Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 12: Return with the Elixir

Dreaming tribes like the Iroquois of North America, Aborigines of Australia, and the Senoi of Malaysia, believe that your dream is a gift not only for you…but for your entire tribe. In this way, these cultures truly live the philosophy, “As one is lifted, all are lifted.”

When you share your dream with your dream buddy, your dream group, or someone in your life with ears to hear, you are sharing a soul-filled gift. Remember, dreams are the language of the soul, and when a dream is shared it can have a medicinal effect not only on the person sharing the dream, but on the person(s) receiving the dream report.

Our dreams are an elixir of spirit that can heal us like no western medicine can. This is frequently evidenced in oncology with so many cancer patients being healed by their dreams. There are also countless stories of people who have heroically retrieved their dreams from the intoxication of sleep and translated them, in the light of day, into profound to breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology, and the arts.

At the very least, the sharing of dreams connects people on a soul-to-soul level, giving the sharer and the sharee a sense of greater connectivity to their own intuition, as well as to stronger navigational acuity. Throughout your day, every time you pause to reflect upon an image from your nighttime dream, it’s as if you are drinking life-giving soul juice from your canteen filled with elixir from the extraordinary world.

Contemplate the following questions:
– In what ways has dream sharing benefited you?
– Have you had the experience of sharing a dream with someone and seen it have a positive impact on them?
– Have you ever received someone’s dream report and been elevated, uplifted, or inspired?
– Can you describe how you imagine your life might unfold as you develop greater levels of dream mastery (i.e. enhanced intuition, ease, grace, enjoyment, peace, awareness, awakening)?
– How has this Hero’s Dream Journey you’ve been on for the past 12-Weeks influenced your dreaming? How has it influenced your dream recall? How has it influenced your waking dreams in becoming realized?

Remember, the top of one mountain is the bottom of the next. In other words, the Heor’s Dream Journey is cyclical, circular, and perpetual. Revel in how far you’ve come…and when you feel complete, revisit this blog again and allow it to assist you in your next spin around the Hero’s Dream Journey!

In this episode of weekly radio show, The D-Spot (Mondays at 11am PST on www.AwakeningZone.com), after I interview Delia Ephron about her amazing new book, I discuss Stage 12 of the Hero’s Dream Journey (Resurrection) in more depth: http://www.kellysullivanwalden.com/kelly-sullivan19.html  

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