What does The Ice Bucket Challenge, Run for the Cure & the Volcano Challenge have in common?

In the same vein as the Ice Bucket Challenge, or the Run for the Cure, my partners and I are about to embark upon the first annual Volcano Challenge.

What do these three (seemingly) unrelated things have in common?

Ok, imagine if I just came right out and said,

“Hey guys, let’s raise money for breast cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or impoverished orphans!”

You might want to slap me, feel guilt-tripped, and at the very least would’ve already deleted this.

These extreme events (people throwing buckets of ice over their heads, grown women in pink strutting their stuff all over kingdom come, and people running up and down volcanos-hopefully not being chased by lava) are created so that fundraising can become “Fun-raising.” Why not have fun while doing good work? I see no reason not to.

So, what is the 7 Volcano Challenge and how can you be a part of it?

There are 1500 volcanoes in the world, and 37 of them are in Guatemala, and we will be exploring 7 of the most popular Guatemalan volcanos for our first ever Volcano Challenge!

I will attempt to run up and down two of them with our group, however my dear friend, and great supporter of CHIME IN (The Change Is Me International), Joe Gagnon, author of  Living the High Performance Life, will be running/hiking up 7 volcanoes in 7 days…all to raise money and awareness for the orphans of Guatemala who so desperately deserve an education!

Here’s a crazy Facebook Live video where I share some about it-in addition to Nancy Telzerow’s amazing “Jesus Lifts the Couch” dream (I suggest you scroll past the first 2 minutes of me trying to get Nancy on the Facebook live to tell the dream herself):

So…what’s all this hoopla for?

To invite you to join me in some way shape or form. You can either join me physically (if you like lava that is), virtually by sending prayer and good vibes…or you can send dollars, frequent flyer miles, whatever you feel moved and inspired to do.

Or you can create your own homemade volcano (like the kind you made back in school for the science fair). However you feel moved to participate, thank YOU for joining in the Fun-raiser!

Here’s the link to get your volcano on: www:CHIMEIN.org
To your dreams!

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