Can the music you listen to make or break your ability to have the life of your dreams?

Can the music you listen to make or break your ability to have the life of your dreams?

We’ve all heard the saying that music can “calm the savage beast”…but can it make or break our ability to make our dreams come true?

How much do the sounds around us when we’re sleeping affect our dreams?

Can a song, tone, or note change influence your mood, lift your vibration, or even alter your consciousness?

This is the sandbox I’ll be playing in tomorrow on DreamsUnzipped Radio…the battle of the sound healers! Ok, that just doesn’t sound right…but you get my drift. Oh yes, did I mention they receive many of their “tones” in their dreams…oh yeah…you’ll have to hear it to believe it.

Did you know that sound therapy has been known to heal the following conditions:  Alzheimer’s disease * anxiety, * arthritis * autism * back pain * behavioral difficulties * broken bones * cancer * chemotherapy side effects * depression * digestive disorders * emphysema * high blood pressure * learning disabilities * loss of hearing * memory functioning * muscle & joint pain * pain during labor * pain management * regulation of body temperature * seasonal affective disorder * soft tissue damage * speech problems *  sports injuries * stoke * stress * structural problems * tissue regeneration.

Join me as you hear three sound healers, from three completely different life paths, with three unique gifts to offer…listen in and be forever changed! My guests are:

Philippo Franchini, the Musical Alchemist

Shervin Boloorian, Founder, Sound Healing Bali, and Co-Founder, Bali Sound Healers Collective

Aleya Deo, author of 7 Cups of Consciousness

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* How to remember and decode dreams

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