Outer space with Dream Expert Gayle Delaney

Journey w/ me into outer space w/ Dream Expert, Gayle Delaney & her #PinkPussy

Journey with me over the moon, into outer space with Dream Expert, Gayle Delaney, to explore her special way of facilitating dream interpretation. ‘Out of this world’, doesn’t even begin to explain the off the charts fun, and depth we explored today.

Is it just me or is our recent political climate inspiring boldness in those of us who (up until now) have been so PC? It sure seems that way to me!

For example, Gayle was proud to share her Pink Pussy (cat hat) with us that she proudly wore at the Women’s March this past January (2017), which, in turn, inspired me to share my very indecent Scarlett Letter dream.

Click here to see the video: https://youtu.be/b0ftaN5JkEM

Gayle Delaney, in addition to being the best dressed dream expert on this planet and a former professional ice skater, is one of the featured keynote presenters at this year’s IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams) conference (www.ASDreams.org) at the Wyndham hotel in Anaheim, CA. She’ll be enthralling us with her wit and insight with her topic being: Dreams as CT Scans of our Love Life

In our interview, we discussed the following topics (to name a few):
  • Gayle’s #DreamInquiry technique, whereby she says, “I’m an alien from another planet, what’s a zombie?”
  • The most misunderstood thing about dreams
  • The most valuable thing about dream work
  • How, whether we realize or not, whether we want it or not, our dreams evaluate our love relationships within hours or days of our meeting a new potential mate and give us invaluable perspective and insights.
  • How our dreams can help us choose better mates
  • And how can our dreams help us decide whether or not to end a troubled relationship (aka don’t make yourself bloody trying to get blood from a stone!)
If you want to avoid years of unhappiness and despair, and have more joy, fulfillment on all levels in your personal relationships, check out this interview!
Here’s more 411 on Dr. Gayle Delaney:
Dr. Gayle Delaney is the Founding President and Co-Founder of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.  She is Co-Director with Loma Flowers, MD (First Chairman of the Board of IASD) of the Delaney & Flowers Dream and Consultation Center training and granting diplomas to professionals and amateurs around the world in the use of dreams for practical problem solving.  In 1970, while an undergrad at Princeton, she created The Dream Interview Method of interpretation.
After studying Jungian psychology in New York and Zurich, Gayle became determined to develop a method of working with dreams that would free dreamers from traditional sexist limitations and psychological formulas created in the 19th century.
Her first book, Living Your Dreams, triggered modern interest and research in Dream Incubation or choosing to sleep on a particular problem before going to sleep. And her most recent book, All About Dreams, summarizes her work including that on sexual dreams and romantic relationships.
Gayle’s favorite job was hosting the first daily, three-hour, prime-time radio show on dreams on KVI-AM,Seattle in 1982 and she is honored and delighted to join Dreams Unzipped and explore our favorite topic!
She was on Oprah five times, the Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, etc. Her website is: www.SmartDreams.net

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Oh yes, here’s a sneak peek into my recent Dreaming Heaven journey in Teothuican!

It was amazing to meet groups of people from around the country who have not only read Dreaming Heaven, but who have gone through the transformational workbook in groups, multiple times! What an honor to be a part of this process!!!

And last but not least, here’s a little glimpse into @NancyTelzerow and I going up up in the air…only to land amid…we’re sworn to secrecy…but here’s a hint…

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