Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 7: Tests/Allies/Enemies

It could be said that the underlying purpose of our dreams is to regain our power and help us grow into enlightened, awakened versions of ourselves-while here on earth. If this is true then the optimum environment for growth is a perfect storm comprised of challenges, rest, and opportunities to demonstrate our new skills. If we have too much dissonance we become weak; too much softness we become complacent.

Lucky for us, our dreams provide us with that perfect storm. Reverend Michael Beckwith says, “Pain pushes until inspiration pulls.” Consider your scary, sinister, hideous dream “enemies” (just like in our waking lives) are actually allies in disguise. They have been carefully cast to haunt our dream theatre in order to press our buttons, scare us straight, or are test our mettle, so that we may find and access the core of our inner strength. The better we get at working with these kinds of dreams (chasing, fighting, running for our lives) the quicker we are able to transform them into allies.

We need our dream allies, just like we need friends, someone to share our dreams with, people to support in our waking reality, to balance things out, to reassure us, and regenerate our confidence to take on the day. When we dream of the Dalai Lama, an angel, Mother Theresa, or our power animal, relish it, absorb the wisdom, love, and support to the last drop. Meditate on their wisdom messages throughout the day, and take the action they inspire.

Contemplate the following questions:
*    Who are your obvious allies?
*    Who are the most supportive people in your life?
*    Who challenges you the most?
*    What’s your relationship like to the “tests” life offers you?

In this episode of weekly radio show, The D-Spot (Mondays at 11am PST on
www.AwakeningZone.com), I discuss Stage 7 of the Hero’s Dream Journey (Tests, Allies, and Enemies) in more depth: http://www.kellysullivanwalden.com/kelly-sullivan14.html

Stay tuned for next week where we explore The Hero’s Dream Journey Stage Eight: “Supreme Ordeal/Opportunity”…

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