I “think” I know why people Mosh

I “think I know why people Mosh…

In my attempt to win the coveted, “Step-mom of the year award” (in my own mind) I cancelled my dream circle last week and my husband and I accompanied my step-daughter, Meesha, to a Sevendust (heavy metal) concert.

It was her birthday wish…and far be it from me to say no when she wants me to come with her someplace. It took a long time for her to accept me as her dad’s wife…and now that she’s in my life (my husband’s and my answered prayer), when she wants me to join her anywhere, the first word to leave my lips is,
The second words to leave my lips are,
“Now, where exactly are we going?” (inner voice: “What the hell have I gotten myself into?”)
So far she’s never steered me wrong…in fact, every time we go someplace together, from hot spinning, to an exclusive new Sushi place, to wine tasting beneath the stars, it always enriches my spirit and expands my mind.

However, this time, I seriously had my doubts.

From the first base note I thought I was having a heart attack-literally the music felt like it would catapult me right out of my body…I felt assaulted (in a good way) as if I was the guitar being played by the bass player’s brawny hands.
I looked around to see if it was just me or if everyone felt like they might explode. Apparently, yes, this is one of the reasons why people go to heavy metal concerts-and no, no one but me was alarmed by this.
As I wadded up a napkin and stuck it in my ears to protect my eardrums from revolting and leaving the scene of the crime, we found what seemed like a relatively safe place to hunker down during the show…squished between the the sound mixer and the bar. We were right in the middle of where the action is…yet not an area considered part of the “mosh pit.”
What’s a mosh pit, you ask?
According to Dictionary.com, it’s an area where moshing occurs, especially in front of the stage at a rock concert.
Thank you Dictionary.com, but you still haven’t clarified what moshing is (and why, for that matter.) So, I turned to Wikipedia:
Variations of moshing exist, and can be done alone as well as in groups. Moshing usually happens in an area called the “pit” (sometimes called a “mosh pit”) near the stage. It is intended to be energetic and full of body contact.
Thank you Wiki-but I’m still not satisfied. So, I turned, finally, to the Urban Dictionary, where I should’ve looked first (duh)…and here I found my answers:
Controlled violence. The ultimate way to show your love for your loud, pounding music taste. The thing about the Mosh Pit is NOONE will take offence at you whacking them in the face… there are different type of “pits” you can participate in:
Closed Pit: Tight, hard to move and hard to breathe.
Open Pit: Generally the worst/best you can pick a target and reach them, throw them across the floor punch them, barge them. There’s enough room to just dive about punching everyone still causing little offence (Do be prepared to be hit back…a lot).
Circle Pit: The larger or stronger Moshers or Metal heads will run around in an empty circle punching those on the outside of the circle and pushing the runner in front until he either leaves or falls to be trodden on. Any physical damage done in a mosh pit should be “handshaked” away no hard feelings.

In case you’re wondering about whether or not I participated in the mosh pit, the answer is yes…emotionally speaking, while my physical body was safely tucked away behind the sound mixer. I figured no one would mess with the sound guy…no music, no moshing, right?

There was a moment, however, during a mosh break, when Meesha wanted me to join her in cutting through the dense crowd of head bangers to make it to the front row (where the moshing takes place) so that she could make contact with the lead singer, with whom everyone apparently has a crush. After seeing him up close and personal, I could see why! (Is that wrong of me?)
Wailing like an injured water buffalo, howling undecipherable lyrics with such gusto, while thrashing his dreadlocked head around convulsively, sweat dripping off his completely sleeved tattooed arms (made me wonder, what else on his muscular body was tattooed?).

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