Wanna be a Night Worker?

Hi Dreamy Friend,

Wanna be a Night Worker?

Not that kind of night worker! I can’t believe you and your dirty mind!

A night worker is someone who psychically, via dreams, helps the people heal.

I believe this is one of the primary goals of dream work, to become lucid enough, that you can be laying in your bed, comfortably getting a great night’s sleep while simultaneously making a difference to other people.

During this pandemic (and beyond), as a night-worker, you’ll no longer feel helpless as you let your dreams do the heavy-lifting.

This is multitasking at its finest!

Night working-it’s a lot less exhausting and a lot more fulfilling…not to mention time saving!

On the show will talk about this…about you and your dreams… and how you, too can be a night worker.

Have you taken advantage of the Snooze Challenge?

Due to popular demand, we’ve extended your ability to receive the FRE*E SNOOZE MEDITATIONS for another week…after that, they’ll be priced at $100.

Just go to my website and sign up…make sure to receive these 21 sleep-time (snooze) meditations with your friends!

My hope is that you’ll try them out for 21 consecutive nights, and that you’ll let me know how they’ve positively affected your sleeping and dreaming. Feel free to pay this gift forward by sharing this link (http://www.kellysullivanwalden.com/snooze/) with anyone you know who could use a deeper night’s sleep and greater dream recall.  As you dive into these meditations, you might be moved to integrate the Snooze Tea into your nightly ritual, to enhance sleeping and dreaming. There’s no obligation to do this, however, I have to say, on the nights when I drink this tea at bedtime, my sleep and dreams are deeper and more deeply enriching. Not to mention, you get a 20% discount on the tea for being part of the 21 Day Snooze Meditation Challenge.

May you be birthed into the next best version of yourself by getting a better night’s sleep, and having sweeter dreams!

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