How to find PEACE in the midst of not 1, but 2 pandemics, Jo-e Sutton joins the show

How to find PEACE in the midst of not 1, but 2 pandemics, Jo-e Sutton joins the show

Wow, 2020 is really bringing clarity-just not the kind we may envisioned when we were setting our New Year’s intentions just half a year ago.

As Al Sharpton said (and I paraphrase) at George Floyd‘s funeral, “When you turn on the light, you can really see the cockroaches. It’s in the darkness that they can cozy up to the table and eat a full course dinner.”

The lights have been turned on, that’s for sure. And we don’t like what we’re seeing: the revealing of the most destructive pandemic (after COVID-19) this world has ever seen. And that’s the pandemic of ignorance in the form of racism.

George Floyd, may you rest in peace. And may your family find solace in knowing your ordeal was not in vein and did not go unnoticed. Your murder triggered the largest civil rights movement in the history of humankind. Thank you for being a phenomenal wake-up call that I believe will leave this world a better, more lucid, #woke version of itself.

The bad news about all this was there at all and that so many of my/our black brothers and sisters have had to live under such unthinkable oppression for so long. The blessing in the mess(ing) is that at least it’s in plain sight. We can do very little when our deepest issues, like recurring nightmares, fester in a corner. But, when they’re out in the light of day, we can do something about it.

I want to celebrate all of those who’ve taken peacefully to the streets, and to all the creativity and positive, life-serving self-expression this has catalyzed

And on a different, but related topic, I want to honor my dear friend, Jo-e Sutton, a certified holistic health counselor, who joins my show today. Jo-e’s an educator and author of The Downlow On the Upflow and Insults and Antidotes to Eating, Thinking and Being Awesome.

She says, “Home is where the heart is…where the problems are and also where the solutions live.”

On today’s pre-recorded show, we discuss how this chaotic time in which we are alive is the perfect time to access our higher consciousness…if not now, when?

She’s the person I go to when I need a wake-up call to remember that the only real power I have is my ability to turn within and love my way to health…and that happens to be her website:

Enjoy the show!

May you find peaceful moments in the midst of these changing times

p.s. I’ll be back, live next week.

p.p.s. If you missed my interview with Aspen Matis and Deepak Chopra, the recording of the live stream will be posted on my Facebook Page:

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