Join Deepak & I celebrating Aspen Matis’ Your Blue Is Not My Blue Book Launch

Join Deepak & I celebrating Aspen Matis’ Your Blue Is Not My Blue Book Launch

In this crazy time, with all the outrage about the murder of George Floyd, on top of all the kindling of three months in quarantine due to COVID-19, we find ourselves plopped right in the center of a major (and highly overdue) revolution of consciousness.

Just in time, I’m thrilled to invite you to join me tomorrow for what I know will be a mind-bending, trajectory-altering, and life-changing conversation with Aspen Matis and Deepak Chopra. These two luminaries, and their latest literary masterpieces, will help you re-define your entire orientation for how to be in this brave (and more humble) new world:

Tuesday night (TOMORROW) from 4-5:30 PDT (7-8:30 EST) join me for this exciting event:

Here’s the deets:

The Miami Book festival is featuring my dear friend and writing mentor, Aspen Matis, who is launching her latest bestselling book: Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir.

She’s the author of the acclaimed true story Girl in the Woods. Your Blue Is Not My Blue is a bold and atmospheric memoir of a woman who-in searching for her vanished husband-discovers deeper purpose.

Aspen’s and Justin’s paths serendipitously aligned on the Pacific Crest Trail when both were walking from Mexico to Canada, separately and alone-both using thru-hiking in hopes of escaping their pasts. Both sought to redefine themselves beneath the stars. By the time they made it to the snowy Cascade Range of British Columbia-the trail’s end-Aspen and Justin were in love.

Embarking on a new pilgrimage the next summer, they returned to those same mossy mountains where they’d met, and they married. They built a world together, three years of a happy marriage. Until a cold November morning, when, after kissing Aspen goodbye, Justin left to attend the funeral of a close friend.

He never came back. As days became weeks, her husband’s inexplicable absence left Aspen unmoored. Shock, grief, fear, and anger battled for control-but nothing prepared her for the disarming truth. A revelation that would lead Aspen to reassess not only her own life but that of the disappeared as well.

The result is a brave and inspiring memoir of secrets kept and unearthed, of a vanishing that became a gift: a woman’s empowering reclamation of unmitigated purpose in the surreal wake of mystifying loss.


Dr. Deepak Chopra needs no introduction. This will be my first time interviewing this brilliant being, who I’ve been meditating with for years and reading for decades. Here’s a little preview of what we’ll be exploring:

Is it possible to venture beyond daily living and experience heightened states of awareness? 

In his latest book, Deepak Chopra says that higher consciousness is available here and now.

“Metahuman helps us harvest peak experiences so we can see our truth and mold the universe’s chaos into a form that brings light to the world.” (Dr. Mehmet Oz, Attending Physician, New York-Presbyterian, Columbia University)

New York Times best-selling author Deepak Chopra unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. How does one do this? By becoming metahuman.

To be metahuman, however, isn’t science fiction and is certainly not about being a superhero. To be metahuman means to move past the limitation constructed by the mind and enter a new state of awareness, where we have deliberate and concrete access to peak experiences that can transform people’s lives from the inside out.

Humans do this naturally – to a point. For centuries the great artists, scientists, writers, and many so-called ordinary people have gone beyond the everyday physical world. But if we could channel these often bewildering experiences, what would happen? Chopra argues we would wake up to experiences that would blow open your body, mind, and soul.

Metahuman invites the listener to walk the path here and now. Waking up, we learn, isn’t just about mindfulness or meditation. Waking up, to become metahuman, is to expand our consciousness in all that we think, say, and do.

By going beyond, we liberate ourselves from old conditioning and all the mental constructs that underlie anxiety, tension, and ego-driven demands. Waking up allows life to make sense as never before. To make this as practical as possible, Chopra ends the book with a 31-day guide to becoming metahuman. Once you wake up, he writes, life becomes transformed, because pure consciousness – which is the field of all possibilities – dawns in your life. Only then does your infinite potential become your personal reality.

Praise for Metahuman

“Our world is preoccupied with material progress, yet too often we overlook the miracle of our very existence. In this remarkable book, Deepak Chopra reminds us not to be distracted by the idols of our age but to marvel at the deep truths of being. Metahuman is a handbook to becoming fully alive.” (Arthur C. Brooks, PhD, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School; author of Love Your Enemies)


Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Tuesday night from 4-5:30 PDT (7-8:30 EST). Share it with Tuesday night (TOMORROW) from 4-5:30 PDT (7-8:30 EST) join me for this exciting event:

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P.s. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Deepak or Aspen, let me know!

Be safe and pay attention to your dreams!
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