Turn around bright eyes-here’s the top 10 Sexy/Sensual dreams decoded

Every time we have an eclipse I can’t help but sing Bonnie Tyler’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” from the 80’s (turn around, bright eyes…)…
But, seriously, what does it all mean…a total solar eclipse… on the new moon…in the astrological sign of cancer???
A picture containing person, woman, building, phone Description automatically generatedAccording to Your Tango, this is a time for new beginnings and cycles, a time to leave behind anything from the past that no longer resonates, and step forward on a new path…especially regarding home, family and intimate relationships.
Couple (pun intended) all that with the 4th of July (the day I personally refer to as “Interdependence Day”) right around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to explore your explosive star-spangled sensual dreams, in all their firework glory!
What I love most about these kinds of dreams, besides the fact that we all have them, and they make us all blush and stammer when we talk about them, is that they are way more important and meaningful than we give them credit for.
On the show today, we’ll explore the TOP 10 Sensual Dreams. Call in to get a personal dream interpretation, or just listen voyeuristically (it’s really ok, I know you’re there) and let me show you how your dreams can be rocket fuel to support you in living the life of your wildest (relationship) dreams!

The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)!
With Kelly Sullivan Walden
Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™

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