Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 9: Reward

Ok, now the moment you’ve been waiting for…the moment you’ve worked so hard for…the moment you can finally exhale. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You have faced, embraced, aced, and replaced your deepest fear in the Supreme Ordeal so you can now claim your disowned power. You did this by asking your fear, “What gift do you have for me?” “What is your good intent?” or even “Why are you chasing me?” By doing this you have allowed what you thought was going to annihilate you, to actually liberate you.

Now that aspect of power is no longer locked in a dungeon…it is yours…and it is back…with a vengeance (in a good way!) Breathe as you integrate this power, strength, beauty, wildness, fierce love, and passion back into your heart and soul. Don’t leave bed without it!

Consider that every situation in your life and every single dream-from the seemingly benign to the over the top dramatic-is encoded with soul juice and power for you, should you choose to accept it. Sometimes we are able to receive the gift of the dream while we are still inside the dream. Other times we have to reconnect with our dream guide (mentor) and go after the gift in our waking state, via meditation, dream re-entry, or dream theatre.

Contemplate the following questions:
– Can you identify the gift(s) you’ve received from your most recent dream(s)?
– How has this gift benefited you? How might this gift benefit other people?
– Is there a gift lingering in your dream world that you still have yet to retrieve?

In this episode of weekly radio show, The D-Spot (Mondays at 11am PST on www.AwakeningZone.com), after my interview with Doctor Dave about synchronicity, I discuss Stage 9 of the Hero’s Dream Journey (The Reward) in more depth: http://www.kellysullivanwalden.com/kelly-sullivan16.html

Stay tuned for next week where we explore The Hero’s Dream Journey Stage Ten: “The Journey Back”…    

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