Dreams of Sex w/ an Ex? [video] & preview of 2morrow’s V-Day gifts!

  • Is an Ex haunting your dreams?
  • Do you swear you’re over him/her yet they keep creeping beneath the sheets in your dreams?
  • Why is that pesky ex still showing up after all these years?

All your exes don’t just live in Texas…most of them live in your deep subconscious and come to call in your nighttime dreams. Dreams of an ex are ex-tremely common and are about venting, sorting out, and processing ties to former lovers and long-forgotten aspects of your own passionate soul.

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Here’s more info about dreams of sex with an ex

By the light of day our lives are lived in a linear fashion, where one relationship ends, and another one begins (perhaps, for some, with a slight overlap!). This makes life neat, orderly, and manageable. However, in the dreamtime, the rules of engagement are completely different. As you dream, the “quantum you” takes center stage, and all the complexity of your emotion bursts forth from beneath the bed and behind the closet door. Perhaps it would be inappropriate to explore lingering feelings about your ex in the light of day, but it is perfectly appropriate to sort through them by night (this way nobody gets hurt!).

Often an ex represents a part of your shadow that needs forgiveness and/or healing. When you dream of sex with a former beloved, consider that you are intimately connecting, and thus retrieving the parts of your heart you left in San Francisco (or wherever your former relationship took place). Being reunited (to this aspect of yourself) feels so good!

Remember, relationships don’t end when the door slams, the ring is flung across the room, or when the divorce papers are signed. Love is the only thing that is real, and it lives forever. On a parallel plane, the love you and your former partner once shared continues, heals, evolves, and is as alive now as it ever was. Take a stroll down memory lane and re-member (put back together) the puzzle pieces of your soul that were alive back then. When you resurrect these buried aspects of your heart, you resuscitate them into your present life. This energy belongs to you, by the way, not your ex. So reclaim what is rightly yours. As you do this you enhance your ability to love the one you’re with (namely you).

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