Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 4: Meet the Mentor

Why is it necessary to have a mentor to support you through your hero’s dream journey? What kind of mentor/guide/coach would be sufficient for this task? Once you identify your mentor, how will you work with them? I’ve found that working with a powerful mentor can make or break the hero’s dream journey…especially when times get tough, rough, or even confusing (which they inevitably do.) A great mentor does the miraculous job of connecting their mentee with their own internal wisdom, guidance, confidence, and power.

There are a variety of guides and/or mentors you can choose from to support you on your noble quest. One quality a mentor should have is a familiarity with the dream realm. Some people choose a physical human guide; some choose a non-physical saint, sage, or departed loved one; some choose a power animal; and some choose all of the above.

The late, great Carl Gustav Jung is one of my dream mentors, as is East Indian Saint, Anandamayi Ma. Robert Moss, highly touted dream historian graciously mentors me from time to time. I also call upon my best friends, one of my sisters, and my husband to explore my personal dreams.

One way that you can find dream mentorship is through attending a dream circle, joining the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams), or by taking the Dream-Life Coach Training that offers weekly dream support to help you understand your nighttime dreams…and to help you connect the dots to how to more powerfully make your daytime dreams a reality.

Contemplate the following questions:

* In your inner and outer world, who can you call upon or look to for guidance regarding your nighttime dreams?
* How will you connect with your mentor?
* For example if they are deceased, you might post their picture on your vision board or meditation area
* if they are alive you can set up a coaching call once a week
* if they are not as available as you’d like, meditate on them before going to sleep and ask them to join you in the dreamtime.

In this episode of weekly radio show, The D-Spot (Mondays at 11am PST on www.AwakeningZone.com), I discuss Stage 4 of the Hero’s Dream Journey (Meet the Mentor) in more depth: http://www.kellysullivanwalden.com/kelly-sullivan11.html

Stay tuned for next week where we explore The Hero’s Dream Journey Stage Five: “Crossing the Threshold”.

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