearing a long white gown, had shoulder length long light brown hair. He told me his name was Michael.He told me something to the effect (all telepathic by the way) that he could give me one thing. In hindsight, wow, I could have been granted any bit of information..ANYTHING! But at the time I couldn’t really think of anything to ask. I finally asked, ..show me something I will never see in my lifetime. I was shown a vast landscape, of green grass, but people living under half dome inclosures (think like Epcot Center, that crystal ball thing?) much like in the movie Logan’s Run. It was beautiful and very peaceful. But..it was something that would not occur in my lifetime. I wondered upon waking if it was the future of the earth, and I would never live to see it, OR, if it wasn’t something I would experience in my BODY’S lifetime on earth. It may have been a different realm? But who do you think this Michael person was, could it be an angel or a spirit guide, or someone else? Thanks =)

  49. I really enjoyed hearing you on Coast to Coast! I wondered, have you ever heard of a person having a “dream house’? I was almost engaged to a man, but broke things off, and years later I found out he died. He has come to me in dreams several times, some are so vivid! I have seen my “house/home” on the other side that is being built. We had once..all I can call it is astral sex? It was nothing like the physical here. Very..ethers swirling around and intermingling..it was amazing. Also the other night I forget what the dream was about, but it was all in color, then one part where I was watching a part of history happen..that part of the dream was all in black and white even though the rest of everything going on around me was in color. I love my dream travels. =) Can’t wait to read your books, thank you!

    • I am not a dream expert, But…. “What ifs” appear
      to demonstrate its existence to you. As if this “contingent arrangement” is a real complex, a very seductive habitat filled with love and fulfillment.

  50. hi!,I love your writing so much! percentage we be in contact more about your post on AOL? I require a specialist in this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that is you! Having a look ahead to see you.

  51. Hi Kelly, I just heard you today on coast to coast. Let me say I dont think it is a coincidence because I had a questionable dream last night. So, I dreamed about my husband passing away, I actually partially woke myself up from crying out loud in my sleep, the weird part is that my husbands cousin was there to comfort me, however my husbands cousin actually did pass away about two years ago and I only got to meet hime one time. I have had this dream before but it never involved my husbands cousin. I also want to add that along with having this dream I also have had multiple day dreams and I am terrified that this dream will come true. The reason I think I have these issues is because I think I may have lost my husband in a past life. Do you have any take on my dream?

    • Michele, Please understand I am no dream expert. I am just responding to a fear you expressed about a one to one connection between your thoughts and the physical world. Your “weeping and comforting,” shows a relief
      mechanism that seems to be wanting, even expecting for something bad to happen. Don’t forget that “coincidences” don’t have to entangle a physical object, like a human when your dreams involve them. There is a “dualism” in the singularities of meaningful cross connections, discontinuities that provide an escape from an excess of intensity, a protective
      principle in nature and grace.

  52. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your articles?

    I mean, what you say is valuable and all. However think about if you added some great
    photos or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent
    but with images and video clips, this website could certainly be one of the very best in its
    field. Wonderful blog!

  53. I had lucid dreams all my life. Until 5 years ago. I had a dream where I was flying and met an entity. I was gathered up and the last thing I remember was the lid on the coffin being nailed into place. I haven’t dreamt lucidly since. Is there anything I can do to recapture those wonderful dream experiences?

    • Maybe you should consider some guy that used to make fun of Carl Jung with “your that guy that works with that silly dream stuff.” Then he proceeds to tell the good Doctor a dream about jumping off a cliff (He is a climber),
      Jung tells him, “please don’t go climbing.” 3 month later, witnesses said the guy just stepped off the mountain.

  54. Heard a replay today of your Coast show last night and it was so enjoyable…and quite powerful. Your positive nature and approach to our abilities in the dream state and how they can help us was refreshing. I was always an active dreamer at different times throughout my life. I’ve experienced tandem dreams with my older brother when we were little….as an adult a man I knew managed to get into my dream once. I thought it was a strange dream to have (since he was an older man and friend of the family)…and the next day he came around to see me for coffee…and ‘thanked’ me for the nice time the night before. I was furious and told him it was not welcomed nor appreciated…I felt violated. That’s when I realized the power of our altered selves and had to learn to protect myself.
    An out of body experience once included my dog along side me and involved the Arctic Circle. We were literally catapulted into space and landed in a small village…I was being ‘set up’ by a group of people (including the man I was seeing at the time and the local sheriff) to be fed to a captured polar bear…a very elderly Eskimo woman who helped me escape to a raft that drifted directly to a small hole in a sheer rock wall…the raft drifted inside a dormant volcano and inside I was awe struck…from the water line to the top of the volcano’s opening the walls were totally covered with inlay of ivory scrimshaw (an art form used by the natives). I could not believe my eyes and couldn’t get close enough to see the intricacies or stories in the scrimshaw and BAM….dog and I were slammed back into our bodies. I could go on with other dreams…but that’s a sampling. Powerful stuff.

    • I don’t know much about ‘astral projection’ and only had a few memorable experiences. But what amazes me is that your venture may have been like an “archeological dig” to find an area in the unconscious that is a “holding place” for the treasure. You surrendered your will, like it or not to escape by depending and not abandoning your trust in others. You were “frozen” with fear of some of those around you but a support network and some beneficial information crammed into you.

  55. Queen Goddess Opulence

    Eye love the work you do Dr. Dream……..

  56. I am interested…coast to coast member looking forward to clearing up some of my dreams.
    Hopefully a better understanding of what it all means.
    Thank you

  57. Pilar Mac Daniel

    I had this very strange dream where I bought a hotel and it turned out to be a disaster, the colors were bright pink, the doors did not lock, and it was in a very poor state. I don’t know why I would buy a hotel, I have never been in that business and why wouldn’t I check the hotel before buying it?
    Everything was so realistic, as if it really happened.

    What does it mean?

    • Pretend your the house. I am no dream expert. But it is interesting that you “bought” you (house) and are not content yet. We all go thru rites of passages, and “individuation.” The Indians, at least on tv, used to have the young male run between two long lines of older Indians
      swinging sticks at him till he made it to the other side. Here, it seems all you have to do is some decoration, or renovation of your “self.” Maybe a batch of coincidences could save you time and effort and nudge you to do something with the hotel you bought. It certainly sounds like you won’t get stale, you have a lot of rooms for solace, for fun for serious and so on.

  58. I had a dream that the mother bear got out and was threatening my friend Imuzzled the bear and prepared a cart for her and I took her 5 cubs to get her milk to revive her.

    • In my opinion you are part of the “good” propensity. The instinctive decision to act so no one is harmed and more so, to furnish all their needs is a nice thought. Happy seasons.

  59. Hello, I have had some crazy dreams in my past that I can usually remember most of. One specific dream stands out more so than the others. In this dream, I found myself out in the middle of the ocean by myself during a tremendous storm. I was standing on a broken concrete slab with another chunk of concrete attached that formed a bit of a wall. A few feet away from me was a massive forming whirlpool that spanned out about 2-3 miles. Needless to say I was terrified as I clutched the concrete wall not knowing what to do.

    This lasted for a while until all of a sudden I found myself on the second floor of a two story building. The first floor was completely flooded but the waters were very still. The sun was shining and the sunlight lit up the flooded first floor through its windows. It was a circular room that I could see down into and in the center was a piano. At this time I was completely at peace. Then all of a sudden it was as if I had looked up and immediately saw a being standing in front of the extremely bright light. So bright that I could not see any facial features, just the silhouette of the being. The being then said to me something along the lines of, “It’s not the things you do in life, it’s what you choose to be…” After hearing this I woke up calmly with a great feeling of peace. It was a very interesting dream. Any thoughts or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • When you see a piano, move toward it, close your eyes,
      put one of your fingers on any key and touch it. Just listen
      to the sound as you hold the note. Once in a while try another note, you may feel have a different mood and the tone may be noticeably different. Here is a secret math formula:

      you can start with any key and the scale will always
      have 8 notes.

      From 1 to 2 there is a note in between.
      From 2 to 3 there is a note in between.
      From 3 to 4 there is NO NOTE IN BETWEEN.
      From 5 to 6 there is a note in between
      From 6 to 7 there is a note in between
      From 7 to 8 there is NO NOTE IN BETWEEN

      The “closest note” is a “half step.”
      If you have a note in between two notes, the two notes are a “whole step.”

      You could close your eyes and “FEEL” any scale, no matter where you start with those magical numbers.

  60. I’m praying about your 30 day challenge and wondering if you are the one to teach me how to develop my precognitive dreams which may prevent bad things happening. I have an energy both awake and asleep that makes me know it is important. My parents came to me in a dream recently and I knew it was a message… but it ended up with the Boston bombing… The last time before that was before Benghazi….. So would your challenge be helpful? Also, four days before the Great Tsunami of 2004 I had a powerful dream of running through walls of water… had been in Thailand…

    • I am not an expert, but if there was a log of dates to document the dream and the external event, it might prove to be a serious good step. Everyday it seems some terrible event involves the forces of nature and from what I understand, the unconscious “eddies” go backwards in time, thus meeting within your dream and
      you are in a fortunate position to witness an external parallel event. These seem to me a worthwhile reason
      to document what you are observing and learn to deal with it. Terry mentions “synchronicity” enough times to point toward how “invisible” shows up both in a dream and physical form as if arranged so that the one in the best position to observe it should hopefully be able to get a grip on it.

  61. I encounter a lot more people in dreams that as far as I can tell I’ve never seen before than those that I have. I’ve been curious about this and found the comments regarding that interesting.

    • Can you describe these people? Maybe these appearances are “asking you” to write about their facial expressions, attire, character in as much detail as they
      might feel exceeds their satisfaction.

  62. Hi Kelly,
    I heard you on Coast To Coast last night and I really enjoyed the interview.
    I’ve noticed that I can’t read in my dreams. In waking life, I’m a writer, and an avid reader, so I don’t understand why I can’t read when I’m dreaming. It’s like the letters just don’t make any sense.
    However, if I’m trying to read something in a dream, and there someone else there in the dream with me who tells me what it says, then it’s clarified and I can read it without any trouble.
    Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you.

    • Wow, though I am not an expert, it almost sounds as if the big bad unconscious here is trying to push you away from only thinking in terms of words. Art begs for a flexibility of “language” flexible enough to imitate
      a physical dream. Maybe, for example, a word “looks
      like” a pebble splash and the ocean only needs the splashes to understand without reading.

  63. I had a dream the other night that I was the Savior and it was time to put an end to Satan. When I approached him, it was him running away from ME this time because I had the full power of God within me and there was nothing he could do to me since I had no fear whatsoever. Then I chased him into a pit where instead of locking him up I let him out and live in Heaven with us on the condition that he obeyed God.

    • Will you watch the Devil for ever? That saves everyone else from dedicating theirs. If the Devil obeys God and he lives in heaven, its no wonder that they can make a bet.
      Job seems caught between two apparent pals and I really would rather not live next to the Devil, even in heaven because I don’t trust the math. But, if you are chosen to be the one, thank you.

  64. Good post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte
    more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

    • I am not sure if this post is for Nate who had asked me, Rey Blanco to elaborate. The original reply had two paragraphs. The first involves an “inside joke” between
      God and the Devil. If they are bond together for eternity in the same place (“heaven” you say), eventually they will learn to live with each other. Perhaps they need an eternal guard in case, they decide to point at Job,

      Job is the second paragraph, a character that was caught, or more or less squeezed behind the 8 ball. The Devil bet God that Job is not going to make it to the finish and stick with God because the Devil is given the rights to make Job’s skin crawl with creepy skin disease, and he loses his material stuff and so on. Each time, if we were to throw the dice on each frame,
      God and the Devil kept checking on Job, for a long time…

  65. This is long but it is true. I had a dream two nights in a row. First night I am sitting on a bay horse above a pool of water, to my left are three horses running a paint, a black and a white. I am trying to get the bay to jump into the pool of water. We had been conducting classes in spirituality etc. The pool of water represents spirituality. Finally the bay went into the pool but did not come up and I was standing on the bank with other people. The next night I am in a coral with the same horses and the bay is acting up so I look for a “club to drive the bay out” the paint horse is standing slightly to my right and infront of me, as I look at it, its face changes into different faces, the black and white are standing silently to my left. It took me weeks to figure out the meaning. We went to my sisters house in New Mexico for Christmas and it became the Christmas from hell, so my wife and I left and on the way back to Arizona I suddenly realized what the dream meant. After the negative things my sister did I realized she was the bay horse. She was coming to our classes of which I conducted every week and appeared to be really into what we were discussing. However refusing to jump into the pool was not accepting spirituality, and not coming out clarified the fact. The paint was showing me she was two faced, the black and white was showing she was actually bi-polar. Now remember I tried to find a club to drive the bay out. Her address was 261 Bay Club Drive!!! About a year later I finally realized what the 261 was, in numerology all numbers reduce to one number therefore 2+6+1=9 check out the number 9 it means the end there is no more, finale, the relation ship was over. We call this a pre-cognitive dream, in this case a warning. My sister is now gone but our relationship was never healed.

    • I am not a dream nor numerology expert, but the intertwining between the external world and internal is demonstrated by your experience. It appears to
      fall under the third of four categories of synchronicity, “3. The coincidence of a psychic state with a corresponding not yet existent
      future event that is distant in time
      and can likewise only be
      verified afterward” (The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche par 984).

      Also, there is a touch with the fourth category,

      4. ”…I see no reason why synchronicity should always just be a coincidence of two psychic states or a psychic state and a non psychic event. 
      There may also possibly be coincidences of this kind  between non psychic events.”

      ( Atom and Archetype: Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958 p 60).
      See also: wider conception and broader definition (Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle par 965).

      Paul KAMmerrer, the Biologist credited for being the first scientist to take “coincidences” in a serious manner, seems to offer a perspective with a level of power you have experienced. The idea that a convergence of separate events and numbers, in itself is a remarkable operation. Your connecting the “psychological value” to upgrade the level of power offers insights into how we can compare what we think and what happens.  

  66. Hi Kelly I just wanted to tell u I had the same dream as Clare on c2c I was taken to the universe and was standing on a glass floor playing games and I have never forgot the safety and love of that dream one difference was after we played different games we went on a roller coaster ride through the stars. This dream was about a year ago and I have wanted to go back ever since. Thanks John

    • It seems, from my perspective, that you were a passenger in a “kin ship” filled with a celestial audience of the possibilities amongst the stars. The “game” seems to show a “playfulness,” a child like happiness, no matter
      where in the universe, through the leaps and boundless
      collisions of ideas are represented by the stars. The black hole, a very good representation of an idea of an idea. The glow, an illuminating galaxy filled with understanding.. Together all the ups and downs is
      “the other world.” You could see thru the glass crystal
      as if a humongous eye ball made sure there are contingent options to enjoy the ride.

      Past the wars, past the hatreds, past the horrors, the stars, the top of the roller coaster, wow, they aren’t important, Ahhhhh, ……

  67. I read a preview also and did a mental declaration and woke up and remembered my dream and started a journal and will buy your book today and take the challenge.I do TM since 1971 semiretired and continue to have vivid dreams in color with many that are future and come true have people teach me some are lucid when I meditated daily I would get many impressions in the day I am an Artist and Musician almost 68 May 18th my birthday and May is my best month and now i have you and your book WOW! what a great present!

    • Did you every hear of Les Mc Cann, jazz pianist. I believe, Roberta Flack credited him for her start to fame, and noted how well his philosophy moves through music.

      A song, “COMMENT,” with the lyrics, close if not actual,

      “If all men are truly brothers why can’t we love one another? Peace and Love from Ocean to Ocean, will
      somebody please second my (e)Motion….” (Repeats and has a stanza). The tune is simple, but even when mumbled it can be touching.

      If you don’t mind me saying “music is powerful.” We (mankind as an “individual”) appear to be walking with a gift, a time bomb medallion strapped round the neck.
      Ticking… tick beats we have to act beats tick
      as if
      there is time tick beats
      to diffuse …. tick beats beats

      Vivid dreams may be a theatrical presentation, an
      orchestration from a simple recording MIDI or MP3,
      for example. You can’t ‘photograph’ the illusionary stage, but you can probably draw or imitate it with musical back ground. If the “physical dream” becomes objectified, hopefully the “end” will have a happy twist.

      Each future person might be a “voice” (instrument) and perhaps a silly bassoon says something and the others
      talk about silly stuff that makes very good sense and the experience ends well.

  68. Hello,
    My father was killed in 2007 from a tractor trailer accident. My dad was a very loving and kind man who sacrificed anything to help another. He was the glue that held our family’s home together. Since his death, I’ve had numerous dreams with him in it. Happy, fun dreams that included picnics and family get togethers. About four months ago I had a very disturbing dream that I can’t shake from my head. I was in an unfamiliar kitchen and my dad was there. I was happy to see him and started to talk to him and tell him how much he was missed. Without saying anything he acted as if he didn’t know who I was. He then got a very sinister smile on his face. As he turned to me his face started to contort. His chin elongated and rotated and his eyes caved in. His face then returned to the sinister smile and said he wasn’t my father. I told him he was and that I loved him. He got a blank stare on his face and he slowly started to fade away. After he almost disappeared I awoke shivering and terrified. I can’t get the sinister smile and contorted face from my head. Is this a sign that something bad is happening to him on the other side? Is this a sign that evil is entering me in my dreams? I can’t comprehend what this could have meant. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Mike

    • Ok, I repeat, I am not a dream expert, but, if my wife told me a dream like this about a traumatic event in 2007, there is a point where as the “image is entropic where it is fading from a happy” as if “let go already,” so that each world can do its thing without burden.

      It does not mean it is bad, in my opinion, because it shows you have strong emotional pleas that must be communicated from our world. The process of life and death, leaves no one here to be enslaved past what we need.

    • Rey,

      I so appreciate your thoughtful comments…you are a brilliant thinker and writer and I’m humbled that you would take the time to share your insights. You sure seem to be living up to what your name implies 🙂

  69. Jamie Mac Dougall

    My wife has had this dream several times about a big black cat with diamond teeth. It scares her. I think it’s a warning about her sister who doesn’t want to share her dads inheritance with her only sibling.

  70. Hi Kelly! I awoke last night to hear you talking on Coast to Coast and heard Claire describe her dream. I had a similar occurrence during a Reiki session in 2009. I found myself, in my inner vision, on what I call a Rainbow Bridge, suspended in space, seeing the cosmos all around me. I was not afraid -although heights in my ‘real’ state terrify me – and felt completely safe, secure, loved. I had prayed continuously to be a bridge, to help people know their true selves.However, I am not helping anyone that I know of, with or without a body! I am so impressed with Claire’s dreams and look forward to getting your book. I was surprised to hear of someone having a similar experience, as though the place I saw is a real place in some dimension. Thank you for your show last night!

  71. Rick Gillespie

    Hi Kelly!
    I just finished listening to your interview with George Noory on “Coast To Coast”. Thank you for your comments, words of encouragement, and advice!
    I have dreamed about many different things in the past. And usually, if I do remember anything, it normally has something to do with remembering the general theme of the dream. But sometimes, I can remember some specifics as well.
    I’ve shared a few of the recent dreams I’ve had with one of my coworkers, and he did provide a possible interpretation for one of those dreams, from his point of view. That particular dream basically involved my riding in a van with my dad (and he does own a van), but we were up in the air, in a desolate, desert area that eventually included scenes of what seemed to be utter destruction and devastation below. At this point, I guess I began to wake up, because my “logical” mind began to question our ability to drive “in the air”… And that we might “hit” something down below, and crash! It was at this point that I vaguely remember a dirt road appearing as we descended down toward it. I woke up before we reached it though.
    My coworkers’ interpretation of the dream was that my father was actually my Heavenly Father, and that HE was in control… MMMMM… What do you think?
    I do remember a few other dreams as well, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with too many details right now! I will say that quite a few of my dreams involve floating, or flying, without any aid…
    If you would be interested, for the sake of research or for any other reason, in knowing more about my “dream life”, I would be glad to share them with you. Perhaps you could help me decipher their possible meaning, and help me to become a “productive dreamer”!
    Thanks again for being on “Coast To Coast”! It was a really interesting show!


    • Hey Rick, I am not an expert, but would like to thank you for at least the moment and reason to wake. Please consider checking the dreams of a physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, who together with Dr. Carl Jung hammered out
      equivalent terms to describe a “unified view.” The book, Atom and Archetype: Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-1958 is a wonderful collection. I am not suggesting one should drink to have interesting dreams, but that their efforts “in the right hands”
      can “see” an invisible “unconscious” (Pauli would use “u-field” in front of physicists for the psychological “collective unconscious) working thru “dream language.”

  72. Dave Stevenson

    As a kid I had great dreams, mostly flying all over the earth, even visiting relatives homes while they were asleep. Then, suddenly i lost control and was unable to land any where. Keep trying to land, but was flying faster and faster, but couldn’t land. I would wake up all sweaty and my dreams turned into night mares. Next, I didn’t remember any dreams till i was a teenager till late 20’s and they were terrible nightmares where I was tormented by a group of demons who would levitate me out of my bed and toss me back and forth like a toy all around my house while I tried to scream and wake up my wife but was in a kind of sleep paralysis. After a lot of prayer, they went away and now I again rarely remember any dreams. How can I get back to dreams that I am in control of??

    • You found the stability in your “self.” You probably had an overwhelming amount of options for your future. Having simultaneous glimpses of all your possibilities can toss one our knees. But now that you got a focus, you can point from “above.”

      Start out when you go to sleep to be on some other planet looking at earth and its place amongst all that you see. Look from above, as if you have telescopic
      eyes with a wide enough focus to see ”past,’ ‘future,’ as one ‘present’ as if nothing moved. Now you almost want to see change even if you, yourself have to fly (in your sleep only, of course).

  73. Kelly, my fiancé dreamt she awoke from a three year coma and a rival love interest was there to greet her. She received a head injury working with her horse and the pain manifested itself in her dream. She can not commit to out relationship. I feel I should end our relationship so she can pursue happiness without me

  74. I was listening to you on Coast to Coast AM. I’d like to share one with you. I have many crazy dreams. Here’s one:

    I did something, I don’t know what. But somehow, I was in the future being tackled by some type of cop. “Check my records! I’m clean!” I exclaimed. The cop was on my back holding my arms as I lay face down on the ground. I was in a recangular room, behind me were some stairs going down. Behind me, adjacent to my right, there was a person sitting at a counter, protected by a glass window. The light had a strange yellow glow. Somehow, I was on the run, being chaced by a bounty hunter that looked like Bobafet (from Star Wars), with a green and black color scheme on his armor. There was a flying car chace (and space ship) scene, but I don’t remember how the event took place. I met up with this chick, who defenitely wanted to do favorable things with me, if you know what I mean. We were in a parking lot, standing behind some sort of vehicle, and it is was raining. Little did I know, all I had to do was present my Social Security Number (SSN). The chick excidedly asked if I got a temporary SSN with my arrest. I thought to myself that I already had an SSN, then I realized I had something to relieve this problem. I remembered that I had an SSN before I came to the future. I went back to that room with the stairs and the counter. I gave them my SSN and found out how long its been. Turns out I was currently 820,800 years old. I don’t remember the rest after that.

    Unrelated to that dream, for many number of years I get recurring dreams where I can run super fast and leap over streets and city blocks. I have had two, that I can recall, where I actually flew; One of which, I controlled flight with my mind (that was really neat).

    • Dreams can reveal embarrassing insights about our personal business. I remember living next door to a Polish guy who was a Latin King Chieftan. Half his life in jail and
      used to plan like catechism classes how to intimidate witnesses. Type of person always thinking about things like better conditions in jail. I worked with someone who said he shot her boyfriend in the middle of the head and “there were no witnesses.” After a while, living in Chicago bad areas, we find a difference between the “street fools” and “real men.” The thought patterns differ. One may have no clue of the other.

      If we took a survey, I am pretty certain that thieves would prefer people did not have protective weapons. Or how about the warden in some movie that temporarily blinded the prisoners to listen to how they get smarter and better about their life. Life is an open book. One person against so many seems a tiring end.

  75. Hi Martin,
    I believe dreams don’t end just because we wake up. I believe they exist on a parallel plane, and on this plane they go on and on. I often carry a dream with me throughout the day.

    Regarding your flying saucer, I’m curious about how you felt when you let it go?

    If it were my dream, I would feel elated that I had this “close encounter”, and that I had it in me to let it go, and be in the flow of what’s next!

    hope this helps!

    • You touched on something, as if you caught a coherent
      wave oscillating from unconscious into conscious and vice versa.

      Let us pretend that the “collective unconscious” (Jung) and parallel term “u-field” (Wolfgang Pauli) wanted to reveal something about its “shadow.” It would project something that we may remark “shadow” in order to get across its idea.

      If a “close encounter” proves to you that it is in both dimensions, it is a projection that you observe and can document.

      Because you are talking about “external phenomena” (UFO’s) and not a personal dream, it is easier to point toward a “spirit of mankind,” as an individual. Similar
      to one’s self, a fractalized jump into a coherent spectrum as a “collective ultra man” has enough power to utilize whatever access it has with the Energy Matter Psyche. Ultra Man Personality might project U.F.O.’s as either or both “physical dream substance,” and “external matter” for symbolics. Dream language, apparently wins the task of figuring out the relationship between parallel planes.

      The level of power to operate on just one plane is stupendous enough, but to be able to utilize both should be a “wake up call” that there is something that can use energy matter and psyche like an opera.

  76. Hello, when I was 6, my father was shot and killed. I’ve only had a few dreams about him since then, and one, I feel, is particularly strange. I heard you on Coast To Coast tonight, and something Claire (I believe that was her name) said reminded of this dream. She described a heaven-like place. In my dream I was in a very similar place. It was beautiful; it wasn’t as dark as she described (the sky was a cobalt blue with stars), but just as wonderful. My dream was not quite as peaceful. I had died and was in this beautiful place. Everybody around me was an angel. Even I was an angel. I looked up and could see my father talking to two other men. All of them were just beautiful (as one would imagine an angel). I was so happy to see him, but when I tried to get to him, I could quite reach him. I tried to fly to him, but it was almost like someone was holding my feet. I tried to yell for him, but no sound would come out. I woke myself up trying yell. I was so upset by this dream that it has stuck with me for about 15 years. I am 22 now and still remember this dream as if it happened ten minutes ago. I’m not sure what it meant, but I wanted to share it with you and maybe get your thoughts.

    Thank you,
    – Leigh

    • Leigh!

      What a powerful dream. I’m sorry that you felt so upset at the end of it.
      It seems that with people when they pass away that there is a time period where they are getting oriented in their new surroundings…and once acclimated can come back and connect with us.

      I’d be happy to do some deeper level dream work with you to resolve this, if you feel so moved.

      thank you for sharing your powerful dream with me!

    • I am not a dream expert, BUT … holding you back demonstrated that you have very sincere deep emotional
      feelings. The “visual” of you trying seems to be caught
      as if in a snapshot. In New Testament, Jesus mentions that our second life is to be an angel. Seems like your dream reveals that even there, we can “yearn” as if
      a poster child for the eternal audience.

  77. I really enjoyed your interview on Coast to Coast AM. you really got dreams down.

  78. My last dream was a few days ago. In the dream I became conscience that I was dreaming. I started asking questions but it just seemed to fade and I woke up wanting more. I’ve been trying to dream every night since with no rewards. Any help? For more conscience dreaming…

    • Stick with it! Even with seasoned dreamers dreams are elusive…it truly requires focus, commitment, and deliberate intention to not rush out of bed. stick with the dream, and repeat and review it in your mind several times (even just a snippet) before writing it down. Stick with it! It’s a hero’s journey worth taking!

  79. Hello Kelly,
    Have you ever heard of a dream continuing after you wake up in the morning? I have had this happen a couple of times now. I remember the dream occurring, and then I woke up and opened my eyes, but the dream continued on, and didn’t stop, until I started to get out of bed. I have also had, what I call, what one would think of as day dreaming, only what I was having was the same thing as the dreams I have at night. What I have as day dreams, come from my subconscious., and not my conscious mind.

    Also, I had a dream last night about flying saucers. The first saucer I saw, was flying through clouds. I could not see anything else, only me at the level that it was at as it flew around in the clouds. The next part of the dream, I remember a small, round, egg sized saucer flying all around me, very close. I reached out and caught it as it flew past me. The next thing I remember, was a slight electrical sensation that ran up my arm and through my body, and I felt it at the soul level. I remember the feeling it gave me, was like a message telling me to let it go, which I did.

    • Dreams are a reality that exist on a parallel plane…that I believe have a life and volition of their own. They don’t end just because we “wake up” –although many of us lose our connection to that fine thread.

      It’s a gift to remain tethered to a dream even in the waking state…to the extent that you feel at peace and functional within this state.

      When we sleep we move in out out of slow moving Delta and Theta brain waves. When we wake up we move in and out of Beta and Alpha states…if you are able to be awake in the world of 3-D, then I would assert you are operating in a deep Alpha state or even a light Theta state. There is a lot of good that can come from a state like that…as long as you don’t have to drive a car or operate heavy machinery!

    • I am not an expert, BUT … that U.F.O. if that is something you did not “seize the opportunity” and
      it “left your hands,” because YOU let it go, sounds like some kind of a grief release. But that does not mean that it gives you a heads up to get ready, practice holding on to it because it is not going to hurt the U.F.O. if it is a good thing.

  80. Kelly Sullivan Walden

    In dreams people can pay a visit from the past, present, future, and every dimension in the universe. When we dream, the rules of normal waking reality are gone. It’s not strange at all to have a visitation from someone you’ve never seen in this dimension. What is wonderful, is that you are able to recall your dream in enough detail to discern that.

    The next step for you is to try to become as lucid as you can in those dreams to find out who they are, where they’re from, and what their message to you is.

    I hope this helps!

    Sweet Dreams!


  81. hi ! this may sound strange but I do dreamt of people that I have never met in my life or have not see them in any of the media like on TV, magazines. I would really like to know what it mean ? Whenever I told my friends about these, they said it’s impossible but it’s true. I could wake up wondering who the people in my dreams was..

    • I don’t understand, did these people pop up for real, afterwards, or are your describing something “invisible”
      to your friends? If you are dreaming of these people, is it ongoing, were they crowded together, staring at something, moving around?

  82. Kelly Sullivan Walden

    I can totally relate. Over the years I’ve attracted boyfriends who dream of me cheating on them…and have been accused of cheating as a result of that, in waking reality. Not fair at all!

    Sometimes our dreams are true (I once dreamed a boyfriend was cheating on my…and lo and behold…he was)…but most of the time our dreams are symbolic. If your boyfriend’s dreams were mine I’d have to remember that (mostly) the characters and symbols in our dreams are an aspect of the dreamer…so, I’d ask myself, “Why am I cheating on me?” “Where do I get distracted and let my energy run off and not be true to me?” In my opinion…it’s about the inner work…not about getting the people in our lives to change to make us feel more comfortable.

    I hope this helps!

  83. My boyfriend keeps having dreams about me cheating on him and I’m not and never have. It is causing us problems when he has them because he believes there true. HELP me please.

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