Would you know a Wild Women Dream if it bit you?

What do Wild Women dream?

What do they do with their dreams?

What is your inner Wild Women dreaming?

What if she’s the one dreaming you, saying, “What’s suppressed must express…now might be the time to incorporate some of my mojo!”
During this wild and changing time, so many of us are dreaming up a storm.
More accurately, we’re simply remembering them like never before because they are more intense than normal and most of us get to wake up without an alarm (another COVID silver lining). Our dreams are doing backflips to get our attention, trying to give us important information to survive and thrive during this important time.

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Wild Women…

Wild Women don’t feel compelled to check in with the outer world first thing in the morning.
They give their mornings to themselves, to their dreams, to create their own inner sanctuary before the world takes over.
Wild Women don’t wait for somebody to ask them to dance when their favorite song is playing.
They forge onto the dance floor, dancing to the beat that moves them.
Wild women do not feel compelled to live by the status of their social media.
They have a core sense of belonging and self that renders the rest of the world merely icing on top of the multi-layered cake,that she herself has baked.
Wild Women aren’t afraid to keep on living when devastation hits because they are more related to the real and the true than the temporary and the transitory.
Wild Women aren’t afraid to make mistakes, look stupid, or appear ridiculous in the eyes of the outer world.
They know that sometimes the only way to learn is to try something new and bungle it and know all the while that even when she fails, falling can be exhilarating if she learns to do it well.
Wild Women get out and vote and fight for what they know matters most to them, however, they know if elections are stolen or corruption takes hold, whoever takes the presidency cannot take precedence over her well-being.
Wild women can have their hearts decimated…
But they know their hearts cannot be irrevocably shattered, when people die, betray or disappoint, because a broken heart is an open heart.
Wild Women know wildness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition…it can shape-shift based on her needs in the moment.
Wild Women are as varied and diverse as are women and their body types…as varied as their souls and no two look or sound alike.
She is the one rumbling in your heart, beckoning you to be bolder, less afraid-not foolish-but adventurous…more true to you. She is the one that whispers and sometimes YELLS:



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