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Empowerment is a funny thing

Empowerment isn’t a fluffy thing to me. I use the word, “empowerment” in almost every sentence I speak, write, and it’s the theme of every coaching session, workshop, or blog post I write. Why? Because, as much as the word is overused (mostly by me) it is important to me it’s because I know it’s absence. I was a very empowered little girl, but, like a fish in water, didn’t know the difference so I didn’t value it. But when I hit a wall in my mid 20’s and my people-pleasing stopped working, and I’d given all my power away to all the people I thought were so important, and I was left high and dry, I hit a place […]

Can you program your dreams?

Can you program your dreams to have a more successful life? What if you knew you were a Lottery Winner…of the spiritual kind? What if you woke up and realized that you are an unrepeatable phenomena? What if you realized that regardless of your struggles, you’ve won the lottery as evidenced by the miracle of our presence in a physical body here on earth? In fact, consider that the chance of you being born is a billion to one. You are a living, breathing, miraculous lottery winner…surrounded by billions of other lottery winners…most of whom have forgotten they are lottery winners! Ok (you might be thinking), “Blah blah blah…I know I’ve spiritually won the lottery…but it would sure be nice […]