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See Yourself                             Know Yourself                           Love Yourself!

Human Design combines the philosophies of East and West, mysticism and science; a synthesis of physics and biology with the ancient wisdoms of Kabbalah, I-Ching, astrology and the chakra systems.

Human Design provides a framework for understanding your emotional and physical health, vulnerabilities and strengths. It stimulates connection, bridges communication gaps, dispels energetic discrimination and engenders effective strategies for greater understanding, respect, self-care and success.

When each person’s individual nature is valued and appreciated, rather than judged for being different or not “conforming” the tribe can work more cohesively.

Acceptance, support and celebration of each other’s differences can make a profound difference in dynamic interactions. We all have vulnerabilities and weaknesses; Human design engenders compassion and patience. We all have strengths and Human Design helps us to harness them powerfully and understand the ups and downs of all aspects of our design.

Even if you don’t know the energy type of the people around you, this reading will help you to identify energy patterns and apply clear strategies to strengthen interactions with others in a powerful way.

This information is powerful and can reduce the pain of personalizing other people’s behaviors, assist in detaching with kindness and communicating in someone’s language so that they can hear you.

Strengths and vulnerabilities of each person’s design are revealed to bridge communication gaps and stimulate connection, to take you from merely tolerating, to CELEBRATING each other.

A Human Design reading requires the following data:

  1. Name (first, last)
  2. Birthdate
  3. Birth time
  4. Birth place, (city, state and country)

If someone wants to participate and does not have this accurate information, please call or email me and I will research designs to see if it is possible to get a basic overview. People without accurate designs may still participate, however, it will be more general for them. The reading however, will provide enough information to do internal experimentation and get a sense of which design seems to most apply to them.

Kelly Sullivan Walden (aka “Doctor Dream”) is an internationally recognized dream expert, bestselling author of nine books, certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker, TV personality, and founder of Dream-Life Coach, and is the program director of CHIME IN (The Change Is Me). A self-described “lipstick mystic” whose joy is in bridging the gap from the physical to the meta-physical, for the past 20 years. Kelly has been synthesizing multiple psychological and spiritual systems into what has become her holistic way of coaching that supports people in living their Dream Life on a mind, body, spirit, and soul level. Some of these systems include DreamWork, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life-Visioning, Affirmative Prayer, Brain Dominance, Sub-Personality Work, Archetypal Psychology, Shamanism, and Human Design.

When Kelly was first introduced to Human Design, after she took a huge sigh of relief, she exclaimed:

“Finally, there’s an individualized ‘owner’s manual’ that can help me discern between my true self versus my conditioned self. I’m finally able to ditch the Barbie Doll/Stepford Woman I was trying to contort myself into—which I was failing miserably at, by the way. With Human Design, suddenly my relationship struggles, as a serial monogamist, made sense, and I was filled with the confidence that I could one day be someone who could have long-lasting, healthy, mutually supportive relationships. I am inspired to share Human Design with my friends, family, and clients, and am thrilled to hear the transformational tales of self-love and acceptance that are the byproduct of this work. I’ve been happily married to the man of my dreams now for fifteen years, and I believe that would NOT be the case were it not for the divine intervention of Human Design.”

Kelly’s books include The Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions, I Had The Strangest Dream, It’s All In Your Dreams, Dreaming Heaven, Dream Oracle Cards, Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen, and Goddess Queen Pearls of Wisdom Journal.

The following testimonials illustrate Kelly’s indelible impact…

“This woman is truly dreamy.” ~Ricki Lake

“I got the job!!! I don’t think I would’ve had the courage or confidence to move forward in the manner in which I did if I had worked with Kelly. The effect of this work has been dramatic, tangible and amazing. I have been transformed and I am a much richer, deeper, calmer, more lovely version of myself than I have ever been and it feels AWESOME. I am making choices and decisions which I would have struggled so hard for in the past. Now, while there are challenges I don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed or worried. I am just moving through what life throws at me and gently picking my path, and it is so the right path. How can I tell? — because it lights up before me like the yellow brick road, and there is sunshine and music guiding my way. What kind of miracle is that?????? It’s a Kelly miracle, that’s what!!!” ~ Nicole Gardner, Vice President, Fortune 100 High Tech Corporation

“For those who use practical tools to study how dreams alter their feelings and aspirations, Kelly Sullivan Walden provides wonderful insights. She knows that dreaming is about waking up to a larger life.” ~Fred Alan Wolf, PhD, Aka “Dr. Quantum” – from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“For a profound level of healing, empowerment, and life-changing guidance, Kelly Sullivan Walden offers a refreshing new look at the guidance our soul is truly hungering for.” ~Lynn V. Andrews, NY Times bestselling author of the Medicine Woman book series

“It was wonderful to have Kelly Sullivan Walden present such an insightful topic to the employees and upper management at Dole. We all learned so much about our dreams and our “dreaming mind” as a powerful resource to help us reach our goals. Employees throughout the organization personally contacted me after her presentation to thank me for bringing her in. Kelly’s presentations are insightful, thought provoking, and just the uplifting energy every company needs. If you are looking for a topic to spark thought, inspire, and entertain–call Kelly! I highly recommend her!” ~Marcia Sutton Director, Human Resources Dole Food Company

“Kelly Walden is supportive, empathic, open and creative. Her intuition has been completely spot on; even when I think I know what’s going on, she adds another insight that takes me deeper. Not only is Kelly a dream coach, I think of her as a partner on my spiritual path. She is not afraid of the ‘big picture’ of people’s lives – and encourages growth and creativity. Oh, and did I say FUN? Kelly has a great sense of humor and with her guidance, everything that happens in my life become rich fodder for the soil of the soul.” ~Joan Gelfand, National President, Woman’s National Book Association, Award Winning Poet

“Kelly helps you discover your unlimited potential. She creates an environment that allows you to release your fear. Without fear you can trust. With trust comes freedom. With freedom, you can fly!” ~Vondie Curtis Hall, Emmy Award winning actor/director, president of SPIRIT Awards and LA Film Festival

“I am grateful to Kelly Sullivan Walden for the amazing work she does and for creating such a transformational space in her presentations. She is an amazing woman with extraordinary gifts. I feel beautiful—we all do—in her presence!” ~ Suzanne Rock, Author of The Self-Full Woman; Founder of Young Women Encircle

“Kelly’s torch-lit guidance and divine wisdom helped me heal a lifetime of strife. Every cell in my body alive with possibility!” ~Somer Cooper, Blogger, Advocate to End Domestic Violence

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