Exploring the Law of Attraction and Shaking off the Haters

Exploring the Law of Attraction and Shaking off the Haters

I heard it said once that if you remove one brick from a wall, eventually the whole thing comes crumbling down. In many ways, over the course of quarantine, our global pandemic, COVID-19, many bricks have been removed from our collective wall.

For some of us, these few bricks have caused our entire wall to fall down, and for others, we’re still trying to keep ours together. Either way things have changed, and the wall doesn’t look quite as solid as it once did.

I’m a fan of change. Not because I really like it, honestly (there’s a part of me that’s a totally scaredy cat) but, there’s another aspect of me (the daredevil) that thrives on it.

Regardless of my inner tug-of-war, I figure I might as well jump on the change bandwagon, because its is the only constant …and it’s happening whether or not I like it or want it to. And all this brings me to today’s guest…

JJ Flizanes returns to the show-she is an Empowerment Strategist and the host of the People’s Choice Award Spirit, Purpose & Energy. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life. On the show JJ will share about how life happens where you focus and now more than ever it is easy to be distracted, afraid and confused. Learn how quantum physics teaches us how we control and attract everything we experience. http://jjflizanes.com/book

Then on the second half of the show, my very good friend (and writing mentor), Aspen Matis joins the show. She is the best-selling author of the brand new book, Your Blue Is Not My Blue. Not only has it been released to great acclaim, number one bestseller on Amazon in Memoir and Travel Adventures (even out ranking Glennon Doyle and Michelle Obama!)

Aspen joins the show to not only talk about what it’s like to follow her dream and write a bestselling book (two of them, so far), how to deal with all the attention that comes along with it…as well as how to tango with the haters. https://www.instagram.com/aspenmatis/

*** Tired of being tired?

To help you get a great night’s sleep (so you can have your much needed zzzzzs), I’ve partnered with Performance Tea, the people who have created the ultimate sleep formula; daily CBD Snooze tea paired with a Snooze Meditation series created by moi…

Performance Tea’s Snooze Tea Blend and my audio meditations make satisfying sleep, not just a dream, but a reality for you. There are few things sweeter than uninterrupted sleep, and we are here to share with you a little taste of what it feels like to experience the deep, restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

It takes 21-days to form a habit, so we’ve created 21-servings in a jar of Snooze + 21 Meditations to support you in getting a restful and restorative night’s sleep.

To take the program to another level, after you’ve awakened from a wonderful night’s sleep with a remembered dream in mind, write it down. Email the highlights of your dream to me at:

sleep@performancetea.com and I will give you one complimentary mini-dream reflection (value $100).

It’s your time to start getting the great sleep you deserve…so you can have the dreams that will change your life!

To help address these issues and to find a path through the crazy times we are living in, I’ve invited my dear friend, Joe Gagnon to join the show. He’s the bestselling author of The High Performance Life and is the CEO and founder of Performance Tea (the manufacturer of Snooze, the leading CBD instant tea focused on sleep). We’re going to share with you a safe and natural way to get your much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzs so you can dream!

Since it takes 21-days to form a habit, we’ve created 21-servings in a jar of Snooze + 21 Dream-time Meditations (from moi). As a launch gift, we’ve created the 21 Day Snooze Challenge-to inspire you to see how much great sleep and great dreams you can have starting May 12th. When you join, you receive a HUGE discount…so go to https://www.performancetea.com/products/snooze to find out all about it!



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