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It’s my Lion’s Gate Birthday

It’s my Lion’s Gate Birthday & I can snooze if I want to! And so can you… Yes, I, admittedly, am a typical Leo, in that I’m not ashamed to let people know it’s my birthday. But I also am aware that this particular day (Lion’s Gate-see below) tends to feel more fulfilling to me, when I’m in the spirit of giving, rather than getting (which can be very different from receiving, but that’s another blog for another day). Giving a gift makes the getting icing, frosting, and sprinkles on top of an already baked cake. So, let me start by giving thanks…to YOU…for being a blessing in my life….in the wonderful, unique and delightful way that you are. Whether […]

Debbie Ford wants you to know YOUR HOLINESS

Debbie Ford wants you to know YOUR HOLINESS Although Debbie Ford passed away seven years ago, this beloved spiritual teacher left a powerful legacy, not just with her book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and with The Shadow Effect, but with her newest book, YOUR HOLINESS. “How,” you might be wondering, “can someone who died five years ago come out with a new book?” Well…soon after Debbie made her transition (passed away, clarified, however you want to refer to it), Debbie’s sister, Ariel Ford, had a session with James Van Praagh. The world-renowned medium told Ariel that Debbie wanted to release a book about the power of prayer. Ariel thought, “Well, it’s a little late for that…because…forgive me […]

The most weird day of my weird life

The most weird day of my weird life Admittedly, my life has not been ordinary according to most people’s standards. In fact, at my last High School Reunion, I was voted the person with the most bizarre career. That shocked me, because I didn’t think of my life as strange-even the fact that I live in the dream world most of the time-because it’s my life, and I’m living it, every day. It feels perfectly normal to me. I stopped feeling bad about having a weird life when I discovered the old English meaning of weird, spelled wyrd, meaning: one who stands in both worlds. I liked that, and have been wearing it as a badge of honor ever since…but… […]

I sobbed until my dream revealed

I sobbed until my dream revealed, “There are more ways to hug than the obvious.” A couple nights ago I dreamed I was at Gypsy’s memorial; everyone was crying but nobody could hug each other. The pain was so intense, I wept as my heart broke.  I stumbled into a nearby church, where a choir was singing the most glorious version of, “God is all there is.”  My tears shifted from sorrowful to grateful as I realized, “There are more ways to hug than just the obvious.” I woke up from the dream still wanting to hug people, but feeling like I did get hugged, but in a totally different, non-physical way-more of a spiritual hug than a physical one. […]

Wild times on the Jenny McCarthy show & Past Lives w/ Pets!

Wild times on the Jenny McCarthy show & Past Lives w/ Pets! This past weekend was a wild romp through the world of dreams with one of my favorite women – Jenny McCarthy. She is as deep and insightful as she is gorgeous and hilarious. We had a blast talking about life-changing dreams…even one she revealed that brought her into her rockin’ relationship with her hubby, Donnie Wahlberg. Here’s a snippet from the show: And now for what’s on the Ask Doctor Dream show today… (my dogs are soooo excited!) Discover Your Pet’s Important Role in Your Soul’s Journey Do you believe your animals have souls? Could your cat have within him the reincarnated soul of your dog? Are your pet’s […]

The Universe is always communicating

The universe is always communicating with you – what’s your go-to way to receive it? I believe, as I imagine you do too, that the universe is always communicating with us-sending signs whether in the form of angels, guides, oracle cards, dreams, and messages from loved ones in spirit or with amazing synchronicities. The issue is never that the universe isn’t speaking to us-it’s about our attunement, receptivity, and fluency in “Universe-ease.” We don’t have to become masters at every form of communication the universe speaks, but how about one language?…maybe two? For me, my go-to-way of receiving the universe’s taps on the shoulder are via dreams and of course, oracle cards…and just plain ‘ol synchronicities. When this happens, I […]

I have curling iron burn on my left finger & I hope it leaves a scar

I have curling iron burn on my left finger & I hope it leaves a scar My beautiful Gypsy departed this world, Into the Mystic, at 5:20 PM Saturday night, June 28, 2020, and this world will never be the same. To describe Gypsy, I’d need a thousand poetry books and everything you could ever learn about the Goddess Aphrodite (the muse of beauty, wine and song). But, in this moment, I’m thinking of the movie Sense and Sensibility. It was a popular Jane Austin novel, and the movie version featured Emma Thompson (Elinor Dashwood), and Kate Winslet (Marianne Dashwood). Elinor was the sensible one who kept her emotions in check, while Marianne was wild at heart, and let her sensuality […]

Hello from the other side!

Hello from the other side! Have you ever wondered what happens to a loved one when they pass over? Are they at peace, are they close and what are they doing? After you’ve lost a loved one did it feel as if you lost a part of yourself? When a loved one passes over, the life that we have known is over. It feels like a part of us goes with them and a part of our loved one is still with us. The love that you share forms a bond that cannot be broken. As you may have heard me talk about, this issue is near and dear to my heart… After a couple years of so many people […]