The most weird day of my weird life

The most weird day of my weird life

Admittedly, my life has not been ordinary according to most people’s standards. In fact, at my last High School Reunion, I was voted the person with the most bizarre career. That shocked me, because I didn’t think of my life as strange-even the fact that I live in the dream world most of the time-because it’s my life, and I’m living it, every day. It feels perfectly normal to me.

I stopped feeling bad about having a weird life when I discovered the old English meaning of weird, spelled wyrd, meaning: one who stands in both worlds.

I liked that, and have been wearing it as a badge of honor ever since…but…

…last Saturday was bizarre, even to me…and apparently, I have a high threshold.

So, what happened, you may be wondering?

I was thrust into outer space (via green screen) and was the “The Dream Doctor” on charge for the first ever dream/sleep experiment, open to public viewing. Not just viewing, mind you, but…here’s the where it gets wonky…the experiment explored the question: Can we influence someone else’s dream?

This program took place on Twitch – which is like the Facebook for Gamers (so, if you watch the video, you’ll find the wildest and most immature chat you could ever dream up.) The people running the experiment, from a sleep lab in London, England, invited viewers to vote on what how they wanted to influence the dreamers-raising or lowering the heat in the room, sound effects, smells, images projected on the walls, and characters walking through the room (including a man in a hazmat suit, a praying bull, and a sheepish goat).

If you’d like to take a peek, there will be three more of these experiences for the next three consecutive Saturdays. You can join me during the day from 11am-1pm while I’ll discuss dreams and sleep with viewers to prepare them for the night. Then the experiment itself is from 5-10pm PST (1-4am London Time).
Here’s a what we did. I come on sporadically as a talking head throughout the night via video for the last hour to talk to the Dreamer about her very curious dreams…influenced by the dream interference…you decide:


Time for reasons to be hopeful about your future! 

If you’re like me, you’re feeling hungry for hugs. I see movies where people are gathered in public places, hugging each other, and I literally get pangs of jealousy for the way the world was, just five months ago.

Look at all those people, just walking around without masks, hugging whoever they feel like!” I say with a sneer.

Practicing physical distancing can feel so isolating, lonely, even painful!

Not to mention all the additional toiling inside the turmoil of the pandemic, the uprising around Black Lives Matter, the upcoming election, and so much uncertainty about what’s next…people are freaking out.

During times like this, we have to claim our peace, our transformation, and our ability to alchemize the despair into hope for the future…or…(don’t make me spell out the or what…)

In the spirit of claiming the ability to be the change I wish to see in the world, I’ve joined forces with Broadcasters Unite-podcasters, YouTubers, and thought leaders from around the globe who’ve come together with inspiring messages for you…about how to create the brightest message out of this mess possible. After all, isn’t it the lotus that grows from the darkest mud? So, let’s do this.

For 24 hours, starting two hours ago, an unbroken chain of messages to uplift. Take a break from the news, and join usfor the entire day or just a few minutes

Share it with your friends who need a boost, and use these hashtags: #BroadcastersUnited  #LiftTheWorld


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On the show you’ll discover a wide range of treatment modalities to help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, not to mention you’ll learn about hands-on practices for working with your body to forge your own path to living your best life.

Call in 816-251-3555, and we’ll dig together until we find at least one of the solutions your brilliant dreaming mindis trying to send you.

Call in with your dream question816-251-3555

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