Letters to Freedom with Dr. Patti Ashley

Do you sometimes wonder how you are going to get through another day? Are life’s stresses and challenges getting the best of you? Maybe it’s a loss, a change, a difficult relationship, or a work setting—maybe it is simply wondering what is next in your life. Dr. Patti Ashley joins Kelly to guide you through a process of rediscovering your authentic self, so you can be the best you can be.

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3 thoughts on “Letters to Freedom with Dr. Patti Ashley

  1. Then the next day my friend calls me up and says there’s a huge bug on my house. So I go over and look and it’s a leaf bug whose head looks just like the head on the bug in my dream. Turns out it’s related to the preying mantis but doesn’t have those claws.

  2. I had a premonition dream about a month ago and I don’t know what it means. I was standing in front of my friend Steve’s house with him. He was going on and on about something. I looked to my left and saw a bug crawling on the blades of grass. Then I woke up… At first I thought it was a cockroach but the more I remember it, the more it looks like a stink bug.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your premonition dream with me. The dream by itself without the premonition would make me think that it’s revealing and helping me to heal and release the things that are “bugging me.”

      But because this dream has this amazing synchronicity that happens the next day when you discover your friend has a praying mantis (of sorts) on his house—if it were my dream, I’d consider that this dream is drawing my attention the little things, the details, being grounded and taking small steps toward goals. The praying mantis makes me think there something more reverent going on. Often the biggest miracles happen when we hit our knees and pray.

      Anytime the synchronicity shows up related to a dream I can’t help but think that it’s a special moment, the dream is saying it’s time to listen, time to know that something larger than you is at play. And this can only happen (as a reward of sorts) if you’re aware and awake and lucid in the midst of your waking dream. Bravo.

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