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Kelly Sullivan Walden Creator of Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck and Nancy T – Actress and Media Personality (Athena/Aphrodite/Persephone)

Arielle Ford
Bestselling Author of
The Cupid of Consciousness
(Hera & Athena)
HeatherAsh Amara
Bestselling Author of Warrior Goddess Founder of Toci–the Toltec Center of Creative Intent
(Warrior Goddess/Artemis/Athena)

Betsy Chasse
Award-winning filmmaker, bestselling author
Best known for co-creating What the Bleep Do We Know?!
Aspen Matis
NY Times bestselling author of
Girl in the Woods
Your Blue Is Not My Blue

Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert, Author, Media Personality
Helen Hodgson
Founder of
Transformational Goddess Retreats