What happens in Teo, stays in Teo

What Happens In Teo, Stays in Teo

First of all, Teo, in case you’re wondering is a nickname for Teotihuacán.

And, in case you’re still wondering, Teotihuacán is an ancient power place 30 minutes north of Mexico City-and it means “The place where men become God.”

Believe you me, I didn’t kick up my heals at the first hint of an invitation to Teo-quite the opposite. I was quite content reading don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The 4 Agreements” from a cozy, safe distance, hundreds of miles from the pyramids and the energy that I felt would most certainly stir the pot of my life. But, life had other plans for me…because some pots are just screaming to be stirred.

My friend, Gini Gentry, a Nagual woman (a shaman, and teaching partner to don Miguel Ruiz for years), heard the (inaudible to me-but very audible to her) screaming of my pot-so to speak, and was persistent in sharing about the magic of Teo to be just the remedy I needed. At some point, I stopped long enough to allow the “clunk” to happen in my belly-that “clunk” that tells you:

“Hey, you, listen! Your destiny is calling!”
Long story short, I made it to Teo, got my pot stirred, feathers ruffled, and lots of buttons pressed. Basically, it felt like 20 years of therapy in 4 days.
Were there tears?
Was it completely comfortable the whole time?
Was it worth it?
Hell Yes! Because this experience ultimately led to a feeling of untold freedom, liberation, and connection to “Source” that I didn’t know was imaginable.
[Cue the music “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.”]

Once the windshield was cleared I could see what was in front of me that I couldn’t see before. “Life path” clarity-is there for all of us, should we choose to dig up the courage to wipe she smudges (in my case, full on sludge) off the windshield. This is what happened to me…

Soon after this first trip-then my second trip, on the airplane I shared a row with a brand new friend, Steve, who, by the time we got off the plane, became a soul brother…that soon became my publicist. He was interested in the book I was writing about dreams (I Had the Strangest Dream] and once it was published later that year, helped me get in front of Dr. Oz, Ricki Lake, Coast to Coast, and now First for Women Magazine.

It was immediately following that trip to Teo that I was invited to the United Nations to attend a conference that led to the birth of my non-profit (for purpose) program (the Dream Project-that is now CHIME IN). My mind was so blown and windshield so cleaned off, that I dreamed up an entire school curriculum while sitting in the General Assembly (that I had no business writing-because I’d never done anything like that before). That program has, to date, inspired and influenced over 500k K-12th grade students (at least) to access their “dreaming minds” to solve problems and discover solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These things wouldn’t have happened I not taken the leap to go on this journey to Teo.

I’m not saying all of this to be braggadocios. And I’m not saying if you go to Teo you will meet Steve, and he will become your publicist, or that you will ever go the UN, or want to for that matter. But, what I am saying is that if you show up, become willing to have your pot stirred and windshield cleaned (can I mix my metaphors, or what?), you will be able to see your destiny line-or the thing that you couldn’t see before, that was right before your eyes the whole time.

So, what is this email really about?

The Toltecs would say, I’m trying to “hook” your attention into contemplating what might be possible for you.

  • Do you secretly know that you’re capable of doing, being, & having MORE in your life, but not quite sure how to do it?
  • Are you tired of tip-toing your way toward your transformation and you’re ready for a spiritual kick in the behind to quantum leap you toward awakening?
  • Are you ready to wake up and dream your life the way you always wished you could have…for real?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, it’s time to put on your hiking boots and meet me in Teotihuacán for a ” Dreaming Heaven journey!

(Caution: If you’re invested in keeping your pot from stirring-please do me and everyone else a favor and politely decline this invitation.)

Or if you feel the “clunk”, join me. Click here.

Hope to see you there!

Oh yes…here’s a little sneak preview:

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