Wanna peek into the Akashic Records with me?

Wanna peek into the Akashic Records with me?

If you’re reading this, then you’re not a sleepwalker (someone who let’s life pass them by).

You are someone committed to awakening, lucidity (in life and maybe also in dreams) as well as gaining deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose in this world.

Does that basically sum it up?

Ok, since I’m on a roll, allow me to predict a couple more things about you:

You’ve probably spent days, hours, years contemplating those deep questions like

“Who am I?”

“What’s my purpose in life?”

“What’s my motivation?”

(only the starlets have ever asked the third question.)

Well, what if I were to tell you the answers to those questions already exist?

Well, it makes sense doesn’t it, if all the info on our computer, even once we’ve deleted it still lives on a cloud (or in a cloud) somewhere in cyber space….then why wouldn’t all the info about us exist somewhere.

There are those who believe in (and claim to have access to) what’s known as the Akashic Records (aka The Book of Life or the Collective Consciousness). Even Carl Jung taught about the collective unconscious, an energy archive of our souls’ journeys of all of humanity.

According to the Akashic Record experts, when we tune into these records, we receive support and guidance from our own soul, we can enhance our creative processes, and amp up our “imagicnation”, which in turn helps us to generate more inner peace, meaning and fulfillment.

Join Dreams Unzipped (guest host Debbie Spector Weisman) as she unlocks the mysteries of The Akashic Records with Akashic Records Teacher, Coach and Author Barbara Schiffman.

Barbara believes that everything we do and have — personal relationships, work, creative projects, health and especially life challenges — feeds, expands and evolves our individual Souls plus Humanity’s Collective Unified Field. Partnering with our souls can replenish our energy and help us enjoy life to the fullest.

Here’s some more information about Barbara:

As a Hypnotherapist, Akashic Records Advanced Teacher and Life&Soul Synergy Coach, Barbara Schiffman excels at translating quantum physics theories, New Thought perspectives and ancient wisdom into practical tools which help people experience more balance, peace and joy in their daily lives.

A highly-regarded Hollywood script consultant turned author and personal evolution coach, Barbara is an insightful and gifted teacher whose specialty is synergized living. Her books, e-courses and coaching programs include: “Your Akashic Records: a Coloring Journal for Exploring Your Life and Expressing Your Soul”, “Living in Balance for Boomers: Secrets to Making the Most of the Second Half of Life”, “The Akashic Muse: Collaborating With Your Soul, and The Akashic Records for Writing & Other Endeavors.”

Her newest venture, “Coloring Journals for Healthy Living,” creates transformational multi-media coloring journals for coaches, therapists and teachers. Her DailyOM.com e-courses “Taking Your Leap of Faith” and “Energize Your Life With the 4 Elements” empower people of every age to express their Souls and experience Life as a special gift.

Barbara’s Websites: http://BarbaraSchiffman.com or http://YourLifeAndSoul.com

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