Happy Mother’s Day

A gift for you and yours for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the dreamy mothers within and without,

I’ve been neck deep in Chicken Soup (for the soul stories-mmmmm tastey), culling the next book (that will be out next September) so I’ve been a bit off-grid lately, but, I have a ton of dreamy things to share with you to celebrate Mother’s Day, including a special, special gift for you at the bottom….. So, light a candle, take a deep breath…and start scrolling…

* Are you tired of tip-toing your way toward your transformation?
* Are you ready for a spiritual kick in the behind that will quantum leap you toward awakening?
* Are you ready to wake up and dream your life the way you always wished you could have…for real?
Join me as I head back this July to the pyramids of TEOTHUICAN for a “Dreaming Heaven” experience to rock you silly (in the best way possible)!
Be inspired by ordinary people who love to dream. Click here to watch!
And if you want to be one of those people who gets inspired to do the seeming impossible, check out my Shero Intensive – June 1-2, 2017
Come join us. We’ll help you reach further, dream bigger and support you as you step into your greatest gifts, talent, and potential more fully.


NPR (via KQED) eavesdropped on a Dream-Therapy session I facilitated to help a young woman overcome her Trumpmares. Take a listen to this 5-min. piece.


* Are you jonsin’ for new and inventive ways to interpret your dreams?
* Are you looking for new dream inspiration to get you out of bed and writing down your dreams first thing in the morning?

* Are you needing a reminder that your dreams hold the answers to the questions you’ve been asking, the solutions to the problems you’ve been struggling with, and the wisdom you’ve been praying for?

If so, check out the latest and greatest Dreams Unzipped interviews featuring the living legends of dream work (who happen to be the Keynote speakers at this June’s IASD conference in Anaheim, CA.):

Jeremy Taylor: Cautiously Pessimistic (yet always dreamy).
We discussed:
* The best ways to transform nightmares (#Trumpmares, in particular) into fuel for your creative expression
* Spirituality in dream work
* The truth beneath the words, “Projection” (spoiler alert: it’s what we do all the time, whether asleep or awake)
* And (drumroll please), the two greatest stumbling blocks to great dream work (spoiler alert: mistaken literalism and premature closure)
Walter Berry: (3-D dreaming: Dreams, Death & Drawing)
We discussed:
* How dreams can help us come to peace with the passing of a loved one
* The benefits of not just journaling, but DRAWING your dream
* His mischievous plans for the  IASD Dream Ball this June
Bob Hoss: Dreams that CHANGE our LIVES!
We discussed BIG Dreams that:
* Offer life changing guidance, insight and healing
* Reach beyond the senses and even beyond death
* Are guideposts along our life’s journey
* Eliminate a recurring nightmare, heal a relationship, or even a physical ailment!

* BTW, you know you’ve had one when you awaken from a dream that left you feeling stunned…and when it changes your life from that point forward.

Gayle Delaney: Sensual Dreams
We discussed:
* Dream Inquiry
* The most misunderstood thing about dreams
* The most valuable thing about dream work
* How our dreams can help us choose better mates
* And how can our dreams help us decide whether or not to end a troubled relationship (aka don’t make yourself bloody trying to get blood from a stone!)
Patricia Garfield: Dream Journaling Secrets
We discussed:
* How to get the most from your dreams
* Why it’s important to draw (sketch) your dream as well as write about it
* How dreams can help you be more creative in your waking life
Listen to our interview on the Dreams Unzipped podcast.

Join me (and the above mentioned dream experts here

this June!

BTW, at the Dream Conference, I’ll be revealing the secrets of the 7 Dream Goddesses

and how they can help you decode your dreams and awaken to a dreamier life.

Have you ever had these dreams and wondered what they meant?

  • Trying to find your way to class and you’re late?
  • Discovering your wallet was stolen?
  • Being in a storm (and Dorothy is nowhere to be found)?
  • Finding yourself in another world that is totally foreign (maybe a result of the storm blowing you out of your comfort zone)???
I’m beyond thrilled to announce my monthly dream column in  First for Women magazine! Join the 4 million women from around the US who subscribe to this awesome magazine. My first column comes out at the end of this month! Click here to subscribe.


Why do you get Mad at your partner when they do naughty things in YOUR dreams? I joined Gigi Engle on Bustle to sort it all out (hint: It has a little to do with Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville.


Do you want to get past the blocks and be inspired going for your Purpose and be Unstoppable in your life?

Here is that opportunity to Be Unstoppable. I am joining 21+ leaders living their purpose on an upcoming Interview Series.Unstoppable Woman: How to Turn Challenges into Growth, Joy and Gratitude, and LOVE your Live NOW. You’ll Discover how to follow your purpose, create a joyful life, and be unstoppable doing what you want to do! Choose your Freedom, it’s Free to You.

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Listen in on this illuminating conversation where we discuss one of the  BEST KEPT SECRET to LUCID DREAMING.


Last but not least…a dreamy gift for you (and your mama)…hopefully  this video

will inspire you to spend more time outdoors and realize you are already living in a dreamy world!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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