Pluck the Weeds – excerpt


“This is how a human being can change: There is a worm addicted to eating grape leaves. Suddenly, he wakes up, call it grace, whatever, something wakes him up, and he is no longer a worm. He is the entire vineyard, the orchard, and the garden too, he is the fruit, the trunks, the growing wisdom and joy that does not need to devour.“ – Rumi

Your life is your garden. Your mind is soil that unconditionally receives whatever it is given…it cannot discriminate against the type of seed you choose to plant. If the conditions are right (adequate sunlight, rain, nutrients, etc…), the seed will grow into blossoms on the stem, fruit on the vine, or leaves on the tree.

Metaphysically speaking, seeds are the thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies that have beenplanted in your heart and mind. The weeds are the negative, fear-based, erroneous ideas, belief systems and thought forms that, if left unattended, sabotage your garden from reaching its full potential. However, some of our best learning experiences come from a sudden crop of weeds. We see the demonstration of our intent and we realize the power of our words and deeds to create an effect so that we can redirect our thoughts.

You are the master of your domain. You are the garden and the gardener. You are the only one who can pluck the weeds and plant the seeds you want …seeds of love or fear…lack or abundance…it is up to you…but, in time, the quality of the seeds you plant will come into full bloom and yield a harvest in your life!
For the purpose of this book, consider that at the root of every weed is the core belief: separation. When a person feels separate from their divine essence…from life…from light… from love, they become lost in the illusion that they are all alone in a fitful, chaotic world.

This is the belief that germinates all neurotic, fear-based weeds, and leads one to feel overwhelmed and powerless.

On the other hand…

When one awakens to the reality of their divine essence, they immediately reunite with love…with light…with life. Once the seed of unity has taken root within the soil of their soul, they naturally behave in a virtuous, joyous, generous, loving, life-affirming manner that produces an outcropping of wonderful relationships, job opportunities, financial abundance, health and vitality.

So, now you might be wondering…

How do I transform the garden of My Screams into the Garden of My Dreams?
Whether you are already living in “The Garden of Your Dreams” or in “The Garden
of Your Screams,” your chores are the same:

1. Scan your garden daily for the “Weed Du Jour” and observe your actions,
reactions, inner and outer dialogue.

2. Refrain from using “Freak Out Fertilizer” (words or deeds that exacerbate the
growth of your weeds.)

3. Plant your “Seed Du Jour” (an affirming quality that resonates with the fruition of your heart’s desire) in your inner garden each day.

4. Add a “Miracle Grow Mantra” (a positive affirmation) to your daily routine that allows you to magnify and multiply that which you desire to grow in your life. Gestate within its inspirational feeling tone.

5. Journal and/or meditate upon your answers to the daily Self-Gardening
Questions to discover your personal connection with the daily weed and seed.

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