My Lent Game and get your Shero on

“I’m wondering if you’re giving up something (or adding something delicious to your repertoire) this Lent?” asked my #LipsticMystic friend, Nancy Telzerow.

“Since you asked,” I blurted without thinking (which as it turns out, is my style), “I’m giving up being late.”

As you’ve heard me share in other emails, posts, or blogs, I have a tendency to tango with time in, let’s just say, not the most grace-filled way.

My excuse is that there’s just so much on my over-filled plate-It’s hard to say YES to life and be on time…all the time.

Can you relate?

But, here’s the thing, when I look at time like it’s a game (a dreamy game), I rock at it.

So, that’s what I’m going to do…make a game out of being on time.

Everyday I’m on time to everything I’ll get a point…and whoever wants to join me in giving something up (or incorporating something new every day), also gets a point. Then, on Thursday, April 13, when Lent is (thankfully) over, we will have instilled a new groove/habit more deeply in our repertoire…and the person with the most points wins (what do you suggest we do for the winner? And what do we do if we are all winners…we can have a cyber party via zoon…I haven’t worked it out that far…I’m open for suggestions).

Speaking of being late, I want to share with you a couple of exciting IN PERSON events I’ve got coming that you might want to sign up for before it’s too late (nice tie in, eh?)

***First of all, I’m bringing my dream circle back…it will be every other Wednesday, starting next week (March 8th) 7-10 in Laurel Canyon, CA. If you’d like to come (there are a few spaces left) e-mail me and I’ll send you an official invitation.

***Secondly, my dear friend, Wendy Capland, and I are planning an incredible 5th annual Shero Intensive for women who are dreaming about a bolder future for themselves and are ready to start.

We’ve discovered a unique process that evokes a deep level of connection, breakthrough, and transformation than we have yet experienced in our Shero program, and I’m bursting at the seams to share it with you. It’s truly (no exaggeration) life-changing, and so simple, you’ll refer to it every day for the rest of your life.

What is a Shero?

A Shero is the voice within us that urges us to expand, be bold, dream wildly, and expand into our greatest unfolding potential, regardless of our circumstances. Stepping into and living as a Shero is an extraordinary journey and activates our higher purpose and unleashes our potential, impacting our families, communities, professional lives, and rippling out into the world.

Why would you come?

It’s the one time a year to learn from, get sparked by, and get loved all over by executive leadership development expert, Wendy Capland and moi….in person. Priceless!

It’s the one time a year when you can truly let your barriers down, put aside your resistances, and dive deeeeeeeply as you leave no stone unturned as you firmly set the foundation for your path towards the Shero within you just waiting to burst forth.

Before your life gets too busy (because you don’t want to be late), take a moment to mark your calendar and REGISTER.


When: June 1-2, 2017. Program begins June 1 at 6:00PM and kicks off with dinner and our evening program through June 2 concluding at 4:00 PM. Includes dinner, breakfast lunch and snacks.
Where: The Warren Center, Ashland, MA.
Investment: Regularly $1995

Here’s the link for more information (and to register to hold your space):

We sincerely hope you can join us in this magical (real-life fairy tale) experience! We’ve lowered the “barriers to entry” as much as we could (without getting arrested!)-the time commitment is only a day and a half, and the price is scandalously low! Space is limited because we want to ensure an intimate group, so if this calls to you, reserve your space. ASAP:


Thirdly, be among the very first to join @NancyTelzerow in the pre-production of our #LipstickMystic webcast-soon to be a podcast. Here’s a few video teasers on our new Facebook page:

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