Don’t wish for a Genie-BE a Genie!

My favorite TV show when I was a kid (besides “Bewitched”) was “I Dream of Jeannie.”

I didn’t wish I could have a Genie, I wanted to BE a Genie! I didn’t want to rely on someone else to make my dreams come true…I wanted that power myself!
I think all of us as kids were clued in to the fact that we had “magical” powers-if we focused enough we could see things that our parents couldn’t.

At some point along the way of our development we stop having invisible friends and became more rational, and thus socially acceptable (yuck!). However, nowadays, with jobs of a more linear/logical leaning being exported overseas for pennies on the dollar, our creativity and our ability to dream out-of-the-box solutions is becoming the hottest commodity. Check out this article from Entrepreneur Magazine

(see #3, especially)!

To assist us in amplifying our dreams, visions, and Genie-esque ability to live in the 5-D, (while we’re still in 3-D–and what that really means) I’ll be interviewing Maureen St. Germain (Author of “Be a Genie”) TODAY at 10am PST on DreamsUnzipped (LISTEN LIVE Here’s the number to call in with your questions: 888-298-KKNW (5569).
Here’s a little more about this out of the bottle Genie, Maureen St. Germain–she is a Practical Mystic, Best-selling author of 4 books, including the bestseller, Beyond the Flower of Life, Maureen has been teaching the MerKaBa Meditation and Higher Self connection to audiences worldwide since 1994. She’s a musician and producer of over 15 guided meditation CDs, Maureen St. Germain is a prolific writer, talented musician and channel.
In her last book, Be A Genie, author and intuitive Maureen St. Germain assists people in meeting, and surpassing, their life dreams and goals using the laws of quantum physics and secrets of sacred geometry, along with easy to learn, step-by-step, practical tools and practices
Join us today to get the practical steps to become the Genie in your life and how to
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Until we meet again, don’t take your dreams lying down…
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