What does it mean when I have a sensual dream with someone I don’t like?

Have you ever had a dream where you were in a compromising situation (or having sex) with someone you didn’t like? Eeeeeeew.

On this same topic, last Wednesday I was on the  Drex radio show on KGO out of San Francisco, and Drex, read this excerpt from my new book,  The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary (page 9) as his favorite part, since it sums up this point rather succinctly, (if I do say so myself):

Consider dreams from a quantum physics perspective. You are one, intimately connected with all of life. You are the universe in miniature, a microcosm of all life, intertwining with everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time.
As you view your dreams and waking reality through the lens of archetypes (you can even think of them as subpersonalities), you can begin to make choices based on the feedback system and navigational guidance from your dreams. Doing this will help you embrace all aspects of yourself, resolve what might seem to be irreconcilable, and integrate disparate parts of your psyche to become the whole-souled being you were destined to be. You will become irresistible to the many contenders lining up to be your partner, or to that one lucky person who you’ve already committed yourself to.


And while I’m on the subject of getting real about these kinds of dreams…let’s Get Real about LOVE, shall we?

Since it’s February, the month of Love, love, and more love, I’ll be focusing the second half of my show on love, sex, and relationships.

My guest TODAY is the amazing love designer, Renee Piane, and the author of GET REAL ABOUT LOVE: The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love.
  • Does your love life need a make-over?
  • Has the love affair of your dreams turned into the love affair of your screams?
  • Do you need a love overhaul, or at least a nip and tuck?
Renee is the one to shed some light to reboot your love affair (or get the one you don’t have into existence).
Renee Piane, The Love Designer, is relationship reinvention expert, matchmaker for love and business and a pioneer in the dating industry, Renee was voted Top International Dating Coach Award at IDate and has dedicated her life to “spreading the love.” Renee is widely acclaimed inspirational speaker, TV celebrity and author of Love Mechanics and Get Real about Love- The Secrets to Opening Your Heart & Finding True Love. Over her 20-year career as a transformational leader in her field, she offers powerful private coaching sessions and various heart expanding programs to get people ready and open to love. Renee has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show and Lifetime. She has been published in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal listed her as one of the 8 resources for singles in America.
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Call In: 888-298-KKNW


Mark your calendar, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH for my virtual book launch party for my latest book, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary… Your Guide to Interpreting 1,000 Common Dreams and Symbols about Your Romantic Life.

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Until we meet again, don’t take your dreams lying down…
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