Goddess Quizzes


Take the two Dream Goddess Quizzes will help you to evaluate which of the 7 Greek Goddesses is your “Primary” (goddess you most resonate/identify with) and which is your “Shadow” (goddess you least resonate/identify with)-in dreams and in waking life.

Most of these questions help to reveal your “subconscious” patterns.

Don’t labor over these questions—go with the “first hunch” approach, and this process should only take 10 minutes.

Understanding these archetypes (and the way they live and dream through you) will shed light on the best way to become the dream goddess of your life–the one you were born to be!

Please, do your best—and approach this in the spirit of curiosity and play.

Remember, we are all a hybrid of all the goddesses (to a greater or lesser degree) and there are no wrong answers.

p.s. I recommend that you take these quizzes at the onset of the program, and then again at the end of the program, to see how (if at all) you’ve changed.


Now, go get your dream goddess on!