Media Kit – Testimonials


Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

“Everyone dreams, and now there is a jewel-like guide that is perfect for any dreamer to enter the portal of dream decoding. Let Kelly Walden escort you into one of the most revealing journeys by teaching you how to interpret your hidden wishes and insights and, above all, how to take action in materializing them.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith – Author of Life Visioning   



Robert Moss

It’s All In Your Dreams is a fun and fabulous addition to any dreamer’s bedside table. You’ll find simple and powerful techniques for getting round the bouncer in the brain who tries to restrict entry to the same old gang of limited and self-limiting thoughts. You’ll learn how to look in your dream mirror and see yourself as you really are. You’ll discover that, if you are bold enough, you can go to a theater of the mind and rehearse for the life review you’ll do after death, and bring clarity from that to make better choices now. Kelly is a spirited ambassador for the dreaming, doing essential work in helping to create a dreaming culture in our times. Her energy and humor come crackling off every page.

~Robert Moss – Bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Fred Alan Wolf
Fred Alan Wolf

“For those who use practical tools to study how dreams alter their feelings and aspirations, this book will provide many insights. Kelly Sullivan Walden knows that dreaming is about waking up to a larger life.”

~Fred Alan Wolf, PhD aka Dr. Quantum – Featured in the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know” – National Book Award Winning Author of The Dreaming Universe and Dr. Quantum Presents: Meet the Real Creator: You


Lynn Andrews

“My life has been successful and more powerful by doing dreamwork…  For a profound level of healing, empowerment, and life-changing guidance our dreams offer the guidance our soul is truly hungering for. Kelly Sullivan Walden’s It’s All In Your Dreams is a refreshing new look at the power of your dreams.”

~Lynn Andrews – New York Times Bestselling author of the Medicine Woman book series


Colette Baron-Reid

Kelly’s five-step approach is a natural way to partner with your dreams to declare, remember, embody, activate, and share the emergence of your true self at the deeper emotional and “soul” levels. A must read and a must do!” ~Colette Baron-Reid




Robert Hoss
Robert Hoss 

“This book is not simply about exploring dreams but presents a delightful natural approach to embracing your dreams as a guide in the exploration and emergence of who you are and who you can become.” ~Robert Hoss –  Director of the Dream Science Foundation – President of IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams)



Aurora Winter
Aurora Winter

“Kelly’s book is the key to unlocking your dreams and your destiny. She has the insights, wisdom, and and expertise to help you make your most cherished dreams come true.”

~Aurora Winter, author From Heartbreak to Happiness – Founder Grief Coach Academy



Aurora Winter

“Kelly spoke at one of my events and blew me away with her insight and ability to transform and inspire my attendees. There was one woman in particular whose life will never be the same her life has gone from being a living nightmare to a dream come true. I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly as a great speaker at your event to motivate and inspire your audience in a truly unique and dreamy way!” ~ Aurora Winter – Founder of the Grief Coach Academy

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Betsy Chasse

“As a producer and content creator of practical spiritual films, my radar is always attuned to tools that positively alter my perspective about who I am, why I’m alive, and how to make the most out of this dream called my life. Kelly’s work in her latest book, “It’s All In Your Dreams” does all of that. It is filled with practical tools to help a person awaken via dreamwork and become more lucid in their day to day lives.”

~Betsy Chasse Co-Creator of the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” author of Metanoia – A Transformative Change of Heart


Joan Gelfand

As a dream coach, Kelly Walden is supportive, empathic, open and creative. Her intuition has been completely spot on; even when I think I know the meaning of a dream, she adds another insight that takes me deeper. But not only is Kelly a dream coach; she is a partner on my spiritual path. She is not afraid of the ‘big picture’ of people’s lives – and encourages growth and creativity. Oh, and did I say FUN? Kelly has a great sense of humor and with her guidance, even the most terrifying dreams become rich fodder for the soil of the soul.

~Joan Gelfand National President, Woman’s National Book Association Award Winning Poet

Vondie Curtis Hall

“Kelly helps you discover your unlimited potential. She creates an environment that allows you to release your fear. Without fear you can trust, with trust comes freedom, with freedom, you can!”

~ Vondie Curtis Hall – Emmy Award winning actor/director, president of SPIRIT Awards and LA Film Festival


Suzanne Rock Steirle

“I am grateful to Kelly Sullivan Walden for the amazing work she does and for creating such a transformational space in her presentations. She is an amazing woman with extraordinary gifts. I feel beautiful—we all do—in her presence!”

~Suzanne Rock Steirle –  Founder of Young Women Encircle


Jenny Karns

“Kelly’s dream workshops have been a quantum evolutionary, profoundly empowering experience for me and I am so grateful for her bringing such an element of high and profound presence to her work. She is the best kind of alchemist… the kind that awakens the alchemist in all of us. I am so blessed and so grateful for this beautiful goddess angel person named Kelly!! And for all the space she has held for me to give me back to myself!”

~Jenny Karns – Body Temple Healing, Jenny Karns Productions


Bruce Royer

“Thank you so much for the Dream Coaching Session yesterday. It has had a profound effect on my desire to restructure how I will invite the evolution and unfoldment of my business! Mille grazie!”

~Bruce Royer –  President/Producer, Royer Studios