It’s All In Your Dreams Meditations are interactive, awakening catalysts to alter your consciousness and lead you to inspired action in your waking life. The intent of these meditations is to help take the written material from the book and bring it deeply into your body, and thus your lived experience.

These meditations can be experienced anytime during the day, but they tend to be most effective in the moments “book ending” your sleep (right before sleep and upon awakening—after you write your dreams down in your dream journal!) To reap the benefits of these meditations I recommend you access them in the following ways:

• Create a relaxed atmosphere for yourself where you won’t be interrupted.
• Keep a journal and pen nearby to write down any a-has or insights stimulated by the meditation.

With each listen of these meditations, you’ll become a more powerful bridge between the 3-D to the multi-D, and from the ordinary world of drama to the extraordinary world of phenomena.

Individual Meditations – $8.88 each (mp3 download)

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