How R U holding up?

How R U holding up? What if the cure lies in our ability 2 B more cure-ious than furious?

How the heck are you doing?
How are you feeling?
How are you coping?
What kind of dreams have you been having?
How’s your heart?
How’s your mind?
How’s your body?
What’s your story?
How are you coping with this craziness?
What are you wearing?
And most especially, when is your birthday? (I’ll tell you why I ask in a sec.)
I’m somebody who likes to have answers, solutions, miracles on hand for any occasion. But right now, I have way more???’s than !!!!’s
But, I’ve been playing with the notion that maybe that’s ok.
What if the cure to this whole Coronavirus craze will come more quickly if I/we were more curious than furious.
I’m being more metaphysical than literal here, obviously. I know the vaccine exists-and at some point (soon-ish), we’ll all have access to it. But, on the dreamy side of life (which is the only side I have any business commenting on)…¬†when people come to me with their nightmares (and when I come to me with my nightmares) with curiosity…
i.e. “What’s the gift here?” “How might this be a blessing?” “What is this trying to teach me?” I’m always blown away by the answers…and the answers are often the cure to the issue I/we’ve been grappling with.
So…on the show today (here’s where your birthday comes in) I have the blessing of interviewing Lauren Humphreys, acclaimed British Numerologist, …and she’s going to give us numerological insights (aka, how the digits of our birthdays) add up to giving us our personal strategies for surviving and thriving during COVID-19. She’ll also share how by developing a mystical relationship with numbers you can:
  • Gain a window into your personality and psyche
  • Decode your ultimate destiny and
  • Positively impact your health, career, marriage and all your relationships.
In the meantime,…here’s a little video I made about the Hero’s Journey Perspective on COVID-19:

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