Marianne Williamson (short VIDEO seg. 7) Big Boyz, Big $, and Big Guns

I already knew how she’d answer this question. I just had to ask to scratch the itch of the naysayers (or our inner naysayer).

I asked her how would she handle the pressure of bribes?

Her answer: “This isn’t the world I come from. Corporate money has never been a part of my world. They have no hold on me.”

(Click on the image to view the segment)


I’ll be sending a video a day for the next four weeks (I’ll give you the weekends off), but if you want to see the full interview, it’s here:

If Marianne’s message resonates (how could it not?), show your support and make a donation to


Every dollar helps. I believe extreme times call for extreme measures. This is one of those times. #Marianne2020 #DreamOn

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