[VIDEO] You’ll want to pay attention to your dreams tonight, here’s why:

Happy Wesak!


No, that’s not a typo. Wesak is hailed to mark the highpoint of the spiritual year when- forces of enlightenment associated with the Buddha pour into the planet.


As a person into metaphysics and dreams, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this special day before. A new student (and master dreamer) of Dream-Life Coach Training, Luke Galutia “Betzalel Maggid“), recently shared about this with me, and how it’s known as a POWERFUL night for dreaming!


I for one can’t wait to see what dreams come through!


I’d LOVE to hear all about your dreams you wake up with tomorrow morning (or in the middle of the night).


For more info about Wesak, compliments of Betzalel:


Pay attention to your dreams on this date.
In the Buddhist traditions, Wesak is the festival that occurs when the moon is full in Taurus. During this time, it is said that the ascended masters meet on the inner levels of mind to determine the course of humanity for the next year. Here is an exercise to attune yourself to the cosmic vibrations of Wesak.
  1. Set an intention to remember your dreams tonight (and to invite in a holy being-an archangel, saint, spirit guide, etc.)
  2. Make sure you have a dream journal ready and pen to write down your dream.
  3. Go to sleep and expect to receive an answer to your stated intention.
Happy dreaming!!!!

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To your dreams!

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