Media Kit – Videos


• Kelly’s Bethenny Interviews! watch

• Kelly’s Dr. Oz interview!watch

• It’s All in Your Dreams Book Sizzle watch

• Coast to Coast AM – Harnessing Your Dreams watch

• Kelly Visits The Ricky Lake Show watch

Kelly’s Pajama Party with Ricki Lake and Miss America, Ali Landry
• I had the Strangest Dream – TV Series watch

• Conscious TV – Learn From Your Dreams  watch

Kelly Sullivan Walden explains the relationship between “Our Dreams” and our “Purpose”!
How you can re-direct your dreams and why you should not get out of bed until you remember parts of those dreams.

• A Walk on The Wild Side of Dreams watch

The Wild Side of Dreams with Dream Doctor, Kelly Sullivan Walden. Venice Beach, CA is home to some of the most creative, bizarre, and brilliant people on the planet. Have you ever wondered what these people dream about? Dream Queen Kelly Sullivan Walden, the bestselling author of the book “I Had the Strangest Dream … The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century” interviews the local color in back alleys, tattoo parlors, freak shows, and vampire dens of Venice, CA.

• Dream Weaver watch

Dreams, the Real Secret