My VIDEO Interview series with MARIANNE WILLIAMSON-A Politics of LOVE, what a concept?

Can spirituality and politics dance together in the same tango?
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It’s about time they did. I’ve never considered myself a political person before. I’ve always believed that if I worked on myself, individually, internally, battled my own demons and became the best version of myself I could be then I might have a positive impact on the larger world, curtsy, end of sentence.

But, along comes Marianne Williamson, out of the self-help section of the bookstore and on the main stage of prime-time politics, and she’s lit a fire under my butt!

I’ve always considered Marianne Williamson to be my spiritual big sister, with her bestselling books, wisdom-packed lectures, and the ways she’s made appearances in my dreams, always pointing me in the direction of my higher self. And here she is doing it again, just a tad differently and more robustly than before.

She’s saying, “Grrrrl, get up off your yoga mat, out of your ashram, and down from the ethers of your dreamy meditation and put your love into action…this world needs you and all of us!”
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Needless to say, I am in full support of Marianne’s mission. It aligns 100% with my values and my dream for a world that works for everyone. I think she stands a genuine chance of not just representing the spiritual community but representing the heart of our nation as our president.

Don’t we all have a desire for safe and clean and healthy world that works for everyone? Even if we have our differences in how we achieve those things.

I had the privilege of interviewing Marianne Williamson about her vision and dream of

becoming the PRESIDENT OF THE USA and it was beyond inspiring. 

I’ve chunked these interviews down into bite size pieces to make her zingers more digestible and to give you some breathing room to fully marinate in her truth bombs.


I’ll be sending a video a day for the next four weeks (I’ll give you the weekends off), but if you want to see the full interview, it’s here:

Here’s the first one:

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If Marianne’s message resonates (how could it not?), show your support and make a donation to

Every dollar helps. I believe extreme times call for extreme measures. This is one of those times. #Marianne2020 #DreamOn

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