High-Vibe Crystal Healing That Will Rock Your World!

Every day, more and more people around the world are experiencing the power of crystals for working through illness, developing a stronger sense of purpose, and even going out of body and visiting past or parallel lives. On the show today we’re going to learn about how to work with crystals to release negative baggage, improve your health, balance your energy, and connect to spirits and guides. Master crystal healer Jolie DeMarco is the perfect guide to help us do this, she’s the author of, High-Vibe Crystal Healing,
and will teach us about which crystals and stones best align with your specific physical ailments, emotional blockages, and spiritual-elevation goals.


The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)!
With Kelly Sullivan Walden
Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™

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