Empowerment is a funny thing

Empowerment isn’t a fluffy thing to me.

I use the word, “empowerment” in almost every sentence I speak, write, and it’s the theme of every coaching session, workshop, or blog post I write.


Because, as much as the word is overused (mostly by me) it is important to me it’s because I know it’s absence.

I was a very empowered little girl, but, like a fish in water, didn’t know the difference so I didn’t value it.

But when I hit a wall in my mid 20’s and my people-pleasing stopped working, and I’d given all my power away to all the people I thought were so important, and I was left high and dry, I hit a place of such dis-empowerment that I actually considered exiting the planet.

Because of that dark night of the soul, I’ve been ravenous for all things that could not only empower me…but all my peeps (i.e. you).

When I find something that uplifts my soul and gives me an aha or a shot in the arm of revelation, I can’t wait to share it.

The latest shot in the arm that I can’t wait to share with you is a program I participated in with my colleague Lacey Sherwood and 25+ other experts to share how we have all claimed our identity, live inspired lives and connect with our authentic self.

Imagine what it would be like to feel empowered, connect with your passion and purpose, be free from the fears of failure or judgment and live the life you came here to live!

Whether you are holding back in big or small ways; personally or professionally, we will share with you the small, easy steps you can take to immediately claim YOUR Inspiration and shine in every area of your life!

Best of all, the EMPOWER YOU summit is Free. Plus every speaker has a special free gift for every participant.

Register now at http://empoweryousummit.com/KSW to get all this juicy insight from 26 leading experts at the top of their industry.

It’s the first step to your Empowerment!


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