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A Crisis is a Horrible Thing to Waste!

In the swirl of the corona-craziness going on in this world with COVID-19, it’s easier, now more than ever, to be the drama queen or drama king in our lives. Isn’t it? In other words, it takes no special skill to become a raving lunatic. However, the real skill is in our ability to be heavenly…when hell is breaking loose.

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. So instead of squandering this pandemic by holding our breath, pinching our nose, wishing it away while railing against it, let’s use this time to up our game, shall we?

What if, now more than ever, this is the time to don our big girl panties/big boy boxers, and put our spiritual chops to the test as we rise up to a higher way of being to not just survive but drive our thriving through the roof of this wild and oh so crazy time. If we can be the goddess or divine masculine now, this is when it truly counts.

There are many ways to access our inner goddess or divine masculine. We can pray, meditate, do yoga, primal scream, sound bathe, decode our dreams, and even howl at the moon.

I’ve done all of those (sometimes all at the same time). But, I’ve also found that tapping in to Goddess energy (especially during quarantine) has given me a serious boost that nothing else in this world can.

When I created the Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck, I had no idea they would launch in the midst of COVID-19, the biggest pandemic our modern world has ever seen. So, as you might imagine, since everything else was being cancelled, I thought I’d lay low during the launch of this empowerment deck. But, when I kept hearing people tell me they need solutions (aka goddess empowerment) now more than ever, I realized the goddesses know more than I do. What if this is the perfect time to bring this deck into the world?

Here’s my suggestion for the best way to play with the Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck.

• When you get stressed, pull a card
• When you want to meditate, pull a card
• When it’s time for beddy bye, pull a card

The thing is, you can’t do it wrong. Consider the goddess you pick is the perfect one to show up for you, availing you her wisdom, helping you to access your own to bring you peace, clarity, and access to your own higher awareness.

Here’s a little video with all the info:

Imagine a world in the near future, where we come out from this COVID-19 pandemic and all of us are clear eyed, somehow brighter, better versions of ourselves than we were before, living in a more sustainable, kinder, more respectful world. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? I think so. Let’s all do our part to use this crisis for as much good as we can squeeze out of it!


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Gift #1. Modern Goddess Summit

Interviews with Modern Goddess to inspire you to awaken your inner Goddess(es) into your life.
Value $200, but yours FREE with your proof of purchase of 1 Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck.

Kelly Sullivan Walden Creator of Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck and Nancy T – Actress and Media Personality (Athena/Aphrodite/Persephone)

Arielle Ford
Bestselling Author of
The Cupid of Consciousness
(Hera & Athena)
HeatherAsh Amara
Bestselling Author of Warrior Goddess Founder of Toci–the Toltec Center of Creative Intent
(Warrior Goddess/Artemis/Athena)

Betsy Chasse
Award-winning filmmaker, bestselling author
Best known for co-creating What the Bleep Do We Know?!
Aspen Matis
NY Times bestselling author of
Girl in the Woods
Your Blue Is Not My Blue

Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert, Author, Media Personality
Helen Hodgson
Founder of
Transformational Goddess Retreats

Gift #2. Dream Goddess Class

8-session recorded Dream Goddess class about the 8 primary Greek Goddesses and their influence upon our modern lives (see more info below).
Value $300, but yours FREE when you post your review of Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck on Amazon, along with a photo.


Here’s more info about the Dream Goddess Empowerment Deck & Class…

Do you secretly know that you’re capable of doing, being, & having MORE in your life, but not quite sure how?
Would you like to discover what’s holding you back and ways to move beyond it?
Are you ready to feel more confident and make real progress toward your dream life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it may be time to get your Dream Goddess on!

How might looking at your nocturnal dreams through goddess glasses help you dance more gracefully in your life?

When you view your life through the goddess lens, you gain an awareness that can inspire you to:

  • More powerfully maximize the gifts you’ve been given
  • Take action to (wo)manifest your dream life
  • Interpret the events, relationships, and circumstances of your life in a way that helps you discover your authentic path to the success and fulfillment you desire and deserve!
Click here to take the Dream Goddess Quiz and discover which Goddess you are!


In this Dream Goddess class you will explore the 7 primary Greek Goddesses:
  • AthenaGoddess of Wisdom & StrategyHelps you be SUCCESSFUL and WEALTHY, make a name for yourself, give your dreams deadlines, and bring your projects across the finish line.
  • AphroditeGoddess of Love & BeautyHelps you be in touch with your PLEASURE PRINCIPLE, to attract the joy and inspiration that moves you so you can be more MAGNETIC and fully enjoy life.
  • ArtemisGoddess of Nature & ServiceHelps you connect with your true nature so you can focus on  your purpose on the planet while MAKING A DIFFERENCE for those less fortunate than you.
  • HeraGoddess of Marriage & PartnershipHelps you attract and grow the LOVE LIFE of your dreams, so it can last, deepen, and be sustained throughout your life.
  • PersephoneGoddess of Alchemy & the UnderworldHelps you to ALCHEMIZE THROUGH ADVERSITY and turn your tragedies into triumph in order to be fearless and forever young.
  • DemeterGoddess of Motherhood & FertilityHelps you NURTURE YOURSELF and OTHERS, give birth to babies (or creative projects), feed your body/soul what you are truly hungering for.
  • HestiaGoddess of Hearth & HomeHelps you turn a HOUSE INTO A HOME, become grounded and comfortable so you can bring the sanctuary of “home sweet home” wherever you roam.
Click here to take the two Dream Goddess Quizzes and discover which Goddess you are!

It’s Greek to Me! How are these goddess archetypes relevant (and helpful) to me in my life?


When we understand these ancient Greek goddesses and the gifts they bring to us, we can learn to live our lives (and empower our relationships) with greater awareness, balance, and integrity.

We all experience the play of archetypes within us all day long. The point is that most of the time it’s happening unconsciously. This is not a bad thing—our breathing and blood flow are also autonomic too, and they should be (consider the alternative!).

However, when we bring awareness to what is normally unconscious we discover that most of us swing heavily on the side of one or two goddess archetypes, while completely dismissing, denying, or worse yet, demonizing the others. As we shed light on this process we discover an interesting corollary between the areas in our lives in which we suffer and this imbalance.

This is good news, because 90% of solving a problem is identifying the problem. Once the problem (aka challenge/opportunity) is in plain sight, with some slight adjustments (i.e. letting one or more of your closeted goddesses out to play) the entire trajectory changes and our lives become more more magic and less tragic.

woman-meditating-oceanIt’s been said that, “The unobserved life is not worth living.”

The point in bringing consciousness to what is normally unconscious (via the awareness of dreams and goddess archetypes) means that we have a say in the way our lives to go in order to create more empowerment, awareness, freedom, balance, love, joy, and (dare I say) enlightenment.

As you view your dreams and waking reality through the lens of goddess archetypes you can begin to make choices based on the goddess feedback system, your feelings, and from your dreams. Doing this will help you embrace all aspects of yourself, resolve what might seem to be irreconcilable, and integrate disparate parts of your psyche to become the delicious, whole-souled dream goddess you were destined to be.

“What could be more delicious than that?”

In this course you will discover:
moon-circle• Your Primary Goddess (the one that resonates most with your personality)

• Your Shadow Goddess (the one with whom you resonate least)

• How to add a “drop” of each goddess (even your shadow goddess) into your life in order to experience balance, harmony, juice, and vavavooom (I mean that in the most technical, professional way possible)

• How the goddesses deliver guidance to you in your dreamtime and in your waking life to support you.
• The telltale signs of goddess insight via night dreams and daytime synchronicities so you can act on it immediately.
• How to activate the goddess in your waking life to inspire your unique, authentic expression.
• How to remember and decode dreams.
• How to allow the goddesses to awaken your life and make you a more confident, balanced, powerful and creative feminine force.

…and sooooo much more!!!


“I loved this class. I’ve heard people use the word Goddess, but I never knew enough about them to understand their value in my life. In fact, before the class, I thought the term was a bit too woo woo for me to identify with. During the class, I loved learning about the qualities and traits of each Goddess, both the strengths and shadow sides. It was easy for me to identify with the qualities that live within me and all women. I gained an appreciation of how each woman has different strengths and abilities, and these abilities can be embodied at any time, and especially when we are going through a change or transition.”   ~Suzanne Rock

“The Dream Goddess journey has helped me in so many ways. Not only did I learn more about the Goddesses, through connecting with them they helped me in surprising ways in my personal life. Kelly is a very supportive facilitator and does a great job bringing the Goddesses to life and showing how very alive they are in our lives. I highly recommend this class and look forward to taking more classes with her.” ~Becky Lemere

Kelly at home in front yard in Topanga's WildernessWho Created this Course?

From Drama Queen to Goddess Queen to Dream Queen, Kelly Sullivan Walden discovered her inner Goddess Queen in the midst of a dark (very dark) night of the soul.

She discovered that what she thought was the end of her life was the beginning of a whole new world (kind of like how the chick thinks its dying when the eggshell cracks, and it then finds out it’s born to fly…kind of like that). From that flash of light back in 1998, her life changed on a dime.

Through finding her connection with her higher self (inner Goddess Queen), cultivating it, and sharing this process with others, she has created her version of her dream life…and you can too!

Based on the guidance of this higher source she gained access to–Kelly has shared her message and story with thousands of people around the world.

She’s come a long way from that dark day, and is now the best-selling author of nine books, including Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen, Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom JournalI Had the Strangest Dream, The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, It’s All In Your Dreams, Dreaming HeavenDream Oracle Cards, and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions.

A certified hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, TV personality, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly has been leading Goddess/Dream Gatherings and dream groups for nearly 20 years. She’s been described as the lovechild of Lucille Ball and Carl Jung…and she’s thrilled to share her latest work with you!

Watch this video to discover how Kelly went from Drama Queen…to Goddess Queen…to Dream Queen!

If the Goddesses could speak to you, what would they say?

How would they express their wisdom?
What insights would they dream through you?
And how would that empower and transform your life?

Sign up NOW!

Cost: This course normally costs $795, but if you buy two Dream Goddess Oracle Decks you get it FREE (this is a special limited time offer).

The Dream Goddess course includes:

  • 7 90-minute audio classes (recorded during a live workshop, with Q&A)
  • 7 packets of written content, one for each goddess, that includes:
    • Goddess Stories
    • Contemporary women who embody the archetype description
    • The cost of being overly identified with the archetype
    • The light side of each goddess
    • The shadow/dark side of each goddess
    • Famous people who embody the archetype
    • Dream symbols related to each goddess
    • How to add a drop of each goddess to bring balance and fulfillment to your life
    • Journaling/self-reflection questions


Dream Declaration Meditation (zipped file) (to support you with dream recall and setting a dream intention)

Try the first session (Goddess Athena) for FREE BELOW!

Enjoy this sneak peek into what the program looks like:








Suggested books to read to enhance the journey:

51FNR6YE27L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ 51TKZYN32QL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_

1. Goddesses in Every Woman (Thirtieth Anniversary Edition: Powerful Archetypes in Women’s Lives)
2. Conversations with the Goddess (Revealing the Divine Power Within You)
3. Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen (An inspirational journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen)
4.Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom Journal