Tag: Fall Equinox

Celebrating Fall Equinox by honoring my Toppling Tree pose.

Thanks to my dear friends Laurie Goldy and Cara Soufer, who- independent of one another-and within the same week, touted the benefits of Hot Yoga to me as the “hottest thing in L.A.” (pun obviously intended), and that I really should try it. “Where else can you get a great work out, stretch, sauna, and meditation all within an hour?” Now, I’m not one for shoulding all over myself…but I had to admit (multi-tasker that I am), they piqued my interest. So, I tried it, and in spite of nearly blinding myself with buckets of sweat washing into my eyes, I actually love it. Correction: I love how I feel AFTER. During the workout, not so much. While in the […]