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Kelly Sullivan Walden is a best-selling author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training. Kelly hosts a weekly web-radio show, The D-Spot, writes a weekly dream blog on, and has appeared on over 1,000 media outlets. She is featured regularly as a Dream Expert on Fox news and recently wowed the audience on the Ricki Lake Show when she and Mrs. Lake discussed dreams between the sheets. Kelly’s unique dream wisdom can be read in such publications as Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and the LA Times. She is the author of seven books including her latest and greatest book, It’s All In Your Dreams.

Kelly is the creator/founder of the Dream Project, a non- profit organization inspiring young people to solve the issues described in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. One of her greatest real-life dreams came true when she spoke, by invitation, at the United Nations about the Dream Project.

Kelly is passionate about the magical realm of dreams. She is a lover of life and languages and considers dreams to be the most important language in which to be fluent. Kelly teaches dreamwork and Dream-Life Coach Training with a unique weave of depth, playfulness, humor, and spirituality to catalyze people to awaken to the life of their dreams.

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Kelly began her dream research at the age of five! Growing up, Kelly and her younger sister shared a room…and shared dreams. Most mornings, the girls would wake up excited to discuss their dreams and compare notes about what they thought their nighttime adventures might have meant. They bought every dream dictionary they could and poured through them to widen the spectrum of their understanding. When Kelly grew a little older she became interested in Carl Jung, Carlos Castaneda, and other spiritual and esoteric teachers, who took her understanding of dreams to a deeper level.

Nearly twenty years ago Kelly became a certified clinical hypnotherapist/spiritual counselor/practitioner of Religious Science. This began her professional journey working with clients via their subconscious minds to access their core beliefs, drives, and desires, in order to more effectively assist them to heal from past traumas and to align with future goals.

Over her years of working with clients, Kelly began to see the impact their dreams were having on them. When she realized that no dream books on the market dealt with contemporary symbols or synthesized the realm of dream interpretation in the life-affirming way she did, she felt compelled to write her first dream book, I Had the Strangest Dream, which quickly hit #1 on the best-seller list (in the dream interpretation category) and put her on a whirlwind media tour that hasn’t stopped. During this time she’s spoken on over a thousand media outlets, before thousands of people on mind/body/spirit stages around the country, and has witnessed thousands of dreams. She and her husband, Dana Walden, and their dogs, Shadow and Lola, are living their dream lives amid the squirrels, trees, and coyotes in enchanted Topanga, California.

Kelly is currently in in production of her Dream TV show pilot, and is excited to share her latest book, It’s All In Your Dreams.

“I’ve poured everything I know about dreams into It’s All In Your Dreams and Dream Oracle Cards. These products reflect the latest and greatest cutting edge information and wisdom I’ve gathered over the past 6 years—since my previous book hit the dream scene—and I’m thrilled to say the content is already transforming lives. My intent through my dreamwork is to not only inspire people to pay attention to their nighttime dreams, but to give people the practical tools to access the wisdom of their dreaming mind. When we do this we add rocket fuel to our ability to manifest the life of our dreams.”  ~Kelly Sullivan Walden