I Hope I Screw This Up with Spiritual Comedian Kyle Cease! [AGAIN]

I Hope I Screw This Up! That’s true…and it also happens to be the book title of the amazing Spiritual Comedian, Kyle Alan Cease from #EvolvingOutloud –he’s the first guest on my new radio show that airs TODAY on Unity Online Radio! Call in: all in: 816-251-3555 or Listen live: www.UnityOnlineRadio.org #StopBeingAfraidOfMakingMistakes #Flawsome

Have you ever dreamed you were on a stage with thousands of people watching you, but you forgot to wear clothes or panicked because you forgot what you wanted to say? If you’ve ever had stage fright in waking life or in dreams, or even on a date, Kyle Cease shares with Kelly Sullivan Walden to a new way to overcome fear, so you can live the life you’ve only dared to dream about. In the first half of the show Kelly will shine a light of understanding your dreams, and will share her simple formula for decoding even the strangest dreams! www.UnityOnlineRadio.org

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