What you need to know about “Energy Vampires”

“Energy Vampires” is a term we hear a lot about, but what exactly is an energy vampire?
Psychic and master Reiki teacher Lisa Campion, my guest on my “Ask Dr. Dream Show” has a radical and controversial idea about this topic.  We all know that energy vampires are people who suck the life out of you at parties, at the office and maybe even in your own home. Much has been made about how to block these “little suckers.”
But what if I told you that YOU might also be doing this to other people, and most likely without you even knowing it? People fall into two categories, Energy Givers and Energy Takers.  Energy Takers are the ones we complain about the most, but did you know that when an Energy Giver tanks out and empties their own energy reserve, the become the biggest vamps of all????
The truth is that everyone unconsciously steals energy from everyone else all the time.  We have never been trained to manage our energy and we all need that training.

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TODAY at 10am PST (call in: 816-251-3555) to learn the Top Ten Techniques to ensure you don’t get sucked in by an energy vampire, and learn how to:
  1. Spot an Energy Vamp from a mile away.
  2. Avoid letting the Energy Takers suck the life out of you in social situations.
  3. Set boundaries that really work, even when it’s your family or loved ones.
  4. Fill your own tank so you don’t become an energy vampire yourself.
  5. Release old lovers and relationships so they don’t linger and drain you.
  6. Protect yourself in a sexual encounter: It’s the easiest place to get drained!
  7. Recognize actual spirits (aka, is there such a thing as an incubus and succubus?)
  8. Create a shield against psychic and dream stalkers that can drain you across time and space.
  9. Tell if YOU have become and Energy Vampire yourself.
  10. Keep your energy full and your shield up.
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About today’s guest:
Lisa Campion has been working as a Psychic and Master Energy Healer for over 25 years and has trained thousands of people in how to manage their sensitivities. She works with empaths, healers and other sensitives to help them train up their superpowers to that they can fully step into their life purpose as healers, because the world needs all the healers it can get.
She is the author of The Art of Psychic Reiki: Developing Your Intuitive and Empathic Abilities for Energy Healing (Reveal Press, October 1, 2018), a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide for learning the sacred art of Reiki while cultivating the psychic and intuitive skills crucial to this healing energy work.

Lisa teaches a kind of Spiritual Kung Fu that helps anyone learn to manage their energy like a black belt. (In fact Lisa has a black belt herself!) her website is www.LisaCampion.com

About the Show:
Ask Doctor Dream is hosted by America’s Dream Expert, Kelly Sullivan Walden, aka “Doctor Dream”is a certified, clinical hypnotherapist, bestselling author, and popular media guest…and she’s on a mission to awaken the world to the power of dreams!
On her new live call-in radio show on Unity Online Radio she shines a light on people’s dreams and shares her uplifting perspective on how to “Dream-a-Fest” a dreamier life, followed by conversations with today’s leading thinkers, dream experts, and transformational trailblazers, so riveting we promise you won’t go prematurely into dreamland!

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