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Your Guide to Interpreting 1,000 Common Dreams and Symbols about Your Romantic Life

  • Have you dreamed of a handsome stranger and felt the pangs of love (or lust)?
  • Do you wake up panicked from being chased by a menacing intruder or from falling from a cliff into darkness?
  • Do you wake up to dreams of sex with an ex, your boss, or a celebrity? Don’t be ashamed or alarmed! These dreams are normal and highly symbolic.

Learn to decode dream symbols through the steamed­up lenses of our relationships, sexuality, and our human imperative to love and be loved.

This guide will show you how to interpret everything and everyone in your dreams as an aspect of yourself. After all, the best relationship advice you can receive is being revealed by your own brilliant dreaming mind. To that end, this bedside companion offers:

• Interpretations and definitions for more than 1,000 common symbols, themes, and images from your dreams

• Tools for interpreting dream themes, patterns, and emotions

• Love, sex, and relationship advice to help support you in finding and/or keeping the partner of your dreams

• Definitions organized by dream theme ­­

  • People and Other Living Creatures
  • Time and Places
  • Physical Objects
  • Ideas and Whims
  • Action and Scenarios

Whether we admit it or not, we all have love, sex, and relationships on the brain.

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Whether you’re a CEO superwoman, a stay-at-home dad, or a tree- hugging hippie chick, you likely have an unconscious longing for belonging.

As much as we’d like to think we are invincible, independent lone wolves who

can brave the wilderness of life alone, what we care about most is merging with or relating to our fellow humans.

Our dreams are our secret weapon. If we pay attention to our dreams, we’ll discover that these questions (and more) are being answered by them:

  • How will I attract my soul mate?
  • Will I ever meet the man or woman of my dreams?
  • Once I find the love of my life, how do I keep him or her from leaving?
  • What should I do with my overpowering sexual attraction for my boss/neighbor/best friend’s girlfriend?
  • Why am I so afraid my partner will cheat on me, leave me, or stop loving me?
  • Why am I afraid to make a commitment?
  • How can I reassure my partner that I’ll be faithful when I’m attracted to nearly everyone with a pulse?
  • How can I fully express my true self and still be loved, admired, and held in the embrace of a relationship?

Here’s how it works…

AAaJod1Our dominant daytime thoughts and questions are passed on to our dreams, which, in turn, give us clues to effectively navigate the treacherous yet rewarding terrain of love.

For example, in a TV commercial advertising a new car, a married couple sleeps side by side while Mr. Sandman sprinkles dream dust on them. Through Mr. Sandman’s eyes, we gain a glimpse into their dreams. The woman dreams of being swept away by a romance novel– type long-haired hunk on a white horse, riding through a field of flowers.

Meanwhile, the man dreams of speeding around a racetrack cheered on by a stadium packed with bikini-clad supermodels (including supermodel #AdrianaLima) rocking out to Mötley Crüe. Eventually the man breaks through the racetrack barrier into the field where his wife, the hunk, and the white horse are galloping. Upon seeing her husband, the wife dismounts the horse, leaves the stallion and his horse in the dust, and joins her husband, the hero, in the passenger seat of their new car. This combined dream ends with the sexually charged, happy couple driving into the sunset together. Check out this video—and let me know if you relate to this…if it gives you hope…or gives you dream envy.

For more insight about what your nighttime dreams mean and how they can add rocket fuel to your greatest dreams/desires for your love life…



Rave Reviews for The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary:

“Kelly Sullivan Walden is a delightful ambassador for dreaming, helping us to bring gifts from the night into everyday life in fresh and fun ways. I am firmly convinced that the most important dream dictionary you will ever read is the one that you’ll produce by keeping a dream journal over time. However, we are often clueless about dreams and can use some prompts, and Kelly is almost irresistible as a prompter and provocateur. The great gift of her new, bubbly, sexy book is that it inspires you to meet and marry the many aspects of yourself. She grabs us right away with the promises that we are going to decode dreams with “steamed-up lenses” and that sex dreams are “the ultimate safe-sex practice” from which we can come home glowing and guiltless. Through all the wild romps, she is actually luring us along the path to wholeness that Jung called individuation. The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary may help you to look for love in all the unexpected places. It may also arouse you to embark on your greatest love affair: with your greater Self.”

Robert Moss – Bestselling author of The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreaming the Soul Back Home and Sidewalk Oracles


As someone who has always closely followed the guidance of my dreams, I am thrilled The Love, Sex and Relationship Dream Dictionary now exists. Kelly’s insightful wisdom about love and expert dream interpretation will enhance your life. This book is a blessing to every reader.”

Arielle Ford – Author Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate


“I never realized our dreams—this thing we all experience every night—were so full of insight, wisdom, and practical guidance that make our waking lives work better—particularly our love lives. And because relationships are such an important part of our lives, a guidebook like Kelly’s Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary is a crucial tool to help us understand how to love each other more fully. I’ve been impressed with Kelly’s uncanny ability to interpret dreams and use them as a laser to help us see how powerful we are–and how to work through our blocks to owning our power.”

Sandra Allen – TV Producer (Oprah Winfrey Network’sIyanla Fix My Life) and The Real TV



“Your dream interpretations are amazing!” (as said on The Real TV)

Loni Love – Comedienne and Host of The Real TV



“Dreams are one of the most important spiritual assets we have, and as we navigate the terrain of our romantic relationships, we need them more than ever. I wholeheartedly endorse Kelly Sullivan’s Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary for being a practical and must-have guide to help us stay awake when it matters most.”

Sonia Choquette – Best Selling author of Diary of a Psychic: Ask Your Guides & Trust Your Vibes.


“Our dreams can reveal the most important insights–that flies just above the radar of our logical mind. A book like Kelly Sullivan Walden’s Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary helps us bridge the gap between our conscious and subconscious, our spirit and our body so that we can have the personal relationships we’ve always dreamed were possible.”

Lynn Andrews – Bestselling author of the Medicine Woman series



“I love the way The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary shines a light on the way my subconscious (dreaming) mind is helping me to be more aware in every area of my life…not just my career, but my love life too!”

Lisa Garr – Radio show host of The Aware Show and bestselling author of Becoming Aware



“Finding the ‘one’ is an inside job, and without an awareness of our core beliefs, motives, and strategies, we can sabotage ourselves from having the love we desire and deserve. What I love about Kelly Sullivan Walden’s ‘The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary’ is that it guides you to hear the voice of your subconscious mind, which speaks to you through the language of nighttime dreams, so that you can align your whole self with toward fulfilling your love-life goals and manifesting the ‘one’ while also becoming the ‘one’ you’ve been looking for.”

Katherine Woodward Thomas – New York Times Bestselling author of Calling in the One and Conscious Uncoupling


“I love Kelly Sullivan Walden’s latest book, ‘The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary’ because not only does it help me to understand what my dreams are telling me…but it reveals insight about how my dreams are helping me to fall in love with myself as I navigate the wild and bizarre terrain of love, sex, and relationship.”

Betsy Chasse – Director/Producer of What the Bleep Do We Know – Bestselling Author of Tipping Sacred Cows



Jo-eSutton“This book is pure poetry. Kelly Sullivan Walden is a pearl factory with metaphor after metaphor painting clear and precise pictures with lasting emphasis. This book is lyrically written and compelled me to turn page after page into the wee hours of the night. Then, day after day, searching for her poetic descriptions and interpretations of dream symbols derived from a clearly vast study and relationship with archetypes and symbolism.

I’m inspired to dream, to be conscious of my waking dreamers mind and am urged by the direction of this book to harness the power of my creative imagination to pursue my dreams by defining my desires and redefining the narrative of my waking and sleeping dreams with intent. I’ve never seen and honored the power of my dreams and my life as much as I will now after reading this authors inspirational and colorful view of life, with humor, laser vision and humble guidance. I am a fan… If you couldn’t tell…

Jo-e Sutton – Author of “Mojo in the Kitchen” and “The Download on the Upflow”


“Relevant, whimsical and filled with DEPTH, Kelly Sullivan Walden’s “Love, Sex and Relationship Dream Dictionary” is the guide I have been looking for to help me manifest the love of my life!! Because of reading this special book, I have given up asking myself “how/when/where” I will attract my soul mate, and instead discovered that the answers to these questions are gently contained in the intuitive clues embedded in my nighttime dreams! If you are ready to turn your dreams for your love life into REALITY, Kelly’s masterpiece will guide you INWARD to discover your own personal blueprint for attracting and maintaining true, healthy and lasting love.”

Tami Walsh – Founder/Director of Teen Wisdom


There are some books you display on your coffee table, some books that sit unread on your bookshelf. This is the book you’re going to want to keep on your night table, as you will be referring to it over and over again. Kelly Sullivan Walden does a masterful job of decoding those dreams that might confuse or even frighten you, dreams that you’re too embarrassed to share with others. You know what I’m talking about–the dreams where you’re walking down Main Street naked, cheating on your loving spouse or doing unspeakable things with your boss, your father or the teenager across the street. We’re talking sex and love dreams here, and in this comprehensive, educational and, yes, delightfully entertaining book, Kelly details the meaning behind the symbols and events that take place in dreams like these, breaking them down in easy-to-read and understandable ways. But it doesn’t stop there. Kelly goes further and gives creative and thoughtful advice on how you can use these insights to produce more meaningful and satisfying relationships in your waking life. How, you ask? Well, I’m going to answer that in the same way I used to end my book reports in Second Grade: You’re just going to have to read the book!

Debbie Spector Weisman – Certified Dream-Life Coach – Bestselling Author of “It Came Out of My Vagina, Now What?!”

Women’s Health: Sex Dreams Analyzed by Kelly Sullivan Walden:

Q & A with Kelly: (Read Kelly’s Top 10 (Most Commonly Remembered) Sexual Dreams)

  1. What does being a dream expert mean to you?

I believe that anything we respect and devote our energies to will reveal its secrets to us. I have a beyond normal reverence for dreams, and thus they’ve been whispering in my ear, revealing wisdom and guidance to me since I was old enough to say “I had the strangest dream” (4 years old). I’m like the chef that feasts on her own food. On a daily basis I remember my dreams, work (journal/meditate on them) with them, and don’t dare leave home without them. In addition, I’ve written nine books (five on the subject of dreams) based on my twenty years of experience working with thousands of dreams and dreamers. What’s great about being labeled a dream expert is that I’m positioned in such a way that people (strangers) feel safe and inspired to entrust their dreams to me. It’s a true blessing that I’m grateful for every day.

  1. What sets you apart from other dream experts?

Most dream experts are scholarly, academic, orthodox, erudite Jungians, feather wafting Shamans, or a tree-hugging-card-carrying members of the land of “woo woo”. I’m all of those things and none of them. My eclectic style of dream interpretation comes from nearly five decades of my personal dream research and experience, and my nearly twenty years as a certified clinical hypnotherapist, practitioner of Religious Science, Human Design Analyst, Joseph Campbell devotee, spiritual coach who has studied with shamans from around the world. Additionally, I take fun very seriously, and feel that laughter is the evidence of a soulful life—I insist on blending play with the depth of dream/soul work. In fact, that’s why I’ve been touted as the lovechild of Oprah Winfrey and Lucille Ball.

Oh yes, and my near-death experience from 2008 constantly reminds me that life is but a dream—and if we were wise we’d wake up, take ourselves more lightly, and enjoy every second of this amazing dream we are all co-creating.

  1. You call dreamwork an “awakening tool”…what do you mean by that?

I believe we are intimately connected with all of life, intertwining with the parts we place above us and undulating with the aspects we place below. We are all of it—everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time. Our dreams show us how to heal the traumas of the past and how to reunite with and grow our power in ways that our conscious mind might otherwise miss. Through dreamwork and with the awareness it can bring, we can learn to stop sabotaging ourselves, and instead allow the orgasmic blending of opposites within us to elevate, strengthen, deepen, uplift, and amplify our personal power and ability to co-create the life of our dreams.

  1. What are your four-pillars of dreamwork?
  • Everyone in your dream is you.
  • Every dream is an attempt at helping you manage your power.
  • Every dream—no matter how frightening—is an attempt to make your life better.
  • Every dream requires some form of action in your waking life.

Here’s an example of me interpreting Dr. Oz‘s dream (password: DROZ1111).

  1. Why focus a dream dictionary on love, sex and relationships?

For most of us humans what’s at the heart of everything we do/say/dream is the heart—an attempt to figure our how to connect more effectively (even if that means a momentary bout of disconnection) to and with our fellow humans. As much as some of us would like to think we are lone wolves who can brave the wilderness of life alone, at the soul of all of us—if we were honest—is the urge to merge with our fellow humans. This does not mean that we necessarily want to have sex with them all, but down deep we know if we don’t figure out how to “tend and befriend” we’re not long for this earth. In order for us to be the most well-adapted, enlightened, self-actualized beings possible, our dreams work overtime behind the scenes to help us navigate the sometimes treacherous terrain of human relationships…and these are the marching orders we subconsciously send to our dreams each night. When we review our dreams through the lens of relationship we will discover our dreams are revealing the best relationship advice money can’t buy.

  1. How is the Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary different from other dream dictionaries?

Never before has a dream dictionary focused its interpretation on the aspect of life that is most important to our human evolution, through the steamy lens of relationships, sexuality, and the human imperative to love and be loved (as well as the urge to merge). Where most dream dictionaries are generic in nature, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary folds back the covers on dreams that whisper navigational guidance to us about our love lives through an easy to use A–Z format.

  1. What are some of the primary relationship issues our dreams (with the help of your book) are helping to resolve?
  • How will I attract my soul mate?
  • Will I ever meet the man/woman of my dreams?
  • What should I do with my overpowering sexual attraction for my boss/neighbor/best friend’s girlfriend?
  • Why am I so afraid my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife will cheat on me, leave me, or stop loving me?
  • Why am I afraid to make a commitment?
  • How can I be more loving with myself now that I’m newly single?
  1. How can “dream work” help us resolve romantic problems/issues?

What dominates our thoughts by day becomes the baton that gets passed to our sleeping/dreaming selves. This baton now gets to the business of how to help us answer the questions that are most near and dear to us. So focus on your most pressing question before going to sleep, and make a strong intention that your dreams will help you resolve this issue and then pay attention to your dreams of the night you will find you are half way there. The next step is to look up the primary dream symbols in the book and as you do this you will discover clues to the answers and solutions you’ve been looking/praying for.

  1. What might readers be surprised to discover about your book?

There is nothing more misunderstood under the sun and moon than our sexual dreams. The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary uncloaks a surprising and empowering reframe that allows you to revel in the wildness of your sleep-time romps as the ultimate safe sex practice, so that you may awaken as the balanced, civilized, upstanding citizens you are. More than just a dream dictionary, the book’s introduction lays out cutting edge wisdom to assist you in finding the love you dream of…and how to make love stay.

The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary will erect your inherent ability to make sense of your strange (yet pristinely accurate) wisdom of your subconscious mind, as expressed through the creative, mysterious, and sometimes naughty kaleidoscope of your nocturnal dreams.

  1. Who is your core audience and how will they benefit from reading it?

Women between the ages of 25-55 are the primary demographic for this book…however anyone (man or woman) interested in new age topics, self-help, or relationship and sexuality will love this guide.

  1. What is the underlying message of your book?

Your dreams are a gift—all of them. They are helping you to WAKE UP and realize how beautiful you are, so that you can love the one you’re with—namely YOU! As you love yourself (all aspects of yourself), and release any shame (about sexual dreams or any aspect of you for that matter), you will find yourself becoming more magnetic to attract And create an improved and enriched love life in your waking reality.

  1. Why should people tune into your weekly radio show DreamsUnzipped?

People should tune into DreamsUnzipped if they are interested in:

  • Learning how to remember and interpret their dreams
  • Revealing conversations with authors, experts, and trailblazers to inspire them to WAKE UP and live the life of their dreams
  • Becoming a more intuitive, confident, navigator of their life’s divine direction
  • Having fun while being educated, inspired, surprised, challenged and celebrated
  1. What are the most common questions you receive from people about their love, sex and relationship dreams?
  • How common is it for people to have sexual dreams?
  • Why do we have sexual dreams?
  • What do our sexual dreams mean/symbolize?
  • Do men and women dream differently?
  • Can you control your dreams to revive an ailing relationship?
  • What are the most commonly remembered sexual dreams?
  • Can sharing dreams with your partner enhance your relationship?
  • Why are our dreams so strange?
  • What are techniques to enhance dream recall?
  1. Besides dream-analysis work, what other ways do you help people improve their lives?

I’m the founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, a year-long certification program that trains professionals mastery level understanding of nocturnal dreams, as well as the skills to support people in living their dream lives. I’m also excited about my new “Certified Dream Practioner” training program which supports people in using the Dream Oracle Card Deck thus empowering people to become fluent in the language of dream symbols and to more powerfully hear and heed the wise counsel of dreams and dream symbols.