Exploring Your Limitless Soul through Hypno-Regression into Past & Future Lives

Have you ever wondered why certain…

People are in your life (the ones who bring you joy and the ones that challenge the bleep out of you)?

Circumstances seem to keep finding you, of all people on the planet, even though you try so hard to make a change?

Challenges keep coming around the mountain, just when you think you’ve solved the little bugger for the last time?

If you answered YES to any or all of those questions, and you just can’t seem to make any sense out of it all with all the logic, therapy, and 12-Step programs this world has to offer… then you might want to try stepping waaaaay outside the box and look at the situation through past live glasses.

I recently met the beautiful, inside and out, author of The Limitless Soul, Bryn Blankinship (she’s the beauty on the far right, Kat Sanborn, the bespeckled beauty in the middle is my awesome publicist from Llewellyn, and the handsome man in the lower left, whose head is in jeopardy of being eaten by me, is Jake, also a part of the Llewellyn publicity team). On the show today, Bryn and I we’ll explore how Hypno-Regression can help us discover our Past, Present and Future Lives (yes, you read that right!)

Nancy T and I want to make this show as grounded and accessible and usable as possible, so of Bryn Blankinship (here’s a snazzier, less blurry pic) has promised to share hands-on exercises, meditations, and practices you can use for awakening your soul’s guidance and exploring earthly lessons for your current incarnation-all this so you can discover how to bring resolution to long-standing issues, how to shift energies that are affecting your current life incarnation, as well as how to bring out your personal gifts to discover a deeper understanding of your place in this world…that’s all.

You’re welcome.

The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)!
With Kelly Sullivan Walden
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