Surprise for you!

Here’s a dream-a-licious surprise for you!

Have you ever had one of those “wish-fulfillment” type of dreams where you felt like you were on top of the world, flying high, had the answers to the universe, felt all the love in the world…and then you woke up?

Wa wa waaaaa
Were you like me (in the past) and you tried to get back into that dream but became frustrated because you couldn’t.
In my world I find myself often saying, “A dream isn’t over just because you woke up!”
A dream exists on a plane that runs parallel to the world we identify as “the real world” and it can be accessed by the power of thought (aka meditation).
Dipping back into that higher realm is like a meditation muscle that we work out…the more we do it, the stronger it gets, and the more automatic it becomes, and ultimately the more of our dream-life we can handle (before our inner sabotage mechanisms kick in).
I feel that these wish-fulfillment dreams are soooooo important because they give us a glimpse into what and who we are capable of being/doing/having not just in dreams, but in our waking world too. The more we embody the ENERGY of these dreams as we do our earth walk in the light of day, the better off we become.
These dreams are like a flair that we throw out ahead of ourselves as we sometimes feel in the tunnel and aren’t sure of how we’re going to find the light.
On that note, I’ve recently become one of the guest teachers in a “Master Class Series” known as “When Spirit Meets Strategy” where we teach and support you on how to take your gifts and passions and transform that into a purpose you are [not just excited about…one that you love…
and I’m going to offer you all the teachings (for a limited time) for F*REE!
Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if this is for you:
  • Do you dream of giving more of yourself to the world but know that you just aren’t expressing your full potential?
  • Do you KNOW inside that you have a mission and purpose in the world that revolves around you sharing your unique strengths and gifts yet lack that one thing to truly step out?
  • Do you know what you would like to give, but lack the guidance in the HOW? (Entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, sales, products, etc.)?
  • Have you been on this path and are feeling blocked or inconsistent, constantly spinning your wheels on this journey?
The one-of-a-kind Master-Class event designed to support you in living your dream and making the biggest positive impact – When Spirit Meets Strategy: How to create clarity, authenticity and break through blocks to build your passion based business.
Click here and you’ll be taken by the hand as you are taught, mentored and guided by top experts in:
  • Following Divine guidance
  • Clarifying your mission – your service of Soul
  • Universal laws and principles that once followed – allows you to flow with the current vs struggle against it
  • Education to transform fears (fear of failure, fear of being seen, etc) into inner congruence so that everything inside of you is aligned with your mission
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Authentic branding and marketing
  • Service-based sales
  • Specific online business success strategies and models (marketing funnels, social media, product consistency with branding)
And so much more!
Together we are going to take you from A to Z.
You get to come to live coaching calls to get your specific questions answered, replays of the classes, and a Facebook group/community for support and expert guidance.
Again, for you this is absolutely FREE!
Sign up now (click here ) as we start in about a week!
When opportunities like this come a knockin’ YOU want to answer and step through that wide open door.

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