[Video] Can your dreams help you awaken to the body of your dreams?

First, allow me to wish you a very happy EQUINOX!

At 2:58pm PDT we’ll arrive at the moment when the harmony of night and day is in balance. Equinox = Equal.

The questions to ask yourself today is: What would a balanced life look like to you?
And, what will you do to get your life, your dreams, your inner and outer world into balance?

One place that many of us are out of balance is with our bodies…or with our thoughts about our bodies…and it’s not just a female thing-it comes with the territory of having a body.

Can we change the outcome of our dreams to better our health? How is that possible?

So many people dismiss dreams when they actually give us a direct window into what’s going on inside our bodies. Dreams are the barometer of our physical health because they connect us to our subconscious mind…and give us actual clues on what we need to live our healthiest life in our most optimum body.

On the show today, in addition to Q&A, we’ll discuss the best way to maximize dreamtime to support you in actualizing the body of your dreams.

Join me and let’s explore your dreams, LIVE today! Today’s show is dedicated to you and your dreams, so call in and Ask Doctor Dream about the hidden meaning in your dream:

If you find that being in balance isn’t a piece of cake, don’t worry…as my dear friend (and today’s guest), Francis Rico Hayhurst says,
“The reality is that we are spiraling around our sun, as our solar system spirals around our galactic center, on a wing of stars.  And our galaxy is spiral dancing with other galaxies within the expanding spiraling cosmos that is the vortex of infinity within totality?”
So, if being in perfect balance gets you feeling a little swervy, know that you’re in good company. Take a baby step to get back into balance-or better yet-harmony-to create a (dream) life that allows for as many aspects of your most amazing self to come into fruition as possible!
The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)!
With Kelly Sullivan Walden
Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™
More about today’s guest, the amazing Francis Rico:
Musician, shaman, and author Francis Rico Hayhurst combines ancient and modern shamanic wisdom with a irrepressible advocacy for having fun and enjoying life – assisting his clients, students and fellow adventurers in awakening to the gift of
their lives.

“The beauty of wild creation, within us and surrounding us, can help us heal, and can bring happiness and real magic into our lives – we can become joyful and free!”


Rico’s new book,  A Shaman’s Guide To Deep Beauty,  shares stories and lessons from over 30 years of dedication to the shamanic pathways and teachers of indigenous wisdom traditions -including his gratitude for the gifts of the Toltec legacy and the mysterious beauty of Teotihuacan.

As a guide to the world’s sacred sites, Rico brings insight, humor and music along on every journey, opening the doorways of perception to opportunities for transformation and connection to the radiant essence of revelation to occur.

His home lies in Northern California, where he shares the beauty of the wild coastal mesas, cliffs, and ocean in support of his shamanic teaching, healing and counseling

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