Embodiment, Activation, Master Mind

Your life is a path. Knowingly or unknowingly you have been on a vision quest. It is good to have a vision, a dream. ~Agnes Whistling Elk

E is for Embodiment

The most important aspect of nighttime dream work is the embodiment of the energy, emotion, and/or feeling tone of the dream. Whether or not you remember your dream in vivid detail, recalling the way the dream made you feel and the energy it produced is key. Within this portal you will explore dream alchemy, dream re-entry, and techniques to assist you in embodying the heightened energy of your dream. These processes are among the most valuable ways to affect quantum level acceleration in your waking life.

When it comes to manifesting the life of your dreams in your waking life, embodiment of the energy is also key. Einstein said that time (past, present, and future) is all happening at once. Imagine the way you desire to feel in the future once everything you desire, decree, and declare is in place. This chapter explores techniques to embody this energy that creates the outer flowering of an inner reality.

A is for Activation

Every nighttime dream requires action in the waking world. For example, your action might simply be to share your dream with your spouse. You might be guided to invest in a new software that has just gone public. Or, your dream might be prompting you to call a friend to talk them out of boarding an airplane. Within this portal you will explore the eight dream types and a cutting-edge dream interpretation formula to assist you to discern its best “real world” application.

One of the things that prevents people from speaking about their dreams is the fear of looking stupid. One way of circumventing this issue is
1. We all dream. You are not alone in this. It is courageous to have a dream and speak to someone about it.
2. If your suspect your dream to be a precognitive dream that could be giving a loved one a warning to prevent them from harm, consider sharing it with them like this, “I know this might sound crazy, but I had a dream about ___. It most likely means nothing. But just in case, perhaps you can take it as a sign to be aware and really present while you do ______.”
3. If you had a dream about a BIG IDEA and taking action toward it seems overwhelming or intimidating, perhaps your action step is actually a baby step.
a. Look it up on the Internet to see if anyone else is already doing it.
b. Share your idea with someone.
c. Write it down in as much detail so you can retrieve it down the line when you are ready to take your next step.

Inspired action that leads to magic and grace-filled manifesting naturally occurs when your dreams are active and alive within you. Struggling upstream is now a distant dream because within this portal you will explore the benefits of “Sleep Working” and “Lucid Living.” These navigational tools will support you to powerfully participate in living your dream life.

M is for Mastermind

In the mutual sharing and listening to your nighttime dream with someone (or several someones), you are given the gift of hearing yourself speak as well as hearing feedback about your dreams that might otherwise remain elusive. In the telling of the tale, details that might otherwise have been lost forever emerge, and even entire plotlines, previously obscured, pop out from behind a mental corner. Within this portal you will discover insights about dream sharing, dream etiquette, and Rapid Dream Movement–a technique for being able to interpret dreams in an expeditious way in a group setting.

As they say in the waking world regarding making dreams come true, “It takes a team to realize a dream.” Within this portal are suggestions for creating your own Dream Mastermind Group—two or more dreamers who are just as invested in your dreams coming true as you are (and vice versa). When you meet (either virtually or in person) in a space of support and accountability, the wheels of your dreams are greased; manifestation is expedited; and you become magnetic to opportunities that will three- dimensionalize your highest destiny.

Decode the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams
An uninterpreted dream is like discarding a winning lottery ticket. Dream interpretation allows you make tangible the seeming elusive golden thread from your dreams. This section teaches you the SADDLE approach to dream decoding. SADDLE stands for: Symbol, Association, Dream Dictionary, Life Experience, and Emotion. When you take the time to decode what your nighttime dreams are telling you, you are able ride on your dream into a deeper place of understanding. While you do this you begin to harness your intuition and wisdom in a way that can positively impact your waking life.

Chapter 8. Treasures: Counting Your Loot & Making it Count

Ahhh! The payoff. This chapter is about taking your nighttime dreams messages and guidance and integrating them into your life. You will also learn to recognize when your dreams are “talking to you” in your waking life so that you increase the volume of your intuition, and follow your dream clues toward greater success as you fulfill the life of your dreams.

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