Top 10 Things I learned

Top 10 Things I learned from having my purse stolen & a 21 day-challenge gift for you!
Happy New Year and Happy Dreams for 2017
Top 10 Things I Learned From Having My Purse Stolen
I’ve had a very interesting December-one I share with you in this video.
Let’s just put it this way…there are blessings in every challenge…lemonade in every lemon…and guacamole in every avocado (minus a few ingredients…and I know because I just had a mountain of guacamole in Guatemala!).
Without further ado (I know you don’t have much time…you’ve got a New Year’s Party to go to for God’s sake!) CLICK HERE to find out the TOP 10 Things I Learned From Having My Purse Stolen.
I hope you can get the blessings without having to go through what I did.
Oh yes, additionally, if you’ve overindulged (like me) this holiday season, I’m thrilled to share with you…

My friend, celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden has given me permission to invite you (for FREE) her Body Foundation Challenge 2017 starting Jan 2, 2017.
The Body Foundation is a 21-day comprehensive functional strength, cardio, and core program with ZERO equipment needed.
Are you looking for a way to start the new year off as the best version of you, for FREE?
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Join Ashley Borden: Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant‘s amazing community on a transformative 21- day journey and set yourself up for fitness andlifestyle success with her newest, not yet released training program.
The program contains a built in, easy to follow 21-day calendar with everything pre-programmed to keep you working hard without any guess work.
120 minutes of videos:
– 3 warm ups
– 4 full body workouts
– 3 lower body workouts
– 3 core workouts
– 3 cardio workouts
– and bonus content ⚡
You will complete the entire, no equipment, fitness program in just 21-days!
You will also receive for FREE Ashley’s SOS Food plan with over 100 recipes and food plans.  The book has over 100 pages on content you won’t want to miss.
Its easy to join.  Click on
Become the best version of yourself!  It’s your dream…and YOU are worth it.
Happy 2017! May it be your best year yet!
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